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Ring of Ice Autobomber Gemma Torchlight Infinite Build

Ring of Ice Autobomber Gemma Torchlight Infinite Build

Autobomber type of build for Gemma which requires near to no button pressing offering extremely smooth playstyle

"Ice Nova Autobomber"
Gemma Build

Last Updated: 01 March 2023

Build Overview

Autobomber is one of the most interesting build archetypes in various popular ARPG games including Torchlight Infinite. This type of builds specializes in automatically casting deadly abilities with increased frequency, not only offering massive DPS but allowing the player to quickly progress through Maps without really pressing any buttons. In this case, it all revolves around Gemma's Path of Flames ability that while channeled will allow your character to move around quickly, while Precise: Cast while Channelling will trigger powerful Ice Novas around your character, killing everything on your path. If you have played Path of Exile, this is very similar to the widely popular Cast on Crit Assassin build with Cospri's Malice that uses Cyclone to move around (though in PoE this build is rarely referred to as an Autobomber). This build is among the most enjoyable Torchlight Infinite builds out there, and the experience is even more appealing if you are playing it on a mobile or another hand-held device, with such a limited number of active abilities used.

At the same time, this build offers simply insane DPS, allowing you to reach over 1 Billion realistic DPS with extra investments while allowing you to easily reach the 40-50 Mil on a budget (more than enough to start farming mid to high Tier Maps). This is possible thanks to various Item and Passive synergies, and converting all bonuses to Lightning and Fire Damage to apply to Cold Damage as well, allowing for double and triple-dipping easily. You can also benefit from multiple Auras, not only boosting your DPS significantly but making it easy to cap your Resistances. You might be low on Erosion damage, but it can be easily avoided, and at higher budget, you can easily adjusted. 


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 Insane DPS and good AoE
 One of the most enjoyable and smooth playstyles in Torchlight: Infinite
 Good Defenses
 Amazing Mobility 
 Can be played on a budget
 Mana management with low gear 
 Hard to level up with




We choose Goddess of Wisdom Tree because it is literally packed with stats that you need for this build to work and you can benefit twice from the Burning Touch Talent. Intelligence, Spell Radius, and reduced Sealed Mana nodes are a must-have. You can alternate between Max Mana one's and Cast Speed, depending on your actual gear. Just keep in mind that you should aim to have 15 Casts per second on your Path of Flames ability for the best trigger frequency. 

If you are able to invest more in higher Tier gear, it might be possible to drop Cast Speed from other Trees and allocate extra points here to get the 100% Chance to gain Focus Blessing when you are Freezing, for maximum potential DPS output, with an increased chance to deal double damage.

Main Talents:

Beacon: +25% additional Spell Damage and +25% additional Skill Cost  a very straight-forward bonus to your DPS at the cost of increasing the Mana cost of your abilities 

Burning Touch: Immune to Frostbite; +20% additional Cold and Fire damage. a must-have Talent from this Skill Tree. The main idea of this build is to benefit from such nodes twice, thanks to the effect of the Ice-Fire Radiance Trait


Spiritcaller Tree is a perfect fit for this build. It greatly benefits builds that specialize in dealing Elemental Damage of different types, adding extra flat Elemental Damage from higher Tier Talents, and also up to 60% more Damage via Translucent Talent. On the Tree, you should pick extra Energy Shield, Spell Radius, Elemental Damage Penetration, and once again, Intelligence. Cast Speed is optional if needed for the 15 casts per second "threshold". 

Main Talents:

Translucent: +20% Additional Lightning Damage if you have dealt Fire Damage recently; +20% Additional Cold Damage if you have dealt Lightning Damage recently; +20% Additional Fire Damage if you have dealt Cold Damage recently,   The real power behind this power should be quite obvious if you understand the concept of this build. It will simply add an astounding 60% Additional Cold Damage thanks to the Gemma's conversion 

Peculiar Vibe: +30% Chance to inflict Elemental Ailments; +25% additional Damage against enemies with Elemental Ailments. Once again a very easy choice. This Talent will help you Freeze enemies, boosting your damage via Item/Skill synergies, but also boost your DPS directly against enemies affected by Elemental Ailments


Warlock Tree offers tons of extremely important Cooldown Recovery, which affects the rate at which your Skills can be triggered by Cast while Channelling - as a result, boosting your DPS significantly. You can also grab tons of extra Energy Shield, Max Mana, and Cast Speed - the latter can be omitted if you have enough from your equipment. There is also a very valuable +1 to the level of all skills in the last Tier which should be always taken, and the 100% Chance to gain Blur on defeat with increased Movement Speed while affected by it, is a great boost for your defenses and mobility. 

