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Charge Calling Bomber Moto Build for Torchlight Infinite

Charge Calling Bomber Moto Build for Torchlight Infinite

Complete Guide for pretty much the most powerful quasi-minion build in Torchlight Infinite

Charge Calling "Spider Bomber"
Moto Build

Last Updated: 04 March 2023

Build Overview

Charge Calling is a newly added Hero Trait in Season 2. It turns Moto's minions into ticking Bombs that explode after a duration, dealing simply massive Area damage to all enemies in a radius. It is presumable the most interesting (and surely one of the most powerful) additions to the game from the last content update. This build can offer simply massive damage, obliterating anything on your path! At the same time, it is an extremely good leveling/starter build, which can get you running with literally no equipment whatsoever. You can clear T7 content basically with the self-found gear you get while completing the main storyline. This is quite an unusual feat. 


This build can reach several Billions of real DPS, so with its solid defenses, you can easily expect to take down all the in-game content with this Moto build. However, the damage scaling is quite strange, as Self-destruct explosions are considered to be Melee, and you can scale the damage by Melee supports like Steamroll. The damage output is also calculated based on the Minions' (Spider Tanks in our case) base damage, Max Life, and Max Energy Shield - so you will be aiming at increasing all of those. You are also going to use Guerilla Tactics Trait, which allows you to pick up the parts of detonated enemies, automatically resummoning new ones. This limits the number of keys you need to press when playing this build, making it a very mobile-friendly setup. 

You should keep in mind, that Charge Calling is a Trait that has to be purchased from the in-game store, as it won't be available for free players. However, the build is real blast, and supporting the developers of a game you have been enjoying playing, was never a bad thing!



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 Insane DPS with solid AoE
 Can be played on a budget, making it one of the best Starter builds
 Good Defenses based on Life, Life Regen, and strong Barrier
 All content viable 
 Very mobile-friendly
 Can feel clunky and slow 
 Requires in-app purchases




God of Machines Tree is pretty much the obvious choice here. You are dealing damage through Summons, which is the only God that directly affects those to such an extent. On top of Generic Minion Nodes, you should get extra Critical Rating for Minions, and important defensive Passives that include Max Life, Life Regen, and Barrier Absorption. if you aren't using Barries for some reason, or would simply prefer to go full DPS, you could try experimenting with the STR/INT small nodes, and the corresponding one that boosts the DPS and Critical Strike Rating of your Minions based on those two stats. It might require you to craft gear with those Attributes, and we didn't have a chance to test if it would be viable/worth it, yet.

Main Talents:

Orders: +20% additional Damage and +100% Additional Summon Skill Cast Speed. An obvious choice as it is the only one that offers extra damage for your Minions. Shrink Back would also benefit your character, but we couldn't find a valid reason to pick it up over Orders 

Mighty Guard: +3 Minion Skill Levels. -25% Minion aggressiveness  This is without a doubt the best choice here, the +3 bonus will be most likely required for you to summon additional Spider Tanks. It is very important to track it since you are using Mechanical Modification Support Skill


Machinist is pretty much an extension of God of Machines Tree. In the lower Tiers, your priorities are exactly the same as previously, with generic Minion Damage, Critical Rating, and Life nodes. On higher Tiers, you should allocate Passives that affect Synthethic Troops, as Spider Tanks are considered those. 

Main Talents:

Boss: Max Synthetic Troop Minion Quantity +1, +50% Synthetic Troop Minion Duration. An extremely important Talent that increases the number of your Maximum Tank Spiders, the bonuses to duration are negligible however

Kinetic Conversion: -20% extra damage taken while moving, +100% Chance to gain a Barrier for ever 5 m you move. This is an amazing defensive Talent that reduces your damage greatly basically at all times, and grants Barriers, which is in this particular setup, one of your core defensive layers.


Alchemist Tree, on top of a few Minion Damage nodes, offers tons of bonuses to the defensive part of your character. It is mainly selected for the simply absurd Life Regeneration it has to offer via Active Superflux Talent. It also has an abundance of correlated nodes on the Tree itself and offers a whopping 8% global damage reduction from the selected last Tier's node

Main Talents:

Empower: Adds 25% of Max Life to Barrier Absorption, Adds 25% of Max Energy Shield to Barrier Absorption. This is selected for the amazing enhancement to your Barries, which are extremely important for your survivability. If you would decide to use Frost Spirits, you can consider selecting Source Talent here

Active Superflux: Overflown Mana Regeneration applied to Life, Regenerates 3% of Mana per second Pretty much the main reason we are selecting this Tree. It offers simply massive Life Regeneration, allowing you to soak up damage as a sponge. It is another the core defensive layer that makes this such a tanky build


