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Electrifying Shot Carino Build Torchlight Infinite

Electrifying Shot Carino Build Torchlight Infinite

Carino build which uses Electrifying Shot to inflict deadly Ignites

Electrifying Shot Ignite Carino Build

Last Updated: 09 December 2022

Build Overview

When you think of Ignite Carino build, you most likely imagine yourself using the Burning Shot, but what if we've told you that you imagine it wrong? What if we've told you that, in the current state of Torchlight Infinite, Electrifying Shot scales Ignite much better than the Burning Shot does? We're dead serious here and the following build will prove it to you - just try it and find out for yourself. 

The following Electrifying Shot Ignite Carino Build takes full advantage of the Ignite Mechanic by combining a range of powerful Legendary Items with very specific Stats to maximize DPS. It offers a 100% chance to afflict enemies with Bleeding and a 100% chance to Ignite them with 3 Stacks at once. Moreover, it can stack Ignite up to 4 times! When combined with enough bonuses to Ailment Damage and Affliction Effects, the above-mentioned traits result in cosmic levels of DPS. 

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 Deals tons of Damage 
 Fun to play 
 Makes you feel that you use game mechanics to your full advantage 
 Requires multiple specific Legendary Items to work 
 If you want to fully optimize, this build will get extremely expensive very quickly 




We choose Goddess of Darkness Tree because of the Plague Talent that it offers. With it, the build becomes much stronger against packs of enemies and thus its overall clear speed becomes even better. We also take Poisoned Relief for some extra defenses. 

Core Passives:

Bonuses to Persistent Damage are a great addition to the build and thus we focus on them, adding a total of +96%. Injury Buffer is another high-value stat we're getting from this Passive Tree (a total of 10%). To close things off, we're also picking a +90% Critical Strike Rating and some Critical Strike Damage. 

Main Talents:

Plague: 40% Chance for DoTs to Spread to Nearby Targets. +80% Persistent Damage Duration. This makes our DoTs spread like a disease and makes them last 80% longer, which is amazing. Thanks to this Talent, hitting a pack of mobs once is enough to apply DoTs to all enemies within that pack. 

Poisoned Relief: +30% Injury Buffer. This basically lowers all damage received by 30%, which is massive as we don't have a large Health Pool to soak up the incoming Damage with. 


Psychic Tree is great for increasing the build's DPS. This is because Affliction Talent synergizes extremely well with Ignite, which results in a very high damage multiplier. Another reason for taking Psychic is Reap Purification, which is a mandatory Talent for the build as it allows us to deal 80% of our DoT Damage INSTANTLY. 

Core Passives:

Ailment Duration and Damage are both very good to have on Ignite Carino, and thus we take +36% and +36% respectively (Ailment Duration is especially good as it turns into a Damage Multiplier when combined with Reap Purification). Affliction Inflicted Per Second is extremely strong when combined with Ignite, which makes it another solid pick (+9 total). Attack and Cast Speed as well as Curse Effect are also good. 

Main Talents:

Affliction: +10 Affliction Inflicted Per Second. +75% Affliction Effect. This is great for increasing our Ignite Damage as Ignite has a very high base Ailment Affliction (and thus increasing it, especially with percentage-based modifiers like this one, is a good idea). 

Reap Purification: Settle an Additional 80% of the Remaining Total Damage When Reaping. Reaping Removes all the DoTs From the Target. This removes 80% of the DoT's Damage from the Target instantly, which is insane. It also removes all the dots, which allows you to re-apply them and Reap again! This scales incredibly well with the chance to apply DoTs and is the reason why we want to have as close to a 100% chance as we can. 


Warlock Tree ends up being the main Skill Tree of this build (at least when it comes to the number of points we invest into it). The Vile Talent it offers gives us a very high Damage increase as, thanks to Reap, Ailment Duration basically equals to Damage Multiplier. In other words, Vile combined with Reap results in us dealing Double Damage essentially. 

Core Passives:

The Critical Strike Rating offered by the Warlock Tree is hard to pass up, especially if we take Vile into consideration (had thus we take a total of +90% of it). A flat Damage Bonus is always good, so we take +96% in total. +10% Ailment Duration equals more Damage as well. Chance to Cause Ailments is a mandatory Pick if you're not running Dirty Tricks. Picking up the Ailment Damage Ignores Resistances node is also a must. Another must-have pick is the node that gives us +1 to Maximum Energy Charges as it allows us to use Skills 1 additional time before they go on Cooldown. We close things off with Cooldown Recovery Speed, which is hard to pass up on any build. 

