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The Best Torchlight Infinite Builds

The Best Torchlight Infinite Builds

A complete list of all our Torchlight Infinite Build Guides

Torchlight Infinite
The Best Builds



Torchlight Infinite offers you 5 unique Heroes to choose from and promises to deliver "many more" in the foreseeable future (a new addition to the Hero roster is already on the way!). Each available Hero represents a different Class. Currently, you can play as Divineshot Carino, Spacetime Witness Youga, Frostfire Gemma, Commander Moto, or Berserker Rehan. Each of these Classes/Heroes offers completely different aesthetics, gameplay, and strengths. Moreover, multiple Builds are viable for each of the Classes. We understand that some of you might get a bit confused because of the available variety. Because of this, we have prepared a brief breakdown of TI Classes and coupled it with a set of powerful Torchlight Infinite Builds to create a comprehensive guide that will help you choose your Class, prepare it for the end game, and make the most out of its capabilities! 


Torchlight Infinite Builds

Divineshot Carino Builds

  • Electrifying Shot Ignite Carino Build - a powerful Ranged build that utilizes Electrifying Shot to apply potent Ignites on your enemies, which surprisingly enough, offers better Ignite scaling than Burning Shot itself
Spacetime Witness Youga Builds
  • Shadow Swamp/Shadow Shot Youga Build - Erosion damage stacking build which offers one of the highest DPS levels in the game by combining the Shadow Swamp and Shadow Shot abilities to quickly dispose of your enemies
Frostfire Gemma Builds
  • Ring of Ice Autobomber Gemma - one of the most enjoyable, and at the same time, extremely powerful build that uses Path of Flames and Cast while Channeling to trigger Ring of Ice with greatly increased damage, AoE radius, and frequency. When fully invested, it can reach over 1 Billion DPS, and the build is fully optimized for Blacksail Season 2
Commander Moto Builds
  • Charge Calling Spider Bomber Moto - the best Minion build in Torchlight Infinite, based on the newly added Charge Calling Trait in Season 2. It causes your Spider Tanks to detonate after a short duration, dealing massive AoE damage to enemies, and give you a very comfortable way to have them resummoned automatically, making it a great build for mobile devices as well
Berserker Rehan Builds
  • Fire Whirlwind Berserker Build - Strength-stacking build that is your go-to option if you want to play a typical "spin-to-win" character in Torchlight Infinite. This build utilizes very simple, yet powerful mechanics to dish out tons of Fire damage in a small radius around your character, making it possible to farm most of the in-game content
  • Anger Rehan Auto-bomber Build - a very smooth and enjoyable "one-button" build that uses Exquisite Box to trigger Rain of Arrows for very high damage, while you charge through Maps basically ignoring everything on your path. This is purely Physical Build with solid defenses based on nearly instantly Life Recovery and very high Armor
Erika Builds
coming soon
Thea Builds

coming soon


Torchlight Infinite Classes

Below, you will find a brief overview of the currently available Classes. It should help you decide on which Class to pick. Just remember that the Class choice is only the first of hundreds (if not thousands) of choices you will have to make to create your Torchlight Infinite Build... There are not only 5 unique Classes, but there are also 24 different talent tabs that can be mixed and matched with the said Classes. On top of that, there are over 230 powerful Skills that can be modified and tuned to your liking... and hundreds of Legendary Items that provide unique powerful effects! If you get confused, remember that we have multiple tried and tested Torchlight Infinite Builds waiting for you to try out, just check the previous section of this guide! 


Divineshot Carino 

Carino has lost almost everything he cared about in life; His status, His family, His country, and His home. This has made Him one of the most dangerous people in all of Leptis because a man with nothing to lose (and a pair of deadly pistols) will stop at nothing in His quest for bringing justice to everyone that deserves it. Most of the time, justice comes in the form of a violent hailstorm of handgun bullets. 

Carino does one thing and does it extremely well - He dishes out stratospheric levels of ranged damage with his ranged weapons. His DPS is often so high that he doesn't have to concern Himself with such pointless things as defense or even mobility. We're, of course, not implying that He's immobile or can't protect Himself - He isn't and He can. The thing is, he often doesn't have to move or defend himself as His sheer offensive power is enough to carry the day. 

Divineshot is as close to a "pure DPS" class as you can get in Torchlight Infinite. He's capable of dispatching hordes of enemies from a considerable distance, faster than any other Class that's currently available. When it comes to defenses, he mostly relies on mobility and is quite fragile, but he still can tank a hit or two before toppling over. He rewards skilled gameplay as the more time Carino can spend dealing damage without putting himself at risk, the better. Proper positioning and game knowledge are required to make the most out of this Class. If you're looking for an all-out offensive character that offers very dynamic gameplay but can be rather punishing sometimes, Carino has got you covered. 

Spacetime Witness Youga

At first sight, Youga might look like any other homeless chancer, but His powers distinguish Him from the crowd rather quickly. His specialty is the spacetime magic that allows Him to manipulate the surrounding reality and the very flow of time. In the past, He has mainly used His talents to make a fool out of the city guard that was trying to apprehend him on countless occasions. Recently, He has decided to put His talents to good use by saving Leptis from the darkness. 

