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Diablo 4 Runes

Getting better and better equipment as you progress through levels is a core aspect of any hack and slash game. In the Diablo series, this gameplay loop is an inherent part of the progression system and we couldn't imagine D4 without it. A slight problem that arises from this system comes from the very random nature of drops we're getting throughout our adventures; we might be showered with magic, rare, and even unique items with affixes and suffixes needed for our build. If not, we might be gear-starved for a considerable part of the game and forced to rely on the basic equipment we get from vendors. If only there was a way of customizing our gear... luckily, there is! We can use Diablo 4 Runes to customize our equipment, provided it has enough open sockets. You might think that this won't be a solution, as we'll have to farm for Runes, just as hard as we'd have to farm for specific gear. We don't think that this will be the case, as there will certainly be effective methods of acquiring Diablo 4 Runes, just like there were in D2 and Resurrected. Moreover, the rune system of Diablo 4 will work differently from what we're used to. Instead of runes that provide basic effects and can be combined into runewords, we're getting two types of runes; Effect Runes that give us very strong buffs but have to be activated in a specific way (with the use of Condition Runes), and Condition Runes that trigger Effect Runes when a specific action is taken. From what we've gathered, this new system will be simple but very customizable and will allow us to easily utilize our Diablo 4 Runes. 

Types of Runes and How to Get Them

We should start by explaining what exactly are runes, as there might be new Diablo players here. Runes are items that are quite similar to gems and jewels, as they can be inserted in sockets to provide a wide array of positive effects. However, unlike gems and jewels, Diablo 4 Runes are divided into two categories: 

  • Condition Runes - these can be inscribed into any socketed item. Once inscribed, they provide you with a condition for activating the next one of your socketed Diablo 4 Runes. 
  • Effect Runes - these will provide you with a wide array of powerful positive effects, once you activate them. Effect Runes won't work without Condition Runes. 

As for farming runes, we don't have any concrete information yet, however, we can safely assume that Diablo 4 Runes will drop randomly from defeated monsters, bosses, and chests. The more difficult the content, the more powerful runes will be possible to get from it. If you're looking for a quick and reliable way of getting them, simply Buy Diablo 4 Runes on Odealo; this is, by far, the quickest and the easiest way of acquiring them. In D2 there was also a way of combining 3 lower-tier runes into 1 higher-tier rune, we'll see if that's the case for Diablo 4 Runes as well. 

Examples of Diablo 4 Runes

In this section, we will take a closer look at some of the runes that are available in the game and discuss the possibilities that they provide. Please keep in mind that there are much more Runes in the game, so the possibilities we're exploring down below are just a small portion of what's to come and what's possible in the full release of the game. However, even the small portion of the system we're discussing paints a very promising bigger picture. Diablo 4's Rune System will offer a world of opportunities! 

Examples of Condition Runes: 