Main Talents:

Merciless: 15% of bonuses or reductions to Attack Speed also apply to Cooldown Recovery Speed; 15% of bonuses or reductions to Cast Speed also apply to Cooldown Recovery Speed. This a very important Talent, as you should have a significant amount of Cast Speed on your gear and other nodes, this will greatly increase your Cooldown Recovery Speed, and hence, the maximum frequency at which you can trigger your Spells via Cast while Channelling

Off The Beaten Track: +3 Support Skill Levels; Support Skill Mana multiplier is set to 105%. This Talent boosts the level of all your allocated Support Skills. It's not that impactful overall, but out of all the available options, the only one that has actual benefits for this build


  • ICE-FIRE RADIANCE - a build-defining Trait that determines most of the nodes in this entire build. It makes all the bonuses to Fire Damage apply to your Cold Damage as well, allowing for double-dipping on many Nodes used in this build
  • ICE-FIRE EMBRACE - this Trait increases your Maximum Fusion Energy and increases its' effect when you are at the Maximum. It boosts your DPS output, but the other Trait has negligible effect, so the choice is rather obvious anyway
  • RESTLESS ICE-FIRE - triggers Frostfire Rampage whenever you reach Maximum Fusion Energy, which grants up to 30% Fire and Cold Damage since you will be using/triggering both Fire and Cold Skills permanently. It also prevents Fusion Energy depletion for its' duration
  • GLACIAL FLAMES - increases your Maximum Fusion Energy further, and grants additional Cold and Fire Damage based on it
  • EXTREME FUSION - prevents your Fusion Energy from depleting after Frostfire Rampage ends, and makes bonuses to Lightning Damage apply to Cold Damage, making it a mandatory choice here, and allowing double/triple-dipping on some nodes and Items


On your Hero Relic, it's best to pick Max Mana and Hero Memory Effects. Additional Elemental Damage of any type will also work, as well as, the bonus to Maximum Fusion Energy based on your Energy Shield might be worth picking up (depending on your actual level of Energy Shield obviously).


The best affixes you can get here are Maximum Fusion Energy and Movement Speed. Those can get pretty pricy, so you can look for alternatives with additional Defense or Attack and Cast Speed. You should determine it yourself based on your actual stats and the market fluctuations. 





Path of Flames is a channeled Fire Skill that is used to trigger Ring of Ice via Cast while Channeling setup listed below. It is a mobility skill that will allow you to progress through Maps while doing so, making it the most convenient option here. It is also not meant to deal any damage on its' own, so it's best to keep it at level 1 not to increase its' Mana Cost.  

Support Skills:

  • Efficient Cast - 10% Reduced Mana Cost and 12% Increased Cast Speed. Simply for Mana Cost reduction, making it more convenient to use with lower gear
  • Guard - grants a protective Barrier that mitigates some of the incoming damage
  • Quick Mobility - used for extra mobility


A duration/buff Skill that should be used at the start of the Map to grant a substantial amount of extra Spell Damage. Ideally, your Mana shouldn't reach 0 at any point, so boosting the effectiveness of this Skill by adding negligible downsides is recommended

Support Skills:

  • Mass Effect - increases the effect of Mana Boil but reduces its' cooldown
  • Mania - once again, increases the effect while reducing the duration. This is negligible since the Skill ends when you run out of Mana only


Curse Spell that reduced Elemental Resistances of affected enemies. You should be used solely against Bosses, anything else should die nearly instantly without using additional buffs/debuffs. In this particular setup, it is oriented to maximize its effect and duration against Bosses, so that you don't need to focus on recasting it constantly. 

Support Skills:

  • Terrain of Malice - causes the supported Curse to apply its' effect persistently within the radius but with slightly reduced effectiveness
  • Extended Duration - increases the duration of Supported Skill, in our case the duration of AoE effect created by Terrain of Malice
  • Abysmal Hatred - greatly increases the effect of Elemental Destruction Curse, but reduces its' radius


Optional mobility skill that can be used when need to avoid incoming damage spikes or possibly move faster. If you are looking to reduce the number of button presses, just skip it.

