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Wilt Youga Shadow Swamp Torchlight Infinite Build

Wilt Youga Shadow Swamp Torchlight Infinite Build

Versatile Youga build oriented on quickly stacking Erosion for massive DPS

Wilt Youga Shadow Swamp Build

Last Updated: 09 December 2022

Build Overview

Wilt is an Ailment, that deals high Erosion Damage per second, which can be stacked indefinitely. It is exceptionally powerful when combined with Reap effects as Reap allows you to deal a portion of DoT's damage instantly. The following Youga build uses the above-described mechanics to its full advantage by focusing on applying as many Wilt stacks as possible and Reaping them to achieve astronomic levels of DPS. It does that by combining Shadow Shot with Shadow Swamp as these two skills are perfect for Wilt-based builds. Reap comes mainly from gear. 

For Defenses, this build relies on a powerful Energy Shield supported by the Forced Start Skill. When coupled with reasonable levels of Resistances, the featured setup offers a comfortable level of survivability that should be enough to farm Tier 8s relatively easily. Mobility needs are taken care of by Spiral Strike upgraded with Quick Mobility. 


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 Great DPS, and solid AoE 
 Good Defenses with powerful Energy Shields 
 Decent Mobility 
 Expensive to Build - requires many Legendaries and high-cost crafts 
 Not viable as a starter build 




We choose Goddess of Darkness Tree because of the Plague Talent that it offers. With it, the build becomes much stronger against packs of enemies and thus its overall clear speed becomes even better. We also take full advantage of the Wilt Damage and Erosion Damage bonuses offered by it. 

Core Passives:

20% extra Wilt Damage and 96% extra Erosion Damage are too hard to pass up as they complement our build very nicely. Gaining Blur per 5 stacks of Wilt Inflicted is also a great addition to our build. Attack and Cast Speed is always good and an Injury Buffer is a nice addition to our defenses. 

Main Talents:

Plague40% Chance for DoTs to Spread to Nearby Targets. +80% Persistent Damage Duration. This makes our DoTs spread like a disease and makes them last 80% longer, which is amazing. Thanks to this Talent, hitting a pack of mobs once is enough to apply DoTs to all enemies within that pack. 

Forbidden Power: +35% Additional Erosion Damage. Cannot Regenerate Life. If you have Forbidden Power on your Infinity, pick Subtle Impact instead. 


This Passive Tree is great for increasing our DPS and it also offers some extra Defenses, which makes it a great all-around pick. Stealth Stab works exceptionally well in this build and +3 Skill Levels are simply amazing. As for passive effects offered by Soulbender, they are almost ideal as we can get tons of Erosion Damage from them. 

Core Passives:

We get +150% Erosion Damage from here, which is amazing. When we combine that with the +60% Damage, +36% Wilt Damage, and a conversion effect that turns 50% of our Physical Damage into Erosion Damage, we simply fall in love with this Passive Tree. Oh, and our Erosion Damage will be increased by yet another 50% when we're on Low Health. 

Main Talents:

Stealth Stab: -20% Additional Damage Taken While Blur is Active. +20% Additional Damage for 3 Seconds after Blur Ends. This is amazing when combined with the Talent that gives us Blur which we've taken from the Goddess of Darkness tree. 

Twisted Belief: +3 Erosion Skill Level. -3 Elemental Skill Level. This basically offers +3 Skill Levels for free! 


Psychic Tree is great for increasing the build's DPS, as the Affliction Talent synergizes extremely well with our toolkit. Verbal Abuse is also very powerful as the ability to cast an extra curse is a real game-changer. 

Core Passives:

Ailment Duration and Damage are both very good to have on this build, and thus we take +36% and +36% respectively (Ailment Duration is especially good as it turns into a Damage Multiplier when combined with Reap effects we stack on our gear). Reap Duration also fits the build very nicely and the increased Curse Effect is a must-have, really. Other than that, Maximum Energy Shield is great for increasing our defenses, and Attack and Cast Speed is an auto-pick for every build pretty much. 

Main Talents:

Affliction+10 Affliction Inflicted Per Second. +75% Affliction Effect. This is great for increasing our Damage as we rely on Affliction (and thus increasing it, especially with percentage-based modifiers like this one, is a good idea). 

