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Best 3.7 Builds and Starter Builds for the Legion League

Best 3.7 Builds and Starter Builds for the Legion League

Check out our recommended builds for the Legion League

The Best Builds for the Legion League and Patch 3.7
including Top 5 Starter builds

Patch 3.7 brings major rebalancing to melee playstyle. Majority of Melee Skills gets significantly buffed, new Melee Support Gems are introduced, typical Melee classes including Berserker, Gladiator, Slayer, Champion, and Chieftain are back to glory. This causes the majority of builds that appear on our list to be based on those classes. Below we are presenting what we expect to be the 5 Best(or most interesting) Builds to play in the upcoming Legion League. We are adding links to all the builds that are based on the builds we have made previously, which will be updated sometime around the launch - rest assured, we won't add any links here that would lead to completely outdated stuff that could lead you excessive rerolling later on. 

PLEASE NOTE: This list is based on the Patch notes that were introduced today (June 5) and our predictions. We will verify it over the course of the next few weeks, and all builds will be thoroughly polished when new Items and Legion Jewels get fully revealed.


#1 Berserker
Cyclone Berserker - Berserker is presumably going to roll the highest DPS numbers out of all the classes in the game. When you cap Rage, it alone grants 150% increased Attack Damage, 75% increased Attack Speed and a 12% chance of dealing double damage. Needless to say, Berserkers are monstrous, and with the upgrades to Cyclone as well, this is going to be one of the most powerful and enjoyable builds to play in Patch 3.7
#2 Slayer
Ngamahu's Flame Cyclone Slayer - Slayer is the second most buffed class in 3.7. This build is based on the Ngamahu's Flame Unique Axe which has a chance to fire magma Projectiles on Melee hit. With increased Cyclone's radius and Attack Speed, it will be triggered at a much higher rate than previously. Not to mention, Cyclone is now a Channelled Attack, and we will be adding Cast on Critical Strike+Cremation in that setup for more DPS
#3 Gladiator
Bladestorm/Blood and Sand Gladiator - a very interesting build idea based on the newly introduced Bladestorm AoE Attack Skill and Blood and Sand stances which alter the effect of your primary attacks. This build appears to perfectly deal with the Legion mechanic by providing high AoE in the Sand Stance, and good mobility
#4 Elementalist
Winter Orb Elementalist - Winter Orb is getting nerfed in 3.7 as you no longer will be able to mindlessly run around Maps obliterating everything on your way. The frequency at which the icy projectiles are shot is greatly reduced, but they have now higher base damage. Winter Orb still remains Tier 1 spell, and we expect the skills DPS to be exactly where it used to be, but you will have to remain stationary for much longer now, and actually channell the skill against Bosses
#5 Pathfinder
Viper Strike/Herald of Agony Pathfinder - insanely powerful Poison build based on the updated Viper Strike skill which deals horrific amounts of Poison Damage. You also get the Agony Crawler for extra clear speed making it one of the best go-to builds during the Legion League

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Below you will find our recommended Starter builds for the upcoming League. We have decided to introduce new interesting builds in this section. Most of the Starter builds that we have listed in previous Leagues are still solid and fully viable, but we expect that seeing something new will be much more interesting for you.


The Best Starter builds for the Legion League and Patch 3.7


#1 Champion
Impaling Cyclone Champion - with the upgrades to Champion Ascendancy, Impale mechanics, and the new Impale Support Gem, we expect this to be one of the best Melee builds in Patch 3.7. Cyclone is currently the most popular (and most likely, the best) Attack Gem in Path of Exile. This build does ABSURD amounts of damage to all enemies around you, has solid defenses, no specific item requirements, making it one of the best Starter builds for Legion and Patch 3.7
#2 Chieftain
Incinerate Chieftain - Chieftain class is one of the toughest classes in the game, which provides high Life Pool, Life Leech, and Endurance Charge generation. Chieftain also provides very high bonuses to Fire Damage deal both with Melee Attacks and Spells, making it very flexible and a perfect choice for a League Starter build
#3 Gladiator
Budget-Slicer Lacerate Gladiator - cheap Melee build based on the Bringer of Rain Unique Helmet and Gladiator class which provides very solid defenses regardless of your equipment via high Block Chance. Depending on how Lacerate works with the new Blood and Sand Stances, this build actually may have a very solid end-game potential
#4 Deadeye
Elemental/Windripper Tornado Shot Deadeye - not much has changed in Patch 3.7 for the widely popular Tornado Shot Deadeye builds except for the new Precision Aura and how 100% Chance to Hit can be reached right now. This makes non-Lioneye's Glare builds much more convenient to play, and our build utilizes Elemental Bows which allows you to use The Stormcloud/The Tempest during leveling and switching to Windripper on higher levels. It makes this build all-content viable and offers a very smooth transition to end-game
#5 Berserker
Ancestral Warchief Berserker - Berserker is going to be awfully powerful in Patch 3.7. Ancestral Warchief Totem was always a very solid League Starter skill, and now with its increased damage and buffs to the Berserker class, this build not only offers smooth leveling but also easy (and cheap) transition to the end-game phase

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We will appreciate suggestions and feedback that could help us improve our list and/or the builds themselves. If you would like to share your thoughts about our work, let us know in the comments below. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Grinding Gear Games

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