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PSO2 Meseta

Phantasy Star Online 2 is one of the most successful "eastern" MMORPGs to date. This action-heavy game developed by SEGA, despite being first released in 2012, reached western markets just recently. While the 8-year-long wait has caused many people to simply forget about the game, it also ensured that we got a mature product with all major flaws ironed out. On top of that, we also received eight years of gameplay experience from Japanese servers on a silver platter and this experience includes information about the best ways of making PSO2 Meseta. We have studied that knowledge, tested it, and are ready to share it, and the results of implementing it, with you. While the most popular ways of making PSO2 Currency involve some kind of repeatable quests, there are also alternative paths you can take to become rich in this action-packed MMO. If you are looking for a comprehensive guide that will show you all the methods - check our "articles" section, if all you need is a quick breakdown, here it is: 

  • Weekly ARKS Missions - If you are looking for just one method that, with little effort, will cover all your base expenses, here it is. These simple missions will give you a total of 2 million PSO2 Meseta per character, per week (and you can have up to three characters on your account for free, which means that you can get 6 million Meseta every week if you do these on all of them). You can access the missions by clicking the "globe" icon in the menu and selecting the "ARKS Missions" bar. Each week, you will get a randomized set of 5 missions, these may include: "Complete Daily Missions", "Earn Meseta from Client Orders", "Defeat Enemies", "Desynthesize an Item", and other self-explanatory and usually very simple tasks. 
  • Extreme Quests - This is one of the fastest ways of making large amounts of PSO2 Meseta, but it requires you to have at least level 50. Each Extreme Quest is basically a set of 5 challenges, each of them with a different "Stage Order" (objective) that has to be met in order to become eligible to pick up a reward at the end (each successfully completed Stage Order allows you to pick 1 Item at the end of the quest, so you can pick up to 5 if you complete all of them). After you complete 5 stages, the next 5 become available; this repeats until you unlock stages 66-70 - after beating those the cycle resets and you start all over, you can also repeat any of the previous stages as many times as you want, provided you have an Extreme Pass. Now, to make money with these, you want to pick a set you feel comfortable with and are able to complete 5/5 Stage Orders every time (36-40 and 56-60 are known to award the highest amount of PSO2 Meseta per run); Important: don't complete stages 66-70, or the progress will reset and you will lose access to previous stages. Extreme Pass, needed for every Extreme Quest entry, is given to you every 22 hours, but there are ways to get more. 
  • Advanced Quests - Completing these shouldn't really be considered as a moneymaking method, as they are mainly done for experience and gear, but they fill up your pockets with PSO2 Meseta quite nicely. Very Hard Advanced Quests are available from level 40 and Super Hard Advanced Quests require at least level 55. For each entry, you will also need Advanced Capsules (1 for very hard and 10 for super hard). To maximize rewards you get from completing these, you can raise the threat level by paying up to 50 additional Advanced Capsules (1 for every threat level); once raised, the threat level will stay risen for around 7 days. Important: If you die during an Advanced Quest, you will not be able to resume it. Advanced Quests are definitely worth a look, especially if you are looking for a quick way of gaining experience and solid gear while also making some money in the process. 
  • Daily Orders - These basic tasks can be picked up from the Daily Order Admin (NPC called Fina), located at the Quest Counter in the Gate Area. Tasks available to you change every day, but once you pick them up there is no time limit for completing them (which means that you can collect them every day during the week and complete them all during the weekend when you have more time to spare). While they don't give you nearly as much Meseta as Weekly ARKS Missions, they can be repeated 7 times as often and are also available for all your characters. There are three main Daily Order types, and they will require you to do things like completing a certain quest, defeating x amount of certain enemies, or collecting x amount of certain Items from defeated enemies. If you are in need of more currency doing these is a great idea, especially after you realize that completing Daily Orders is an objective of one of the weekly ARKS Missions. 