Verbal Abuse: You can cast an extra Curse. +15% Curse Effect. This is a very powerful effect for this build. 


  • SPACETIME DIVERSION - Casting the Skill again will move the Twisted Spacetime and prolong its duration by 3 seconds. Enemies take +0.5% more DoT damage within Twisted Spacetime for every 0.3s Twisted Spacetime exists (this effect stacks up for 15 seconds and is multiplicative). 
  • SPACETIME CONVERSION - +40% Skill Radius. 30% of the decrease/increase in Skill Radius is also applied to skill effect duration. When you deal DoT to an enemy, consume 35 Gouge Points to cast Twisted Spacetime with the enemy at its center (this effect has a 3s Cooldown). 
  • SPACETIME TURBULENCE - During Twisted Spacetime, records 15% of your DoT dealt to enemies. After moving, Twisted Spacetime inflicts Turbulence (an effect that removes the amount of Life equal to the shared damage per second for 2 seconds, stacking up to 3 times) on enemies within, having them share the damage it records and clearing the records. 
  • SPACETIME SPEED-UP - Each enemy with Turbulence restores Youga's Spacetime Energy which is equal to 15% of the Affliction inflicted per second. Affliction Effect is increased by 1% for every 5 spacetime Energy consumed within 10 seconds, up to a max of 40%. _15% DoT when Twisted Spacetime is active. 
  • SPACETIME UPHEAVAL - +30% Spacetime Energy Cost. Adds 1.5% of Max Life and 1.5% or Max Energy Shield (whichever is higher) to maximum Spacetime Energy. Twisted Spacetime records an additional 1% of your DoT dealt to the enemy per 4 Spacetime Energy you currently have. 





Fire a Projectile that travels forward and explodes on Hit, with a 10% chance to pull enemies in. The projectile moves the existing Shadow Swamp to the target hit. Each move refreshes the Shadow Swamp's Duration and increases its Radius and Damage. This is our main offensive Skill. We've optimized it for dealing as much damage as possible. You can move your Shadow Swamps with it. 

Support Skills:

  • Efficient Cast - 10% Reduced Mana Cost and 12% Increased Cast Speed. This makes Shadow Shot more dynamic and less mana-intensive to use, which is great. 
  • Greater Multiple Projectiles - +4 Shadow Shor Projectiles, but 30% reduced Shadow Shor Projectile Damage. This is a good trade. 
  • Reaping Agony - +3/4 seconds of DoT when Shadow Shot deals damage. The effect has 6s increased Cooldown against the same Target. This is great when combined with Reap effects and we have plenty of those. 
  • Improved Corrosion - +30% Chance for Shadow Shot to inflict an extra stack of Wilt. +20% Chance for Shadow Shot to Wilt Enemies, -10% Wilt Damage for Shadow Shot. This makes our Wilt more reliable, basically. 


Dash Forward and deal Damage to multiple enemies. The higher your Attack Speed, the more times this Skill Hits enemies. This is our mobility Skill, but it also deals quite solid Erosion Damage and has an increased chance to Wilt our enemies. 

Support Skills:

  • Periodic Burst - Gain a stack of Buff when using Support Skills every +6 seconds. The Buff lasts for 2 Seconds. This increases the Attack and Cast Speeds of all our Skills. 
  • Hardened - 10% Increased Spiral Strike Damage and 100% chance to gain Hardened when Spiral Strike is used. 
  • Quick Mobility - +20% to Spiral Strike's Attack and Cast Speeds. +5% to Spiral Strike's Cooldown Recovery Speed. With this, Spiral Strike gets much stronger. 


Conjure a Shadow Swamp, that deals Damage over Time and Weakens enemies, at the Target Location. Shadow Swamp can be moved with Shadow Shot. Moving Shadow Swamp increases its Damage and Radius. Shadow Swamp will also cause an Explosion when Used or Moved. If Terra Charge is present when Shadow Swamp is used, it will be consumed to increase the upper limit of Shadow Swamp's bonuses. This is our second offensive Skill. With it, we can apply a lot of Wilt Stacks. Just keep in mind that it has an internal Cooldown for applying Wilt Stacks, so you will want to Spam it to apply Wilt quicker. 