Main Talents:

Vile: Duration of Ailments Caused by Critical Strikes is Doubled. +1% Additional Ailment Damage per 3% of Critical Strike Damage. I The longer the Ailment Duration, the higher the instant Damage from Reap. because of this, Vile is a mandatory pick for the build. 

Off The Beaten Track: +3 to Support Skill Levels. Support Skill's Mana Multiplier is set to 105%. This is a great way of adding some more Damage to the build. Also, it works great with any Support Skill that has a base mana multiplier higher than 105%. If your Gear is on the low end, you should pick Dirty Tricks instead as guaranteeing yourself to inflict Ailments will make you much more consistent right from the start. 


  • AMMO EXPERT - This will give you a +1 Support Skill Slot, which is great. It also unlocks Carino's Special Ammo mechanic. 
  • HEART-PIERCING SHOT - Increases the chance to Reload Special Ammo by 25% and provides +40% additional Critical Strike Rating to your Projectile SKills when you fire Special Ammo. This pretty much covers our basic Crit Chance needs. 
  • PUNISHMENT BARRAGE - Unlocks another Slot for a Support Skill. The Support Skill placed in that slot will enhance your Projectile Skills. 
  • LANDSLIDE - With this, you are able to apply all three of your Support Skills at once by firing all the special ammo you have in your magazine. 
  • WELL PREPARED - +1 Special Ammo Slot, +3 Special Ammo Support Skill Levels, and +2 Projectiles when firing Special Ammo. The last part of this is especially good as it significantly improves the build's clear speed. 





Fire forward a Projectile that has a high chance to Shock enemies and always Pierces enemies. Electrifying Shot converts 50% of the Skill's physical Damage to Lightning Damage. This is our main offensive ability. We use it to apply and reap our DoT effects, which results in astronomic levels of Damage. 

Support Skills:

  • Slow Projectile - -30% Extra Projectile Speed, but +20% Extra projectile Damage and +20% Ailment Damage. This is a great trade, and we'd take it every time as Ailment Damage Multipliers are extremely powerful in this build. 
  • Attack Focus - +20% Chance to gain stacks of Focus on Electrifying Shot Hit. Each stack of Focus increases Electrifying Shot's Damage by 4%. Each Stack of Focus also provides a +41/5% additional Critical Strike Rating to Electrifying Shot. 
  • Enhanced Ailment - +17% Ailment Damage. This offers a solid DPS increase (Ailment Damage Multiplier = auto pick pretty much). 
  • Extra Ignite - 20% Chance to inflict Ignite on Target. Electrifying Shot applies +1 Stack of Ignite. +10% Additional Ignite Damage. 
  • Wind Projectiles - +30% projectile Speed. +16% projectile Damage. +16% Ailment Damage. We're interested in the latter part. 


Charge forward and gain a bonus that increases the Damage of your next Projectiles. This is a solid mobility Skill that not only allows us to move quickly but also increases our offensive capabilities. 

Support Skills:

  • Periodic Burst - Gain a stack of Buff when using Support Skills every +6 seconds. The Buff lasts for 2 Seconds. This increases the Attack and Cast Speeds of all our Skills. 
  • Quick Mobility - +20% to Fast Reload's Attack and Cast Speeds. +5% to Fast Reload's Cooldown Recovery Speed. 
  • Cooldown Reduction - +15% Cooldown Recovery Speed. The lower the Cooldown on this, the better. 


Restores Life and Mana in the Skill Duration. The restoration stops once your Life and Mana are full. This is a solid sustain/support skill that will replenish our resources, providing us with much-needed sustainability. It will also improve our defenses while it's on cooldown (thanks to Armor Infusion). 

Support Skills: 

  • Armor Infusion - While Compound Potion is recovering you gain -5% of additional damage of the corresponding stat and gain buff stacks each time when you receive damage, stacking indefinitely. 
  • Emergency Restoration - 20% Increased Restoration Effect and Restoration Time while on Low Life. +10% increased Restoration Time when not on Low Mana. 
  • Cooldown Reduction - +15% Cooldown Recovery Speed. We take this to maximize uptime. 


