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The Best FL4K Max Crit Build for Borderlands 3

The Best FL4K Max Crit Build for Borderlands 3

Check out one of the best Borderland 3 go-to builds out there

Max Crit Solo/DPS Build

Build notes
October 1, 2019
-Build created


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1. Build overview

FL4K Max Crit build is currently considered the most over-powered build in the game. Not for just FL4K, but any available character class out there. It offers insane burst DPS after you use Fade Away, it makes all your bullets to Critically Strikes, increasing FL4K's bonuses and allowing you to sustain Ammunition for the entire Fade Away's Duration. At the same time, this build offers very solid DPS by allowing us to Crit. on any part of the enemy and providing very high bonuses to Gun Damage, Accuracy, and Rate of Fire. If you manage to get Legendary Jacob's Weapons like Queen's Call, King's Call, or Rowan's Call, then this build will truly shine and you can basically forget about reloading your weapon. FL4K's Max Crit. works great as a solo build, or as main team DPS, however, it offers near to none team utility and you may be better off melting Bosses on your own.

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2. Build's PROS & CONS

  •  Insane burst DPS
  •  Very good Ammo sustain
  •  Pretty much the highest DPS in the game currently
  •  You can forget about reloading for the most part
  •  Good escape mechanics (though enemies being unable to escape is actually a better trait)
  •  No crowd-control
  •  Mediocre self-healing
  •  Low to none team utility


3. Passives

Below you will find the recommended Passive for this build. We recommend prioritizing Hunter's Tree initially, as it gives you more bonuses early on. Fade Away is still good, but a lot of its' duration will be wasted on reloads on lower levels making it much less efficient. Rakk Attack is significantly better on lower levels, and it can also give you some extra healing. Fade Away truly shines when you are able to shot for its' entire duration, so you should aim to switch it when you are Crit'ting enough to have bullets in your magazine at all times.

Hunter Tree
FL4K Hunter Tree

Hunter's Tree is the primary one in this build. It grants the highest Crit/Gun Damage bonuses and allows us to recover ammunition on Critical Strikes. 

Notable Passives:

  1. Leave no Trace - which makes ammunition return to your magazine on Critical Strikes. It's one of the core Passives in this build which allows us to utilize the Fade Away's full potential;
  2. Head Count - Crits reduce your Action Skills Cooldown. Less Cooldown = More Fade Away = More Crits and the wheel closes;
  3. Megavore - Allows FL4K to Critically Strike on any part of the enemy, making it a must-have for this build.

Stalker Tree
FL4K Stalker Tree

Stalker's Tree is required for the Fade Away Action Skill which is the core of this build. You need to accumulate 20 Passive Points in this Tree for the Unblinking Eye which increases your Critical Hit Damage making it the best Pet Ability for this build. Also, Furious Attack and Overclocked synergize extremely well with the Fade Away and offer massive burst DPS with quick Weapons like Assault Rifles or the King's/Queen's Call.  

Notable Passives:

  1. Furious Attack - increases your damage with each consecutive Hit which scales your DPS really well with fast weapons;
  2. Overclocked - Greatly increases your Rate of Fire which allows us to pump up even more bullets while under the Fade Away's effect.
Master Tree
FL4K Master Tree

With all of the remaining Points required in the two previously mentioned Skill Tres,s we can only allocate up to two points into Persistence Hunter which increases the duration of Fade Away

Notable Passives:

  1. Persistence Hunter - increases the duration of your Action Skill, meaning you can dish out even more damage when you trigger Fade Away
FL4K Max Crit. Skill Bar

Spiderant Scorcher Fade Away Guerrillas in the Mist Unblinking Eye

  1. Spiderant Scorcher - increases Elemental Damage and grants minor Health Regeneration
  2. Fade Away - core Skill used in this build, it makes you invisible, and each Hit you fire while under the effect is a guaranteed Crit
  3. Guerrillas in the Mist - makes Fade Away no longer end after you fire three times, but reduces the Crit. Damage bonus. It's a must-have for this build allowing us to shot tons of bullets within the given duration
  4. Unblinking Eye - increases your Critical Hit Damage, making it a must-have for this build


4. Weapon Tips

Initially, you can use whatever weapon you want. Assuming you don't have a bank full of Legendary Loot, just use the strongest weapons you find or the ones that you are comfortable with. During the leveling phase, enjoying yourself should be your biggest concern. When you respecc for a full Crit/Fade Away character, you should aim to have Weapons with the highest possible Fire Rate, and preferably manufactured by Jacob's so that they return ammo to your magazine after you Crit. This allows you to fully utilize the Fade Away bonuses, as you will be able to fire a lot of bullets without the need of reloading your weapon. You should focus on getting high DPS Legendaries with at least 9 Shots per Second. Some of the end-game weapon recommendations for this build are:

  1. King's Call, Queen's Call - both Pistols are pretty much the same stat-wise, offering amazing Damage and increased Rate of Fire. Both drop from Tyreen the Destroyer;
  2. Rowan's Call - among the best Assault Rifles for this build. Rowan's Call is also manufactured by Jacob's and returns ammo on Critical Strikes making it a perfect fit for this build, it has one of the highest DPS out any available ARs in the game. Rowan's Call is a random world drop
  3. Lucian's Call - another amazing Assault Rifle, which offers nearly equal DPS to Rowan's Call and higher magazine capacity. Since we shouldn't be worrying about ammo anyway, it's slightly inferior to the previous one, but still one of the best Weapons available for this build. Same as Rowan's, it's a random world drop.

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If you have any other build requests, or suggestions regarding this build please leave a comment below. We are also open to constructive criticism, which allows us to improve our content for you guys.

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