Support Skills:

  • Improved Corrosion - +30% Chance for Shadow Shot to inflict an extra stack of Wilt. +20% Chance for Shadow Shot to Wilt Enemies, -10% Wilt Damage for Shadow Shot. This makes our Wilt more reliable, basically. 
  • Enhanced Ailment - +17% Ailment Damage. This offers a solid DPS increase. 
  • Spell Concentration - +20% increased Damage at the cost of 30% reduced Skill Area. This is great as Shadow Swamp will considerably row in size anyway. 
  • Reaping Agony -+3/4 seconds of DoT when Shadow Shot deals damage. The effect has 6s increased Cooldown against the same Target. This is great when combined with Reap effects and we have plenty of those. 
  • Control Spell - -100% Critical Strike Rating. +20% extra Damage. 


When Activated, this Skill consumes a large amount of Mana over Time (5%) to increase your Spell Damage. It deactivates automatically when you run out of Mana. This is a solid support skill that allows us to trade our Mana for DPS. If you can't manage to keep going with this active, you can switch it to Secret Origin Unleash or Aim

Support Skills:

  • Bloodbath - When activated, Mana Boil grants a +2% increased effect, stacking up to 10 times. 
  • Mania - -10% Duration but Status Effects gained from Mana Boil are increased by 25%. 
  • Mass Effect - +1 Maximum Energy Charges. When using Mana Boil, each charge point grants a +10% effect to the state inflicted by the skill. Mana Boil's cooldown recovers 20% slower. 


Immediately start Charging Energy Shield. Shield Charging Speed is increased in the Skill Duration. We rely on our Energy Shield for defenses, so this is a mandatory defensive pick. 

Support Skills:

  • Iron Fortification - +100 Armor while Forced Start is Active. +15% Elemental Damage taken Converted to Physical Damage while Forced Start is active. 
  • Cooldown Reduction - +15% Cooldown Recovery Skill. More uptime = better overall defense. 
  • Extended Duration - +15% Skill Duration. Good for maximizing uptime. 


Increases Mana Restoration for you and your nearby Allies. This is great for keeping the damage up when you have Mana Boil active. 

Support Skills:

  • Precise: Deep Pain - Additionally increases DoT dealt by you and your nearby allies. Increases DoT Duration and makes DoTs inflict Affliction on enemies per second. 
  • Precise: Energy Fortress - Imorpves the effectiveness of Energy Shield for you and your nearby allies. This is amazing as we heavily rely on our Energy Shields. 
  • Restrain - -3% Sealed Mana for Precise: Magical Source. 
  • Steadfast - Increased Armor for you and your nearby Allies. 


Under this Imbue, Attacks and Spells gain more Erosion Damage with a higher chance to Wilt Enemies. Hitting a Wilt enemy has a chance to create a spore at its feet. The Spore breaks after a short period of time and damages enemies within a certain range, reducing their Erosion Resistance. This is a perfect Aura for this build as it improves our Erosion Damage and Wilt effects. 

Support Skills:

  • Summon Thunder Spirit - Conjures a Lightning Spirit Magus that will fight for you. Magus deals Ranged Damage and has Quick Electrocute, Lucky Strike, and Lightning Punishment as its skills. This Minion is Unkillable and when its HP reaches 0, it enters Reconjuring state instead of dying. 
  • Precise: Seal Conversion - Replaces Sealed Mana from Precise: Corrosion Imbue with Sealed Life. +200% additional Mana Seal for Precise: Corrosion Imbue. 
  • Restrain - -3% Sealed Mana for Precise: Corrosion Imbue. 
  • Precise: Erosion Enhancement - Increases Erosion Damage Dealt by you and your nearby Allies. Increases damage dealt to Life and increases Erosion Resistance Penetration. 


Casts 1 linked Curse on Enemies hit by the Main Skill. Curses applied this way have greatly decreased effects and duration, but increased radius. This is a staple of Erosion Damage builds. 

Support Skills:

  • Abysmal Hatred - 16% Increased Curse Effect at the cost of 50% Reduced Skill Area. 
  • Entangled Pain - Enemies suffer increased Damage over Time in the target area for the Skill duration. 
  • Corruption - For the SKill Duration, enemies in the target area suffer from reduced Erosion Resistance and are more likely to suffer Wilt. 