Reduces your Movement Speed but gives you 1 stack of buff at regular intervals. Additionally, Aim increases Ranged Skill Damage Dealt. Effects of Aim stack up to 5 times and are reset when you use a Mobility Skill. This allows us to deal increased damage when we remain stationary, which is great (but can also be a bit problematic during dynamic encounters). 

Support Skills:

  • Mania - -10% Duration but Status Effects gained from Aim are increased by 25%. 
  • Extended Duration - +15% Skill Duration. This works well with Soul Focus and increases Bull's Eye's uptime. 
  • Soul Focus - While Aim is active, Statuses granted by it gain Duration equal to 3% of their Base Duration. The Aim's cooldown is also increased by 0.5 seconds and its Cooldown Recovery Speed is reduced by 5%. 


Increases Attack and Movement Speed, and provides Enlarged Physique effect at the cost of taking Damage over Time for its Duration. Eliminating or Hitting an Elite enemy has a chance to refresh Bloodthirst's Duration. This Ability's main purpose is to give us as much Increased Attack Speed and Movement Speed as possible. 

Support Skills:

  • Mass Effect - +1 Maximum Energy Charges. When using Bloodbath, each charge point grants a +10% effect to the state inflicted by the skill. Bloodthirst's cooldown recovers 20% slower. 
  • Bloodbath - When activated, Bloodthirst grants a +2% increased effect, stacking up to 10 times. 
  • Extended Duration - +15% Skill Duration. We take this to maximize uptime. 


Casts 1 linked Curse on Enemies hit by the Main Skill. Curses applied this way have greatly decreased effects and duration, but increased radius. This passive, upgraded with Scorch, is a great way of improving our chance to Ignite enemies. 

Support Skills: 

  • Scorch - In the Skill Duration, Enemies in the target area suffer increased Fire Damage, and are more likely to suffer Ignite. 
  • Restrain - -3% Sealed Mana. 


Additionally increased DoT Dealt for self and allies within range. Extends more DoT duration. DoT inflicts Affliction on enemies per second. When combined with Charged Flames and Elemental Resistance, this Passive offers a solid mix of offensive and defensive modifiers. 

Support Skills:

  • Precise: Charged Flames - Additionally increases Fire Damage dealt by Attack Skills of you and your allies within range. Adds more Fire Damage to Spell Skills and increases Fire Resistance Penetration. 
  • Precise: Elemental Resistance - Increases Elemental Resistance for self and allies within range and increases Maximum Elemental Resistance. This is this build's main source of Elemental Resistance and the reason why we do not recommend stacking it through gear too much. 
  • Stand as One - +5% of the Aura Effect for the Supported Skill. 
  • Selfishness - Increases the Aura Effect of Supported Skills by 20%. Drop this if you have too much Sealed Mana. 
  • Restrain -  -3% Sealed Mana. 


Triggers and casts 1 linked Defensive Skill at shorter regular intervals. Extends the duration of the triggered Skill. The linked Defensive Skill's effect will no longer be reduced. This gives us some much-needed defense, which is important as the rest of the chosen Skills are purely offensive (with the exception of the Ele Resistance we're getting from Deep Pain). 

Support Skills:

  • Self Conversion - Replaces Sealed Mana from Cast on Critical Strike with Sealed Life. +200% additional Mana Seal for Precise: Auto Defense. 
  • Cooldown Reduction - +15% Cooldown Recovery Skill. More uptime = better overall defense. 
  • Brisk Wind - Increases Evasion for the skill's duration. Each successful Evasion grants 1 stack of buff that increases Movement Speed. The buff stacks up to 8 times. This effect shares Cooldown with a part of defensive skills. 




Firstly, you will need as close to a 100% Chance to cause Ailments as possible. This can be added to Amulets and your Infinity Belt, for example. +X% Affliction Effect is another important stat you should stack. It pairs very well with Ailment Damage, which is another core stat you should go for. Crit Chance is amazing for improving the effects of Vile Talent. Some extra Attack Speed will be very beneficial as well. As for Defenses, you should definitely cap Erosion Resistance and have a hefty amount of Maximum Life, %Maximum Life, and Physical Damage Mitigation. 