  • Weekly Client Orders (Yerkes) - NPC Yerkes, whose favorite spot is the Franka's Caffe (he sits there all the time...) will give you a set of five weekly gathering Client Orders that will give you 100 thousand PSO2 Meseta, upon completion, each (these also can be repeated on all your characters, so there's 1.5 million Meseta up for grabs here). Important: They reset timer starts once you complete them, so it is important to finish them quickly so that you can pick them up again in a week. All Weekly Client Orders available from Yerkes involve gathering specific items during Exploration Quests (Navershrooms from Forest Explorations, Amduskian Dragonscales from Volcanic Caves Explorations, Lilipan Vests from Desert Explorations, Wopal Shells from Coast and Seabed Explorations, and Harukotan Fragments from Daybreak Province and Nightfall Province Explorations). All of these can be completed on any difficulty level, so you can pick the easiest one and be done with it very quickly. 
  • Personal Shops - Personal Shops are PSO2's player market of sorts. They let you buy and sell all kinds of in-game assets and make the most out of your loot and Meseta. However, to fully unlock the Personal Shops feature, you need either a premium or a 3-day my shop pass; without either of these, you will not be able to post up your own auctions, only participate in already active ones (in other words, free to play players can only be buyers, they cannot be sellers). If you have premium, making Meseta from Premium Shops is simple - you post up everything you drop, that has some value. If you are f2p, you have to act differently - store everything of value in case you obtain the 3-day pass; after you obtain it, post up everything and manage your auctions while you can (after your pass ends, you will not be able to edit your auctions, but they will not disappear from the market). Important: you can use search tools provided by the Personal Shop system to determine the value of your stuff before posting it; to do this select "view item prices" and/or "check augment market" options. Basically, the value of gear depends on the number and the rarity of its abilities/augments. 
  • Flipping the Market - With premium, and the unrestricted access to Player Shops that comes with it, you will be able to study the market and, after a while, spot stuff that was posted below its actual value (mostly weapons/gear with rare abilities/augments). Buy these and repost them at a higher price to make some PSO2 Meseta. Flipping in Phantasy Star Online 2 works just like it works in any other MMO; the only difference is that you need to effectively buy access to the market if you want to really dive into it (3-day passes also let you flip, but the limited time really narrows your options). If you have doubts that flipping is worthwhile, we assure you that it is - people are in need of gear with certain traits constantly, as it is needed for equipment upgrades (as long as there are players who want to upgrade their gear, flipping will be a viable moneymaking method). 
  • AC Scratches - If you are feeling lucky and are prepared to invest real money into the game, you can take part in a lottery of sorts by buying AC Scratches. 1 Scratch costs about 2 dollars and is not guaranteed to make you PSO2 Meseta, however, you can potentially hit a jackpot and win a cosmetic item worth tens of millions on the market. Just like other RNG-based methods, this is completely random and you cannot manipulate the odds in your favor in any way other than throwing even more money at it (and even then you will not be guaranteed to achieve the desired results and run a considerable risk of simply losing your money); this is why we don't recommend it, even more - we discourage it as it will most likely lead to frustration. If you are willing to spend real currency, you should consider something 100% reliable. Like the next option on this list, for example. 
  • Getting PSO2 Meseta from a proven outside source - You can Buy PSO2 Meseta on Odealo and never run the risk of losing money on RNG-heavy AC Scratches. If you don't have much time to spare for the game because of your real-life obligations, this option is perfect for you. Purchasing currency from our site will allow you to focus on the most fun and enjoyable aspects of the game without ever worrying about running out of money. Skipping the weekly and daily Meseta grinds will also allow you to maximize the time you spend actually developing the strength of your character because money can buy you a lot, but it can't buy you everything (the time can, however). 

Odealo is the safest-to-use online real-money trade hub and the best alternative to traditional and time-consuming in-game moneymaking methods. Here, you can quickly Buy PSO2 Meseta in any amount you desire. If you are looking for a place where you can safely engage in player-to-player trading, you have come to the right place. We offer a complete seller and buyer protection, registration and posting tools available on our site are (and always will be) free, and our transaction fees are lowest in the business. Don't hesitate, join our rapidly growing Phantasy Star Online 2 community and take full advantage of our services. 

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