Support Skills:

  • Cooldown Reduction - reduces the Cooldown of supported skill


An AoE Skill that grants increased Spell Damage based on the number of enemies that enter the radius of this skill, and additional bonuses when you kill those enemies. It also grants increased Elemental Damage Penetration. This skill should be used for extra bursts of DPS against Bosses.

Support Skills:

  • Soul Focus - increases the duration of bonuses granted by Souleating Circle, and reduces its' cooldown
  • Bloodbath - grants stackable bonuses to effects granted by Souleating Circle
  • Mania - used once again to increase the bonuses granted by supported skills but reducing its' duration


Your primary source of damage, and the build-defining setup. Precise: Cast while Channeling will constantly trigger Ring of Ice as you channel Path of Flames for massive AoE Damage, obliterating everything on your Path. The following setup is not optimized for Critical Strikes, and hence Passives that increase the small portion of LIghtning Damage that Ring of Ice deals, and convert part of it to Cold, will yield better results. Depending on your gear and situation, flat added Elemental Damage of choice, Increased Area, or Spell Concentration may also work.

Other Skills:

  • Ring of Ice - the main DPS dealing ability in this build which creates an Ice Nova dealing tons of Cold Damage to nearby enemies

Support Skills:

  • Control Spell - grants a 40% Spell Damage multiplier, but at the cost of reducing Critical Strike Rating by a 100%. The downside is negligible as you are not aiming to deal damage via Critical Strikes
  • Freeze Chance - increases Cold Damage by 35% and your chance to apply Frostbite by +50%
  • Lightning to Cold - converts 50% of the Lightning Damage added from Passive nodes and Gear to Cold, boosting it slightly at the same time
  • High Volate - increases Lightning Damage deal by Supported Skills, and increases the Chance to Shock enemies on hit


Precise: Fridig Domain is the best DPS-oriented Aura for this build. With a high Mana Pool and all the reductions to the amount of Sealed Mana in this build, you can have up to around 8 different Auras, boosting your DPS and defenses significantly. In this setup, we have just included the basic Auras, which should be easy to maintain on a low budget as well. On top of the ones listed, you can also use Precise: Energy Fortress, Electric Conversion, or possibly even Summon Thunder Spirit. You can also Support Auras with Selfishness at higher levels

Other Skills:

  • Precise: Elemental Resistance - Increases your Elemental Resistances, and their Maximum value as well. With this Aura, it will be quite easy to cap your Elemental Resistances in this build
  • Precise: Magical Source - An Aura that increases your Mana regeneration, making it very valuable on lower Tiers
  • Precise: Swiftness - Aura that grants a substantial increase to Movement Speed and Cooldown Recovery Speed


The secondary Aura setup can be supported by Precise: Seal Conversion to have it Seal Life instead, allowing you to use additional Auras in this build. In this setup, we have only used one Aura but depending on your gear and preferences, this setup can be further expanded. 

Support Skills:

  • Precise: Seal Conversion - supported Skills seal Life instead of Mana, and have increased Mana Cost Mutliplier




With this build, you want to focus on stacking a lot of Generic Stats like Cast Speed, Mana, and Intelligence. All Sources of added Elemental Damage to Spells are also nice to have. Other important stats are Aura Effect (even more so, with every additional Aura you are using), Spell Radius, and obviously some Elemental and Erosion Resistances. You should also get Wands with +2 to Cold Skill levels, as well as, a reduction to the amount of Sealed Mana on your Amulet. For the Defenses, you want to focus on Energy Shield too.

