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FL4K Gamma/Burst Pet Build for Borderlands 3

FL4K Gamma/Burst Pet Build for Borderlands 3

Potent FL4K Build based on the Master Passive Tree and Gamma Burst Action Skill for high Radiation Damage

Gamma Burst/Pet Build

Build notes
October 8, 2019
-Build created


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1. Build overview

This FL4K build is among the top FL4K builds out there, offering insane Damage bonuses by the recently buffed Barbaric Yawp Passive, which combined with Friend-bot Legendary Class Mod, grants up to 400% Pet Passive bonuses. This makes up for an astounding +25% Damage and +50% Gun Damage in total granted by the Great Horned Skag. We are also utilizing Gamma Burst Skill which deals very high Radiation Area Damage, and further increases Gun Damage by +20% when it's active. This build also offers solid damage mitigation which is achieved by increasing our Health and Health Regeneration via Who Rescued Who? and Pack Tactics Passives. We can also share 50% of the incoming damage with our Pet when FL4K is below 50% Health.

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2. Build's PROS & CONS

  •  Solid Gun Damage
  •  Extra Radiation/Area Damage From Gamma Burst 
  •  Nearly immortal Pet which can absorb some of the damage
  •  Insane Pet Passive Effects bonuses
  •  No extra burst Damage
  •  Mediocre team utility


3. Passives

Below you will find the recommended Passive our FL4K Gamma Burst/Pet Build. This build utilizes the Master Skill Tree for amazing Pet-related Bonuses, as well as some Points,  are spent in the Hunter Tree for increased Gun Damage which allows undisturbed gameplay on Mayhem 3 difficulty level. It's recommended to prioritize the Master Tree first, as the Gamma Burst is an amazing leveling Skill with solid AoE.

Master Tree
FL4K Gamma Burst Master Tree

Master Tree grants very high bonuses to our Pets making it the primary Tree we utilize in this build. It also gives us access to Gamma Burst Skill which is perfect for the leveling part, offering solid Area Damage.

Notable Passives:

  1. Barbaric Yawp - increases the Passives Effects of out Pet which makes up for +25% Damage and +50% Gun Damage if you get the Friend-bot Legendary Class Mod;
  2. Dominance - allows FL4K to control an enemy with a Melee Attack making it fight for you for up to 12 seconds. This is a great utility Skill which adds some extra damage and redirects some of the damage to the mind-controlled enemy.

Hunter Tree
FL4K Gamma Burst/Pet Build Hunter Tree

Hunter's Tree is mainly used to increase our damage but it also allows to improve Hunter's Skills Damage and Duration with the Big Game Passive. 

Notable Passives:

  1. Big Game - increases FL4K's Hunter Skill Effect and Duration;
  2. Galactic Shadow - makes enemies less likely to attack FL4K, and instead, target his Pet or the Dominated enemy.
FL4K Gamma Burst/Pet Build Skill Bar

Great Horned Skag Gamma Burst Empathic Rage Endurance

  1. Great Horned Skag - the recommended Pet for this build which grants the highest Gun Damage bonuses to FL4K;
  2. Gamma Burst - makes FL4K teleport to his Pet causing an explosion of Radiation Damage. It also causes your Pet to deal Radiation Damage over Time to nearby enemies;
  3. Empathic Rage - increases FL4K's Gun Damage by +20% when Gamma Burst is active;
  4. Endurance - whenever you or your Pet kill an enemy while Gamma Burst is active, its duration and your Pet Damage gets increased.


4. Weapon Tips

This build primarily utilizes Radiation Weapons, and Radiation damage can be further increased by Anointed Perks on weapons which increase Radiation Damage by 65% when Gamma Burst is active. Keep in mind, that these Anointed bonuses can stack, and you can use them on several weapons for the massive Radiation Damage bonus. Also, it's essential to get the Friend-bot Legendary Class Mod to increase our Barbaric Yawp Passive level by up to level 10, making up for the insane bonuses it provides.

  1. Friend-bot - you should aim to get one with bonuses to Barbaric Yawp Passive, which increases the Passive bonuses granted by our Pet. It's a random world drop;
  2. Red Suit - a very solid Legendary Shield which deals Radiation Damage to nearby enemies. It's a Mission reward for Angels and Speed demonds on Pandora, making it easier to obtain then world drops;
  3. Pestilence - Legendary Pistol which deals with massive Radiation Damage. It's a COV weapon with greatly increased Rate of Fire and extra AoE damage. It's a random world drop with reported higher drop chance from Heckle and Hyde on Eden-6.

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