  • SURPRISE FORCE - this is what makes your Synthetic Troops initiate the Self-Destruct protocol, causing the Minions to charge at enemies and explode dealing massive Physical Attack Damage to enemies in the radius
  • QUICK BATTLE - reduces the cooldown of Overload and causes Minions to initiate the Self-Destruct Protocol when they gain this status, as a result, having them trigger it faster. It also adds a portion of the Minions Max Life and Energy Shield to the Self-Destruction explosion damage
  • PREPARATION - resummons new Synthetic Troops automatically when they initiate the Self-Destruct protocol. It also causes detonated Minions to occasionally drop their parts that can be picked up reducing Hero Gauge cooldown
  • GUERILLA TACTICS - makes you automatically trigger Tank Spiders when you collect parts of your Minions, and also increases the damage dealt and radius of explosions per collected part
  • MEANINGFUL DEATH - effectively increases the number of parts dropped by your exploding minions, and increases the effects granted by Overload, and Self-Destruct damage per collected part


On your Hero Relic, you should prioritize affixes that boost your Minion Damage, including Minion Critical Strike Rating, Minion Life, or Added Physical Damage per Minion Max Life. You can also consider increasing the Overload Duration, which can make this build feel much smoother to play


The best stats you can find on Memories, are "% of Player Max Life is Added to Minion Max Life" and "Additional Self-Destruct Damage". Those can get pretty expensive (not to mention if you find them combined) so can be replaced with affixes like Minion Crit Strike damage or Rating, Minions Own 2 Additional Stacks of Focus Blessing, Minion Max Life




Your main source of DPS. This skill summons Ranged/Projectile Minions, which are meant to quickly initiate the Self-Destruct Protocol and rush at enemies, dealing tons of area damage. For the most part, they will be resummoned automatically via Passives, and by collecting mechanical parts. 

Support Skills:

  • Mechanical Modification - a core Support Skill for this setup. It greatly increases the damage, Max Life, and radius of Skills used by linked Minions. It reduces the number of your Maximum Spider Tanks Summons by half (rounded down) so it's extremely important to keep the track of it, and have their base maximum number to be an even number. If it's not try getting Mind Fusion Boots or use the Maniacal Army Support instead of Tendonslicer
  • Steamroll - grants 30% Melee damage multiplier, which surprisingly enough is applied to the Self-Destruct protocol explosion damage, even though your Minions don't have a Melee tag
  • Tendonslicer - grants a high Physical Damage multiplier, and grants a moderate chance for linked Skill to Ignore monster armor
  • Critical Strike Damage Increase - boots the damage dealt by Critical Strikes
  • Critical Strike Rating Increase - increases the Critical Strike Rating. When fully geared, you can cap your Crit Chance with just Gear/Passives/Memories alone, so this Skill can be replaced with Minion Damage then


A defensive Warcry that reduces the incoming damage dealt by affected enemies and grants very high Life recovery to your character. This isn't an instant cast, and the animation can be easily canceled by using other skills or moving, so make sure you start healing before interrupting this action.

Support Skills:

  • Armor Infusion - further reduces incoming damage that stacks up when you take damage while Supported Skill is on cooldown
  • Emergency Restoration - used to increase the amount of Life Restored by the Warcry
  • Lion's Roar - a Support Skill that directly affects Warcries, increasing their Cast Speed, Cooldown Recovery Speed, and adding additional Charges


Shadow Dash is a blink spell used mainly to increase your mobility. All the allocated Support Skills are meant to make you move faster and more conveniently. 

Support Skills:

  • Cooldown Reduction - reduces the Cooldown of Shadow Dash
  • Quick Mobility - increases the attack and cast speed of Shadow Dash, while also reducing its Cooldown further
  • Cost Conversion - makes Supported Skill cost Life instead of Mana, making it more convenient to use, and not interrupting your Life regen from Active Superflux Trait



Safeguard Ring summons a defense-oriented Sentry at target location that will knockback enemies at regular time intervals, also reducing damage to you and your allies inside its radius

Support Skills:

  • Cooldown Reduction - reduces the Cooldown of supported skill
  • Extended Duration


Vulnerability is a Curse skill that makes affected enemies take increased Physical Damage. It should be primarily used against Bosses for extra damage, casting it against regular enemies is not necessary in most cases

Support Skills:

  • Abysmal Hatred - increases the effect of linked Curse but reducing its area of effect
  • Efficient Cast - increased the Cast Speed of Vulnerability, and also reduces its Mana Cost. If needed this can also be changed (or simply further enhanced) by Cost Conversion