With this build, you want to focus on some very specific stats. These include "Reaps X seconds of DoT on Hit", and "Adds x% of the Skill's Damage to Base Wilt Damage" which are available on Gloves and Sacrificial Blades respectively. Reaps X seconds of DoT on Hit is also found on some Legendary Items (see Legendary Recommendations for those). 

As for Defenses, you want to focus on Energy Shield as it's your primary mean of survival. Taking care of Resistances is also extremely important, as always. 

  1. "Reaps X seconds of DoT on Hit" 
  2. "Adds x% of the Skill's Damage to Base Wilt Damage" 
  3. % Gear Energy Shield 
  4. Ailment Damage 
  5. Reaping Duration 
  6. Elemental Resistances 
  7. Energy Shield Regain 
  • GLOVES - Reaps X seconds of DoT on Hit. 
  • SACRIFICIAL BLADE - Adds x% of the Skill's Damage to Base Wilt Damage. 
  • AMULET - Reaps 1 second of DoT when hitting Weakened enemies. 

Name: Infinity
Level Requirement: 50
Category: Belt

Random T1 belt affix
Random T1 belt affix
Random T1 belt affix
Random six colors buff affix
Random Level 2 Core Talent

Infinity with "Reaps X s of DoT on Hit", Erosion ResistanceAffliction Effect, and Subtle Impact is a perfect Belt for this build. 


Twilight Vestment

Name: Twilight Vestment
Level Requirement: 80
Category: INT Chest Armor

+(60-80)% gear energy shield
+1 persistent skill level
When Reaping, Energy Shield starts charging immediately
+(16-24)% Energy Shield Charge speed
+(25-30)% Reaping duration
+(8-12)% Elemental Resistance

Twilight Vestment is the optimal choice for this build as it offers the "When Reaping, Energy Shield starts charging immediately" effect which ensures that our Energy Shield is refilling constantly. It also makes our Shields much stronger all around and increases our persistent skill levels by 1. 


King's Boon

Name: King's Boon
Level Requirement: 48
Category: Int Boots

+(300-400)% gear energy shield
+(20-30)% cold resistance
Reaps 1 s of the DoT when dealing DoT. Interval: 6 s
-20% extra persistent damage taken
+20% movement speed
More With Less (+40% DoT, -20% Dot Duration)

We pick King's Boon because of the "Reaps 1 s of the DoT when dealing DoT" effect that has a considerable effect on our DPS. 40% extra DoT is also great and up to +400% Gear Energy Shield is a solid defensive mod. 


Manella's Mist

Name: Manella's Mist
Level Requirement: 47
Category: Necklace

+1 Erosion skill level
+(15-20) all stats
(11-15) - (17-21) bonus Erosion Damage added to Attacks and Spells
+(15-20)% Wilt Damage
+1% Wilt Duration per 150 stats
Has a 5% chance to weaken a Wilt enemy on hit

Corroded: Reaps 1s of DoT when hitting Weakened enemies. 

This amazing Legendary Necklace offers a very high boost to Wilt and Erosion damage, which is perfect for our build. Ideally, you want this to be corroded with "Reaps 1 s of DoT when hitting Weakened enemies".



Name: Memory
Level Requirement: 74
Category: Sacrificial Blade

+(80-100)% spell damage
+(40-60)% cast speed
Adds (120-150)% of the skill's damage to Base Wilt Damage
+50% Wilt chance
Wilt targets defeated by you explode on death, dealing (150-200)% of their Maximum Life as Secondary Erosion Damage to nearby enemies.
+(60-80)% Wilt duration against Legendary enemy units

This amazing Sacrificial Blade is a staple of any Wilt-based build and some come as far as using two at once. In our case, a single Memory is enough. It adds tons of Base Wilt Damage and makes Wilt Targets explode on death. 



This is the beta version of our Wilt Youga Build for Torchlight Infinite. It is one of the most powerful builds in the entire game but requires some expensive items. If you're looking for a highly capable build to spend your currency on, it's exactly what you need. As the game gets new content updates, we will be updating this guide regularly, though it may be impossible to be done after each Patch. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of XD Inc.