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World of Warcraft DPS Tier List - The Best classes for PvE/Raiding

World of Warcraft DPS Tier List - The Best classes for PvE/Raiding

Find out what classes have the highest DPS for PvE and Raiding in BfA Patch 8.2

WoW Battle for Azeroth DPS Spec Tier list


We present you a Single Target DPS Ranking of all damage-dealing specs available in World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth. The list is based on simulations and may vary from what you see in in-game Raid encounters and Dungeons. To simulate optimal Single Target DPS for each specialization, we have chosen the best talent builds, as well as the best available equipment, and the optimal Raid compositions. To add a bit more credibility to the results, we have decided to include some Raid mechanics, that lower overall damage output to our calculations (so, again, this list will vary from the maximum DPS list). Please remember that this list resembles raw numbers, and is based on calculations only, so it doesn't show which class is the best for current Raid content, but visualizes how high raw damage output of certain classes is.

We have decided to show the DPS in the form of percentages, where the highest DPS serves as a reference and equals to 100% (in our case it is the Enhancement Shaman which tops the charts with over 30 000 Damage per Minute), this way the differences between each spec are better visible and can be compared more easily.

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The DPS Spec Tier List

1. Enhancement Shaman (100% ; -0,00%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Lava Lash 36,4%, Stormstrike(MH+OH) 26,5%, Auto Attack(MH+OH) 13,6%
Description - Enhancement Shamans focus on dealing with single targets. They have very high sustained damage output but lack survivability tools. They also provide some nice utility to the Raid, but nothing really exceptional or unique.
Odealo's Pocket Guide - Enhancement Shaman PvE DPS

2. Survival Hunter (97,92% ; -2,08%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Mongoose Bite 52,2%, Auto Attack 22,8%, Serpent Sting 14,1%
Description - Unlike the other two Hunter Specs, Survival is a melee fighter. It has a lot of crowd control abilities descent mobility, and very high burst AoE damage, as well as a top tier single target DPS.
Odealo's Pocket Guide - Survival Hunter PvE DPS build

3. Elemental Shaman (97,16% ; -2,84%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Lightning Bolt 33,1%, Earth Shock 19,7%, Lightning Bolt(Overload) 13%
Description - Elemental Shamans are very versatile spellcasters, that can adapt to every raid scenario through their abilities and talent optimization. They also have one of the highest burst damage potentials in Battle for Azeroth. Elemental Spec is much more viable now, in patch 8.2.0 than it was on BfA release.
Odealo's Pocket Guide - Elemental Shaman PvE DPS build

4. Balance Druid (94,01% ; -5,99%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Starsurge 31,7%, Lunar Strike 15,2%, Streaking Stars 12,2%
Description - Balance Druids are very mobile spellcasters, with good single target sustained DPS, and great AoE potential. However, their burst damage is a bit lackluster, and rotation is quite challenging.
Odealo's Pocket Guide - Balance Druid PvE DPS

5. Feral Druid (92,41% ; -7,59%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Ferocious Bite 24,5%, Maim 20,1%, Auto Attack 13,3%
Description - Feral Druids are savage melee fighters, that apply powerful bleed effects to their targets. Their single target DPS is great, and they can keep up with other classes when it comes to AoE if they apply bleeds to multiple enemies.
Odealo's Pocket Guide - Feral Druid DPS build for PvE/Raids

6. Demonology Warlock (92,35% ; -7,65%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Demonbolt 24,4%, Shadow Bolt 21,2%, Bilescourge Bombers 20%
Description - Demonology Warlocks are universal ranged damage dealers. They can overcome a variety of situations thanks to their versatile Talent Tree. Lack of good single target burst damage is the biggest Demo Lock limiting factor.

