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The Best Moze Grenadier Build for Borderlands 3

The Best Moze Grenadier Build for Borderlands 3

Check out the Top Tier boss-melting build for Moze based on infinite Grenades

Infinite-Grenade Build

Build notes
October 2, 2019
-Build created


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1. Build overview

This is one of the best Moze builds out there, based purely on Grenade Damage. The Boss Damage is insane, and thanks to Splash, it also carries an amazing pack clearing potential. The primary goal is to maintain infinite Grenades by choosing Grenades which splits when thrown or detonated, dealing multiple instances of Splash Damage with each cast. Thanks to Means of Destruction, you have a 6% to have a Grenade added whenever you deal Splash Damage. If you manage to get the Hex Grenade, this basically will allow you to throw your Grenades indefinitely on your targets for MASSIVE damage. At the same time, this build offers very solid defenses based on. You can Critically Hit with your Grenades, and Crits will allow you to instantly start recovering Shield thanks to Force Feedback Passive. It's a very enjoyable, and well-rounded build for the Moze Character, which is among the Top Tier Borderlands 3 builds currently.  

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2. Build's PROS & CONS

  •  Insane Damage
  •  Infinite Grenades 
  •  Grenades can Crit and Leech Life
  •  No need to worry about Ammo
  •  Amazing AoE when facing multiple enemies
  •  Works well only with multiple sources of Splash Damage or specific Legendary Items
  •  You don't get to use your Guns at all for most of the time, which may not be a suitable playstyle for everyone


3. Passives

Below you will find the recommended Passive for the Moze Grenadier build. You should prioritize the Demolition Woman Passive Tree which grants all the core Passives related to your Grenade's DPS and Grenade-related perks. When it comes to choosing your secondary Tree, this build is rather flexible. We recommend going Shield of Retribution for extra defenses and faster Shield recovery, but you could also go for Bottomless Mags if you want to deal extra Gun Damage. Bottomless Mags may also be a good option when you are leveling, and you are unable to sustain infinite Grenades with your current equipment.  

Demolition Woman Tree
Moze Grenadier DM Tree

This is the core Tree that you should be following first. It's heavily oriented on Grenade/Splash Damage and bonuses towards this playstyle including Grenade Damage Crits, Life Leech, and getting them added to your Magazine when dealing Splash Damage.

Notable Passives:

  1. Means of Destruction - gives you a chance to have a Grenade added to your inventory whenever you deal Splash Damage. It's a Passive that allows us to indefinitely sustaining our Grenades;
  2. Pull the Holy Pin - allows Grenades to Critically Hit, making it a must-have for this heavily Grenade-oriented build;
  3. Vampyr - gives us Life Leech based on Grenade's Damage, making it a great addition to this build.

Shield of Retribution Tree
Moze Grenadier SOR Tree

Shield of Retribution Tree was chosen to enhance our defenses. We will be aiming at improving the maximum Shield capacity and it's Recharge Rate. Also, Crits caused by Grenades will make you instantly start recovering your Shield

Notable Passives:

  1. Armored Infantry - grants us very high Damage Reduction bonus whenever our shield is active;
  2. Force Feedback - Crits. will allow Moze to instantly start recovering Shield, which greatly increases her durability in combat.
Moze Grenadier Skill Bar

Vanquisher Active Tracking Vanquisher Target Softening

  1. Vanquisher Rocket Pod - fires multiple Rockets that deal Splash Damage, making it the most efficient Ability for this build. It will also allow us to recover some Grenades if you are unable to sustain them yet;
  2. Active Tracking - Fires up to six Rockets at your enemy with greatly increased Reload Speed;
  3. Vanquisher Rocket Pod - same as above
  4. Target Softening - increases the damage your target receives from all sources, making it one of the best ways to enhance your Grenade Damage against Bosses.


4. Weapon Tips

You should primarily focus on Splash Damage Weapons. This goes for Shotguns, Explosive Guns, and Grenades, and so on. You can use Tediore weapons which will also act as Grenades when you want to reload them for some extra Splash, but in general, you primary focus should be on getting the Hex Grenade which is the best item for this build.

  1. Westergun - this SMG grants high bonuses to Splash Damage. It's supposedly a random world drop but has confirmed higher drop chance from Private Beans (the final Boss during the Invasion of Privacy side Mission);
  2. Hex Grenade - our number one Weapon recommendation for this build, it splits into multiple Grenades with each cast, offering the highest chance to return to your inventory when used on enemies;
  3. Firestorm Grenade - another amazing Grenade, which causes small Meteors to fire from the Sky when used. You can loot it from Aurelia in Blackbarrel Cellars on Eden-6.

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If you have any other build requests, or suggestions regarding this build please leave a comment below. We are also open to constructive criticism, which allows us to improve our content for you guys.

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