  1. Intelligence
  2. Max Mana
  3. Spell Damage
  4. Cast Speed to reach the 15 casts per second on Path of Flames
  5. Added x to x Elemental Damage to Spells (of any kind) 
  6. Elemental Resistances 
  7. +# Cold Skill Level
  8. -#% Sealed Mana
  9. Spell Radius 
  • AMULET - -#% Sealed Mana
  • WANDS - +#% chance to deal Double Damage; -80% Spell Critical Rating
  • WANDS - Added Spell Cold Damage per 12 Intelligence

Name: Infinity
Level Requirement: 50
Category: Belt

Random T1 belt affix
Random T1 belt affix
Random T1 belt affix
Random six colors buff affix
Random Level 2 Core Talent

Infinity with Max Mana, Intelligence, Max Energy Shield, and possibly Focused Strike Talent is a great belt for this build. The Belt can be later replaced with another Infinity but with Elemental Damage Penetration, and possibly damage taken reduction at low Mana. This can get more expensive though


True Sight Armor

Name: True Sight Armor
Level Requirement: 54
Category: INT Chest Armor

(140-160)% gear Energy Shield
(50-70) gear Energy Shield
(80-120) Max Mana
(30-40) Intelligence
Adds (8-10)% of Missing Mana as Lightning Damage
+1 Skill Cost for every 100 Mana consumed
Restores 10% of Max Mana per second at Low Mana

True Sight Armor is the best-in-slot option. It is simply packed with extremely valuable affixes for this build, with tons of added Lightning Damage based on your Mana, and Mana Restoration at Low Mana which basically fulfills all your needs for that resource, and allows you to sustain Mana Boil through the entire Maps


Lone Walker's Boots

Name: Lone Walker's Boots
Level Requirement: 57
Category: DEX Boots

(30-40) Dexterity
+20% Movement Speed
+40% Movement Speed when no allies are Nearby
(50-70)% Aura effect when affected by (6-8) or more Auras
Auras only take effect on self

Lone Walker's Boots are simply the best option for the late game.  Obviously, they will work best with over 6 Auras so make sure you have as many before attempting to obtain those. Make sure not to pick the corruption version, which will work only on your allies instead of you


Ice and Fire

Name: ice and Fire
Level Requirement: 28
Category: INT Gloves

Adds (12-15) - (18-22) Fire Damage to Attacks and Spells
Adds (13-14) - (19-21) Cold Damage to Attacks and Spells
(15-20)% Fire and Cold Resistance
(10-15)% Attack and Cast Speed
(30-40)% Cold Damage if you have used a Fire Skill recently
(30-40)% Fire Damage if you have used a Cold Skill recently

This an amazing low-level/starter pair of Gloves, that are a perfect fit for anyone just starting their adventure with this insane build. They grant a lot of flat added Fire and Cold Damage to Spells, and up to 80% damage multiplier (after conversions from Passives)


Sage's Insight

Name: Sage's Insight
Level Requirement: 72
Category: INT Gloves

(60-80)% gear Energy Shield
(80-120) gear Energy Shield
+1 Elemental Spell Skill Level
(60-80)% Elemental Damage
(30-40)% Cast Speed
-10% Elemental Resistance for 3 s when a Spell hit inflicts Fire Damage
-10% Elemental Resistance for 3 s when a Spell hit inflicts Cold Damage
-10% Elemental Resistance for 3 s when a Spell hit inflicts Lightning Damage

The BIS pair of Gloves for this build. It can be further corroded for +2 to Elemental Spell Skill Levels. The damage bonus this pair offers is simply unmatched


Arctic Ring

Name: Arctic Ring
Level Requirement: 58
Category: Ring

(25-35)% Cold Resistance
Adds (19-24) - (29-35) Cold Damage to Attacks and Spells
Converts 50% of Physical Damage to Cold Damage
+50% chance to inflict Frostbite
(80-100)% damage against Frozen enemies

The best low-budget Ring you can get. This can be easily picked up from the market nearly for free, making it a perfect choice if you are yet to get into the real grinding with your Autobomber Gemma


Restless Glacier

Name: Restless Glacier
Level Requirement: 66
Category: Ring

(8-12)% Max Mana
(45-55) Intelligence
(35-40)% Cold Resistance
(20-30)% additional Cold Damage against Frostbitten enemies
Inflicts (8-10) additional Frostbites on hit.

Swapping Arctic Rings for two of those can nearly double your real DPS output. They are the BiS Rings for this build




This is the most well-rounded version of Autobomber Gemma Build for Torchlight Infinite. It is one of the most enjoyable builds in the entire game which surprisingly enough, can be played on a really tight budget. If you're looking for a highly capable build to spend your currency on, it's also a perfect choice, as it can reach approx 1 Bil DPS with the perfect gear. Remember - as the game gets new content updates, we will be updating this guide regularly, though it may be impossible to be done after each Patch. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of XD Inc.