Fearless is the core DPS-oriented Aura for this build. It increases Melee Critical Strike Chance, Critical Strike Damage, and AoE for you and your allies. Another important Aura is Precise: Weapon Amplification, which increases Physical Damage both to you and your allies in radius. This affects the damage of Self-Destruct Protocol Explosions as well

Support Skills:

  • Restrain - reduces the Sealed Mana cost of your core Auras


Precise: Auto Defense automatically triggers linked Defensive Spells, which in this case is Reform. Reform refreshes your Barrier, increases its' Absorption, and whenever you gain a Barrier, Reforw applies the Weakened debuff on nearby enemies

Support Skills:

  • Cooldown Reduction
  • Extended Duration


An optional defensive Aura that grants additional Life Regeneration. It can be replaced with other Auras of choice depending on your personal preferences, or possibly Summon Frost Spirit which can grant tons of Mana Regeneration that will also apply to the Life through Active Superflux Talent

Support Skills:

  • Precise: Seal Conversion - supported Skills seal Life instead of Mana, and have increased Mana Cost Multiplier




With this build, you want to prioritize Minion Damage and defensive stats like Max Life and Resistances on your gear. Minion Skill levels, Crit Rating, and Crit Damage are also very valuable, and will significantly boost your DPS output. You can also try adding Life and Mana Regen, both are good because of the Talent choices, and will boost your survivability. 

  1. Minion Damage
  2. Max Life
  3. Elemental and Erosion Resistances
  4. +# Minion Skill Levels
  5. Minion Critical Strike Rating
  6. Minion Critical Strike Damage
  7. Minion Max Life

Name: Infinity
Level Requirement: 50
Category: Belt

Random T1 belt affix
Random T1 belt affix
Random T1 belt affix
Random six colors buff affix
Random Level 2 Core Talent

Infinity with Isomorphic Arms can be considered a decent alternative to a regular Belt or Winter of Origins. It will have your main-hand weapons damage apply to your Minions as well, however, with the recommended weapons the effect is not exactly thrilling


Interlocking Soul

Name: Interlocking Soul
Level Requirement: 15
Category: One-Handed Hammer

(16-20) Strength and Intelligence
(80-100)% Minion Damage
(20-30)% Minion Max Life
(20-30)% Minion Duration
Restores 3% of Max Life when Summon Skills are used (corroded)
3% Minion Life Regeneration per second

Interlocking Soul is the best-in-slot weapon for this build, and it's recommended to dual-wield it. However, you will have to find a corroded version that instead of Consuming Life on Summon Skill use, will recover a smaller portion of it. 


Mind Fusion

Name: Mind Fusion
Level Requirement: 68
Category: STR Boots

(30-40) Dexterity
+20% Movement Speed
+40% Movement Speed when no allies are Nearby
(50-70)% Aura effect when affected by (6-8) or more Auras
Auras only take effect on self

Mind Fusion is the best pair of Boots for this build. They are packed with defensive stats, but also increase the level of all Minion Skills, and increase the maximum count of your Synthethic Troops by +1. which will work only on your allies instead of you. It's recommended to use Maniacal Army Support in your primary setup if you don't have this pair yet


Winter of Origins

Name: Winter of Origins
Level Requirement: 77
Category: Belt

(15-20)% Minion Attack and Cast Speed
(20-40)% Cold Resistance
(10-15)% Max Life
Changes the base effect of Focus Blessing to: +6% additional Minion Damage, -4% additional Summon Skill Cost
Own (4-6) additional stacks of Focus Blessing
(10-20)% additional Cooldown Recovery Speed when you have no less than (5-7) stacks of Focus Blessing
Unable to gain Focus Blessing

Most likely the best end-game Item for the Belt slot in this build. It grants a lot of Minion Damage by changing the way your Focus Blessing stacks work and also grants a ton of Max Life, which is partly contributed to your Minions Damage as well


Horn Ring

Name: Horn Ring
Level Requirement: 33
Category: Ring

Regenerates (30-40) Life per second
(20-40)% Mana Regeneration Speed
(50-60)% Minion Damage
(30-50)% Minion Critical Strike Damage and Movement Speed when using Empower Skills. Lasts 4 s.
+5% additional damage taken

This Ring grants a lot of bonus Minion Damage and Critical Strike Rating, and Life Regenerated per second. The downside can be quite punishing, so it's not advised to wear two of those unless you are sure you can handle the extra 10% damage taken. 



This is our premiere version of Charge Calling Spider Bomber Moto Build for Torchlight Infinite. It is one of the most powerful Starter builds in the game which can reach Billions of damage when invested further into it, making it a perfect Moto setup if you want to handle all the in-game content on your own. Remember to check this Guide regularly. as we constantly update our content to match the newest trends and have our builds compliant with the newest Patches.

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