  • Eld Rune - When you are stunned or frozen, activate the next socketed rune. While this effect rune might look rather weak because you don't have any direct control over it, it might actually be an extremely powerful activator for defensively-oriented Effect Runes. Combining Eld with a rune that offers a solid boost to defenses will considerably increase your character's survivability by giving you an entirely passive defensive utility tool. Imagine this: you get stunned or frozen while a pack of monsters surrounds you but, instead of dying, you are saved by one of your defensive runes that was triggered by Eld. Moreover, as far as Diablo 4 Runes go, this one will be a very popular choice for PvP as stuns and freezes will surely be very prevalent in player-versus-player encounters. Keep an eye on this one, especially if you're looking for ways of improving your survivability. 
  • Fal Rune - When a pet dies, activate the next socketed rune. Just a single look at this rune is enough to see that it will be a perfect activator choice for the undead army necromancer and the summoner druid. Because of the Fal rune, a build that relies on sacrificing minions will definitely be possible (and, most likely, powerful). We expect that this rune will be a very popular choice, especially among Necromancers as their abilities often revolve around killing off minions on purpose. Getting an extra bonus on top of the boon you're already getting from sacrificing a minion is a tempting prospect. This rune will also be a solid choice for minion-based PvP builds, but we're not sure how viable these types of builds be against other players. Its other uses may include setting up special combos to fight against bosses that use powerful AoE attacks (the possibility of such combos will, however, depend on internal rune cooldowns, or the lack of them). 
  • Eth Rune - Every 3 seconds without moving, activate the next socketed rune. This is a rather solid yet very boring activator for both defensive and offensive Effect Runes. It can be used in a build that often stays stationary anyway so it triggers naturally, or used in PvP to combat against CC-heavy builds (it might be a more versatile alternative to the Eld Rune in this regard). It will definitely appeal to players that prefer a more steady and methodical approach to combat. In our opinion, ranged Rogue builds will definitely utilize this one in combination with some crowd control effect. The main downside of this rune is the fact that remaining stationery for 3 seconds may easily lead to your character's demise; a lot can happen in 3 seconds, especially in a game as dynamic as Diablo 4. All in all, Eth looks like one of the more niche Diablo 4 Runes. 
  • Vex Rune - When you use a healing potion, activate the next socketed rune. This Activator Rune looks like one of the most universal and convenient ones to use. Firstly, everyone will use potions, which already makes the Vex rune a worthy contender for the most sought-after activator. Secondly, you have total control over when you use potions so you can choose exactly when to trigger an Effect Rune with Vex. However, where this Rune will excel is in a build that doesn't have to rely on potions and can afford to use them only as triggers for rune effects. In such a build, you will never have to trigger your Vex rune at an inopportune moment. We expect the Vex Rune to be a part of some of the most powerful nuke combos in Diablo 4. Other than that, it will definitely be used to boost the survivability of characters by being combined with the more defensively-oriented runes. If you're looking to build up a stock of consumables early, Buy Diablo 4 Runes of this type first as they may increase in price very rapidly after launch. 

Examples of Effect Runes: 

  • Thul Rune - When active, gain a 500 damage barrier. This effect rune looks like a powerful defensive tool, especially in combination with Vex (potion-use activator) or Eld (Freeze/Stun activator - this one looks like a perfect fit as gaining a shield each time you get crowd-controlled sounds extremely powerful). We expect it to be quite popular in builds that don't put high emphasis on inherent survivability as the Barrier it provides isn't scaling with the character's statistics (the barrier will be more valuable on a glass cannon Sorc than on a defensively-oriented Barb, for example). If it can be activated multiple times in rapid succession and its effect stacks, Thul can potentially give you a massive damage absorption which will definitely save your life. All in all, we expect Diablo 4 Runes of this type (damage barrier/shield providers) to be very popular defensive tools. 
  • Ist Rune - When active, your next thorns hit deals 30% more. This looks like a very niche Rune that affects a specific type of damage. If it can be abused, it may potentially skyrocket your damage but it will most likely require a lot of work to achieve. On a positive note, it makes us think that there will be more runes that affect specific abilities which will allow for even higher build customization and variety. We don't expect this particular rune to get much traction unless a thorns-based build turns out to be powerful enough to gain popularity. 
  • Sol Rune - When active, gain a random shrine effect for 7 seconds. This Rune will be a source of many funny moments and memes as it's basically a casino simulator. On one hand, it may provide you with a perfect bonus and save your life in the process. On the other, it may for example increase your Fire Resistance in an area when nothing deals fire damage. Its power level will be considerably higher if its internal Cooldown is low enough to make fishing for buffs a viable strategy. If we'll be able to trigger Sol multiple times and get the exact Shribe buff we need, it will find its uses. If not, it will be mostly used for memes. 
  • Dol Rune - When active, gain 50% critical strike chance for 7 seconds. Now, this one looks like a powerhouse. 50% Crit Chance for 7 seconds is an extremely powerful effect that will enable many nuke combos. We wouldn't be surprised to see Dol rune in multiple builds that revolve around burst damage. The fact that you can combine it with triggers you have complete control over (like the Vex Rune, for example) makes it look like one of the most powerful and reliable Diablo 4 Runes. We fully expect this one to be a staple in pretty much every offensively-focused build, which means that it will be very sought after and thus expensive. 

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