  1. +X% Chance to Cause Ailments
  2. +X% Affliction Effect 
  3. Ailment Damage 
  4. Crit Chance 
  5. Erosion Resistance
  6. Attack Speed 
  7. Life and Life % 
  8. Physical Damage Mitigation 
  9. Elemental Resistances 
  • ARMOR - As many Defensive Stats as you can fit. 
  • AMULET - Adds X Base Bleed Damage is a must-have mod in Amulets as it's the best place to get it. You don't need this to be high tier, you just need to have it present, otherwise, the build won't work properly. 
    • +X Active Skill Levels and +X% to cause Ailments are another two mandatory mods for the Amulet Slot. 

Name: Infinity
Level Requirement: 50
Category: Belt

Random T1 belt affix
Random T1 belt affix
Random T1 belt affix
Random six colors buff affix
Random Level 2 Core Talent

Infinity with Corrupted Open Wounds Mod is the first of the Legendary Items that are mandatory for this build. This is very important because of the Reap Purification Talent we're running. For this to work as intended, however, we need a 100% chance to Ignite and a 100% chance to Bleed enemies (and we stack both of these with both Talents and Gear). 


King Lionheart's Ambition

Name: King Lionheart's Ambition
Level Requirement: 78
Category: Musket

(57-63) - (69-75) added gear physical damage
+(140-160)% gear physical damage
50% Physical damage converted to fire damage
+(30-40)% gear attack speed
Adds (30-40)% of Physical Damage of the main-hand weapon to Base Ignite Damage per stack of Agility Blessing
+(10-20)% chance to gain (1-3) stacks of Agility Blessing when hitting an Ignited enemy
+(40-50)% Fire Damage against Ignited enemies per stack of Agility Blessing owned

King Lionheart's Ambition Is a perfect Weapon for this build because of its unique effect that Adds up to 40% of our main hand weapon's Physical Damage to our Base Ignite Damage per stack of Agility Blessing. It also increases our Fire Damage against Ignited Enemies per stack of Agility Blessing. As a result, this mighty Musket skyrockets our DPS and is a must-have if you want to make this build as it should be. 


Feline Steps

Name: Feline Steps
Level Requirement: 70
Category: Dexterity Boots

+(160-200)% gear evasion
+30% movement speed
Gains 1 stacks of Agility Blessing when Reaping
+8% Reaping Cooldown Recovery Speed per stack of Agility Blessing owned
+1 maximum Agility Blessing stacks

Feline Steps will allow us to stack Agility Blessings for our King Lionheart's Ambition very reliably which makes them another must-have item for this build. If you don't have these, you will have to run another Agility Blessing generator. 


Sun's Embrace

Name: Sun's Embrace
Level Requirement: 60
Category: Strength Helmet

+(60-80) maximum life
+(60-80)% fire damage
+1 Ignition Duration
Inflicts 1 additional stacks of Ignite.
+(30-40)% cold resistance

Sun's Embrace, despite the wording ("+1 Ignition Duration"), actually increases the maximum stacks of Ignite we inflict on enemies when you hit them. It also makes us apply 2 stacks of Ignite instead of 1. And this is without these mods being Corrupted! When Corrupted, it makes us apply 3 Ignite Stacks at once and allows us to have up to 4 Ignite Stacks active on enemies. As a result, it basically quadruples our Ignite Damage. 


Touch of the Dark Surge

Name: Touch of the Dark Surge
Level Requirement: 50
Category: Int Gloves

Random bless affix (roll for +2 Maximum Agility Blessing Stacks)
Random critical strike affix
Random damage affix
Random speed affix
+(8-12)% Maximum Life, Maximum Mana, and Maximum Energy Shield
+(8-12)% Elemental Resistance

Touch of the Dark Surge offers a "Random bless affix". We take advantage of this and add an Affix that increases our maximum number of Agility Blessing Stacks to them. This is another major DPS increase for the build. As for the rest of the affixes, Main Skill Damage and Crit Rating are solid. 



This is the beta version of our Electrifying Shot Ignite Carino Build for Torchlight Infinite. It is one of the strongest builds in the entire game and the most powerful Divineshot build that we know of. It was designed very carefully and requires some specific items/stats to work, but if you tick all the boxes it will reward you with insane damage numbers. As the game gets new content updates, we will be updating this guide regularly, though it may be impossible to be done after each Patch. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of XD Inc.