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Moze Max DPS Gunner Build for Borderlands 3

Moze Max DPS Gunner Build for Borderlands 3

DPS Moze build based on infinite ammunition and heavy scaling Splash Damage

Max DPS Gunner Build

Build notes
October 9, 2019
-Build created


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1. Build overview

This Moze build is among the Top DPS Builds in Borderlands 3 with insane self-sustain via high Health Leech and Infinite ammunition. By utilizing Short Fuse Passive we have a chance to create an extra explosion that deals extra Splash Damage and can trigger Means of Destruction. Thanks to that, Moze never has to reload her Gun and can scale Splash Damage to crazy extents by using the Blast Master Class Mod. You should also remember to use your Grenades, they deal Splash Damage and return big portion of the damage dealt as Health. Your Grenades can also Critically Hit, which greatly increases their DPS.

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2. Build's PROS & CONS

  •  Very high Splash Damage
  •  Infinite ammunition
  •  Grenades can Crit and Leech Life
  •  Amazing AoE and clear speed
  •  Mediocre defenses which rely on gear and Health Leech


3. Passives

Below you will find the recommended Passive for the Moze Max DPS Gunner build based on the infinite ammunition. You should prioritize the Demolition Woman Passive Tree which grants the core DPS Passive, and all the important bonuses to the Grenades and Splash Damage. You should initially focus on getting the Short Fuse Passive and then switch to the Bottomless Mags for the Redistribution Passive. After that point, the allocation order for the remaining Passives is not that relevant anymore.

Demolition Woman Tree
Moze Max DPS Gunner Build Demolition Woman Tree

The most important Passive Tree utilized by this build. Short Fuse is the core Passive which synergizes insanely well with other Passives making up for this build's enjoyable playstyle and removes the need to ever reload your Gun

Notable Passives:

  1. Means of Destruction - whenever you deal Splash Damage, there is a chance to return ammo to your current magazine, making it one of the most important Passives for this build. Splash Damage can be dealt with Guns, Grenades, and your Iron Bear;
  2. Vampyr - gives our Grenades Health Leech, greatly increasing Moze's self-sustain;
  3. Short Fuse - every time you hit an enemy with your Gun there is a chance to create an additional explosion that deals Splash Damage and can trigger Means of Destruction.

Shield of Retribution Tree
Moze Max DPS Gunner Shield of Retribution Tree

Shield of Retribution Tree offers several useful Passives that grant both extra Damage Reduction and Damage by giving us extra Incendiary Damage on Critical Hits.

Notable Passives:

  1. Experimental Munitions - gives you extra Incendiary Damage based on the damage dealt whenever you Crit.
Bottomless Mags Tree
Moze Max DPS Gunner Build Bottomless Mags Tree

Bottomless Mags Tree is essential to sustaining infinite ammunition. Both Cloud of Lead and Redistribution are used for that purpose.

Notable Passives:

  1. Cloud of Lead - periodically makes your shots deal extra Incendiary Damage and consume no ammo;
  2. Redistribution - after Critically Striking an enemy you regenerate ammo for a brief duration.
Moze Max DPS Gunner Skill Bar

Vanquisher Target Softening Vanquisher Target Softening

When playing this build you shouldn't use the Iron Bear at all. All you have to do is enter it, and leave right away allowing it to shot rockets that debuff enemies and increase their damage taken. That's the only utility Iron Bear provides in its current form, as you will deal significantly more damage on your own.

  1. Vanquisher Rocket Pod - fires multiple Rockets that deal Splash Damage, making it the most efficient Ability for this build. It will also allow us to recover some Grenades if you are unable to sustain them yet;
  2. Target Softening - enemies hit by Vanquisher Rockets receive increased damage from all sources. You should use this ability in both Skill Slots to increase its effect;
  3. Vanquisher Rocket Pod 
  4. Target Softening


4. Weapon Tips

You should primarily focus on Splash Damage Weapons and weapons that increase Splash Damage Radius. It's also essential to have one Anointed weapon which gives your next two magazines an additional 50% Damage after using Action Skill - which can be treated as a Passive bonus since we are never going to reload. Also, the Blast Master Legendary Class Mod grants us up to 100% bonus Splash Damage which is increased the longer you are firing without a reload. You should also make sure to use a Rocket Launcher in this build for massive burst DPS against Bosses.

  1. Flakker - the number one weapon recommendation for this build. It deals massive Splash Damage by firing several bullets with each Hit that explode with a massive force. All you need to do is get a hold of the Flakker range, and it will let you melt enemies within seconds. Flakker can drop from any Loot source;
  2. Hex Grenade - supposedly the best Grenade in Borderlands 3 which can split to up to six Grenades when thrown. It deals massive damage to multiple enemies, making it the best possible choice for this Moze build. Hex is a random world drop;
  3. Transformer - a very solid Shield which can be replenished by taking Shock Damage. It allows you to nearly ignore threats whenever there are enemies that deal Shock damage to you. While it's a random drop, it can be also acquired from It's Alive Mission on Nekrotafeyo;
  4. Blast Master - Moze's Legendary Class Mod which grants her up to 100% bonus Splash Damage the longer she's firing without a reload. It also grants additional useful Bonuses and all the Passives that can be improved by it are extremely useful in this build. It's a random world drop.

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