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Amara "The Burning Ember" Incendiary DPS Build for Borderlands 3

Amara "The Burning Ember" Incendiary DPS Build for Borderlands 3

Very enjoyable Amara build based on spreading Incendiary Damage and other Status Effects

"The Burning Ember"
Incendiary DPS Build

Build notes
October 8, 2019
-Build created


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1. Build overview

This is one of the most interesting Amara builds based on spreading Incendiary Damage and other Status Effects. Amara's Fist of the Elements Tree grants very high bonuses to Elemental Damage and makes your Status Effects spread like crazy to nearby enemies. Whenever you apply a Status Effect to your target, it has a 40% chance to spread to nearby enemies, and another 35% to Melt, Ignite, or Electrocute that enemy. You also get an extra chance for your bullets to Ricochet to nearby enemies, and when you kill enemies they explode dealing Elemental Damage. All this makes up for one of the most enjoyable playstyles, and DoT numbers are floating all over your screen, melting your enemies. 

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2. Build's PROS & CONS

  •  Insane AoE by spreading Status Effects
  •  Very solid sustained DPS
  •  High Health and Regeneration Rate
  •  Enjoyable playstyle
  •  Mediocre DPS against enemies with high Elemental Resistances


3. Passives

Below you will find the recommended Passive for "The Burning Ember" Amara Build. Fist of the Elements is the core Tree utilized in this build, which grants very high bonuses to Elemental Damage and Status Effects. This is the one that you should prioritize first, and after you complete it, grab the defensive Passives from the Brawl Tree which will be quite important on Mayhem+ difficulty level.

Fist of the Elements Tree
Amara Burning Build Fist of the Elements

This is the core Tree that gives us numerous ways of spreading Status Effects and greatly increases the Elemental Damage we deal with Weapons and those Effects. Optionally, you can also Sustainment for extra Leech, however, we have decided to focus solely on the Health Regeneration granted by the Brawl Passives.

Notable Passives:

  1. Wildfire - makes your Status Effects spread to nearby enemies whenever you apply it;
  2. Indiscriminate - gives your Bullets a chance to ricochet to nearby enemies for extra damage and additional chances to apply Status Effects;
  3. Conflux - every time you apply a Status Effect on an enemy, you have an extra chance to also Electrocute, Melt, or Ignite that enemy.

Brawl Tree
Amara Burning Build Brawl Tree

Brawl Tree is utilized mainly for defensive purposes. Passives here increase your Health, Health Regeneration Rate, Shield Recharge Delay, and Movement Speed.

Notable Passives:

  1. Clarity - grants high Health Regeneration Bonus;
  2. Samsara - generates Samsara charges when you damage enemies with your Action Skill, which further increases your Health Regeneration and Gun Damage.
Mystical Assault Tree
Amara Burning Build Mystical Assault Tree

Violent Tapestry fits this build perfectly. Whenever you apply a Status Effect you gain Rush stacks, which are consumed when you use your Action Skill. For each Rush stack consumed this way, you gain increased Status Effect Chance

Notable Passives:

  1. Violent Tapestry - increases your chance to apply Status Effects for a short duration after using your Action Skill.
Amara "The Burning Ember" Skill Bar

Phasegrasp Revelation Soulfire 

  1. Phasegrasp - locks an enemy in place, increasing your Gun Damage for a short duration. Grasped enemies also give a higher chance for your Bullets to ricochet to enemies and when you kill a Grasped enemy, your magazine is automatically reloaded;
  2. Revelation - creates a Nova when you deal damage with Phasegrasp;
  3. Soulfire - turns your Phasegraps's damage type to Incendiary.


4. Weapon Tips

This build is primarily based on Incendiary Damage, so obviously you will want to focus on Weapons with that particular type. There are several very powerful Fire-damage Weapons that are recommended, however, this build will work just fine with any Elemental Weapon you manage to find. Also, an anointed Weapon which increases your Skill Effect Damage and Chance for a short duration after using Action Skill is highly advised. 

  1. Hellwalker - one of the best Shotguns in Borderlands 3. It also has the Incendiary type which makes it one of the best weapons for this build. Hellwalker is a random world drop, so it can be found anywhere in the game, but it appears to have a higher drop chance from Captain Traunt;
  2. Firesole Long Musket - a deadly Incendiary-type SMG which offers very high DPS. It's an another random world drop;
  3. Nova Berner - one of the best possible Shields for this build which utilizes the Fire Elemental Damage. It deals a very high Incendiary Damage in a Nova when the Shield breaks and fills. It also deals damage when you are hit by a Melee attack. It's a random world drop.

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