7. Marksmanship Hunter (90,95% ; -9,05%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Aimed Shot 41,8%, Arcane Shot 20,3%, Rapid Fire 13,4%
Description - MM is the least mobile of Hunter Specs but it doesn't have to rely on Pet AI when it comes to doing damage. Marksmanship Hunters possess great Burst Damage potential, especially when it comes to AoE, and their rotation is very simple.
Odealo's Pocket Guide - Marksmanship Hunter PvE DPS Guide

8. Arcane Mage (90,25% ; -9,75%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Arcane Blast 74,3%, Arcane Missiles 13,7%, Arcane Barrage 5,3%
Description - Arcane Mages are very mobile spellcasters. They deal massive AoE and Cleave damage, and their burst damage is on a high-end as well. Arcanes are often chosen for doing encounter-specific tasks, because of their exceptional mobility toolkit.
Odealo's Pocket Guide - Arcane Mage PvE DPS build

9. Windwalker Monk (89,56% ; -10,44%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Fists of Fury 28,5%, Rising Sun Kick 14,5%, Blackout Kick 11%
Description - Windwalker Monks are melee fighters that bring a lot of utility to the Group. They provide good AoE and priority Target damage. Moreover, they are one of the best specializations when it comes to Dungeons.
Odealo's Pocket Guide - Windwalker Monk DPS build

10. Subtlety Rogue (89,32% ; -10,68%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Eviscerate 38,9%, Shadowstrike 19,9%, Auto Attack(MH+OH) 15,5%
Description - Subtlety Rogues are potent single-target damage dealers with some AoE potential. Their talent tree provides a lot of versatility, Sub Rogues can adapt to a lot of scenarios. They are also very tough, thanks to their strong defensive abilities.

11. Frost Mage (89,02% ; -10,98%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Glacial Spike 36,8%, Ice Lance 16,2%, Frostbolt 12,3%
Description -  Frost Mages excel at crowd control and bursting down high priority targets. They are also very good at raid-specifics tasks, due to their exceptional mobility. When it comes to DPS, they fall a bit behind, but they're still a viable addition to Mythic+ Groups, thanks to kiting/snare abilities that they provide.
Odealo's Pocket Guide - Frost Mage PvE DPS build

12. Affliction Warlock (88,73% ; -11,27%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Shadow Bolt 21,5%, Corruption 15,7%, Siphon Life 14%
Description - Affliction Warlock rely on Damage over Time spells for Single as well as Multi-Target damage output. This allows them to deal high amounts of damage to enemies that are spread out, and can't be nuked by conventional AoE spells. They also provide great utility to the Raid. Thanks to these factors, Affliction Warlocks are a great addition for Mythic+ Groups.
Odealo's Pocket Guide - Affiliation Warlock PvE Build

13. Fire Mage (88,09% ; -11,91%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Pyroblast 48,8%, Ignite 19,7%, Fire Blast 11%
Description - Fire Mages are spellcasters with good burst damage potential, high sustained damage levels, and respectable cleave. Thanks to their high mobility, they remain effective even in the most mobile encounters. 
Odealo's Pocket Guide - Fire Mage PvE DPS build

14. Destruction Warlock (88,01% ; -11,99%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Chaos Bolt 39,6%, Incinerate 22,3%, Immolate 12,9%
Description -  Destruction Warlocks are versatile ranged damage dealers, excel at dealing cleave damage to grouped enemies. Destro Locks also provide high single target burst damage and great Raid utility. Despite a bit mediocre overall damage output Destruction Lock still remains a solid performer when it comes to Mythic+ Progression.
Odealo's Pocket Guide - Destruction Warlock PvE DPS build

15. Havoc Demon Hunter (87,28% ; -12,72%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Chaos Strike 24,5%, Auto Attack(MH+OH) 17,6%, Blade Dance 10,8%
Description - Havoc Demon Hunters are versatile melee damage dealers with very high single-target burst damage potential. Their cooldowns provide Havoc DH's with great flexibility when it comes to moving around. They are largely cooldown-dependant, however.
Odealo's Pocket Guide - Havoc Demon Hunter PvE DPS

16. Shadow Priest (87,00% ; -13,00%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Mind Flay 26,8%, Void Bolt 20,4%, Mind Blast 14,1%
Description - Shadow Priests are Damage over Time-oriented spellcasters. They excel in multi-target damage, but their single-target DPS is a bit lackluster. They are quite tough, thanks to self-heal abilities. Shadow is known for being a very punishing spec for inexperienced players.
Odealo's Pocket Guide - Shadow Priest PvE build

17. