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PoE Jeweller's Orb

Dropping a solid piece of armor or a weapon with an inadequate amount of sockets, or undesirable socket links is a common occurrence. Luckily, if an item is worth enough to warrant it, there is a way of re-rolling the number of sockets it has. This is done by using the PoE Jeweller's Orb on it. The re-roll result is random, but never the same as the previous, and the maximum possible socket number is limited by type and level of equipment the orb has been used on.  Jeweller's Orb can be used to change the number of Sockets on your gear making it one of the most casually used PoE Orbs by players on all levels. Jeweller's Orbs are quite easy to obtain, as selling Items with six Sockets in any combination to a vendor, will give you 7 Jeweller's Orbs. You can also buy Jeweller's Orbs on Odealo. It supports trading with real money on all the platforms available including PC, Xbox One, and PS4. 

Likelihood of rolling a given number of sockets

The exact chances of obtaining any given number of sockets are unknown, but we know what can affect the outcome; Item level of the item a Jeweller's Orb is used on limits the maximum number of sockets (level 1 - 2 maximum sockets, level 2-24 - 3 maximum sockets, level 25-34 - 4 maximum sockets, level 34-49 - 5 maximum sockets, level 50 - 6 maximum sockets). Gear Quality can also affect the outcome - every 1% of quality improves the roll result by 1%. Moreover, roll results will always be different from the original number of sockets and the PoE Jeweller's Orb will not work on a piece of gear that already has a maximum number of sockets. As for the chances, all we know are those concerning armaments: 1 socket - ~32.7% chance, 2 sockets - ~29.40% chance, 3 sockets - ~26.14% chance, 4 sockets - ~9.8% chance, 5 sockets - ~1.6% chance, 6 sockets -~0.3% chance (chances for other types of gear are, most likely, comparable). 

If gambling isn't your thing, you can also invest a set number of Jeweller's Orbs at once to guarantee a wanted result: 2 sockets - 1 Jeweller's Orb, 3 sockets - 3 Jeweller's Orbs, 4 sockets - 10 Jeweller's Orbs, 5 sockets - 70 Jeweller's Orbs, and 6 sockets - 350 PoE Jeweller's Orbs. This is done by using the Crafting Bench to craft sockets. Besides the guaranteed result for an increased price, this method also allows you to bypass gear's socket limitations i.e. level 1 piece of gear can be given up to 6 sockets. 

Obtaining Jeweller's Orbs

  • Jeweler's Orbs can be purchased from vendors for a price of 2 orbs of Alteration. 
  • 7 of them are given to a player for vendoring a piece of gear with 6 sockets. 
  • PoE Jeweller's Orbs can drop randomly from monsters, chests, and strongboxes (drop level 8, with ~5.5% chance). 
  • A single Jeweller's Orb can be obtained from  1 Orb of Fusing and 1 Chromatic Orb (Downgrade Recipe for Jeweller's Orb). 
  • 5 Emperor's Lucks can be exchanged for 5 random Orbs, Jeweller's Orb as a quite common currency often pops up from this exchange. 
  • You can also buy them from other players or from Odealo. 

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