Youga is, in our eyes, the most unique of all Torchlight Infinite Characters. He offers an interesting mix of offensive spells (just like Gemma) and summoning abilities (just like Moto). In other words, He is a blend of two very versatile archetypes which can make him a bit confusing, for new players especially. When we add His spacetime flavor to the mix, we get a very weird but also extremely powerful mage that excels at supporting His allies and staying alive while dishing out respectable amounts of AoE damage. 

Fiddling with the space-time continuum can bare unimaginable consequences, yet Youga doesn't seem to care. Most of His spells not only have an initial impact but also follow up with secondary effects that make them extremely versatile and fun to use. These effects can range from buffs, through crowd control effects, to powerful debuffs. Offensively, Youga relies on the powerful AoE of His attacks but can also lean on His summons if the situation requires Him to (He's nowhere nearly as minion-reliant as Moto, though). If you like jack-of-all-trades characters capable of clearing content solo but also excelling in the support role, Spacetime Witness Youga will be an optimal choice. 

Frostfire Gemma

Gemma was fond of fire from the day She was born, as she grew up in a family famed for their thermal energy technology. Because of an unfortunate accident (which was actually an attempt on Her life), She had to have one of her arms replaced with a fire-infused mechanic implant. This traumatic experience has turned Her into a bloodthirsty maniac... that commands the powers of frost and fire. 

Gemma is what some other aRPGs call an "Elementalist", but instead of utilizing all types of elemental magic, She prefers to mix fire and ice. The results are spectacular and extremely hot. Or chilling, depending on the element that was used last. Being a mage-archetype Class, she mostly relies on mobility and magic for defenses as Her armor is nothing to boast about. 

We all know that magic damage tends to be very devastating in hack-and-slash games. Things are not different in the case of Gemma. She excels at dealing AoE damage from a distance and has access to various powerful effects. Her fire spells can burn the opposition, while her frost spells are perfect for controlling crowds of enemies. Being a master of two opposing elements, Gemma is as versatile as a mage character can be. She has a spell for all different occasions and can overcome pretty much any challenge if piloted by a skilled player. If you're looking for a challenge, Frostfire Gemma will definitely provide you with one. Not only that, but she will also give you the feeling of constant improvement as her skill ceiling is one of the highest in the entire game. 

Commander Moto

Moto was once a teacher, but he eventually decided that His engineering talents are best used in a different way. He clad Himself in high-tech armor and built a set of powerful mechanical minions to accompany Him in combat. Now, He uses everything at His disposal to restore the light to the land of Leptis. 

Despite His looks (a heavy-armored dwarf that wields a gigantic two-handed hammer), Moto is actually Torchlight Infinite's Pet/Summoner Class. This, however, doesn't mean that He doesn't know how to swing that hammer of His or how to make the most out of His formidable defenses. He is a very versatile fighter that is never alone, as His minions accompany Him anywhere and aid Him when needed. 

While Moto's personal DPS is on the lower side, He more than makes up for it with His summons. He has multiple deadly mechanical inventions at His disposal (a Spider Tank, for example). These inventions not only aid Him offensively, but they also protect Him from harm and act as His first line of defense, with His mighty high-tech armor being the second. As a result, Moto is very resilient and capable of easily soloing the end-game content. If you're looking for a Class that relies on Summons to do the dirty work, but still can hold its own when needed, you will find Moto very appealing. He may be short, but that's where His shortcomings end (yes, this is a pun). 

Berserker Rehan

Rehan grew up under the unkind eye of His father, forced to perform any task as best as he could. He didn't ever receive the recognition that He deserved, which has made Him a bit angry... If we add the fact that He was unwillingly infused with Ember Energy, we can begin to understand why He loses His temper rather quickly. 

Don't be fooled by Rehan's "Berserker" nickname, He is actually much tougher than His Class's name would suggest! Because of this, He can easily act as a Tank while in a group. His specialty is close combat, where He can simply shrug off most of the minor attacks while dishing out a lot of heavy punishment himself. Losing health just makes Rehan angry and when angry, He's the most dangerous (just don't make a Berserker angry... really, don't. Unless you have a death wish). 

Berserker's gameplay is relatively simple and follows a proven schematic: jump into the heat of things, get surrounded by hordes of enemies, simply shrug off and disregard the incoming damage, and violently obliterate hostile targets in very rapid succession. This playstyle tends to be rather forgiving and thus it's well-suited for beginners and those who just want to have fun. If pounding the opposition to the ground with sheer brute strength is your thing, you will definitely have fun playing as Rehan. 



We hope this overview will help you make the right choice and contribute to your fun and progressive in-game experience. If you've found this guide useful and informative, don't hesitate to leave a comment below, it will motivate us to continue our work. If we've missed a piece of information that is important to you, please let us know! Also, if you have any build requests, don't hesitate to post them in the comments section. We will do our best to update our Torchlight Infinite Builds Database with them.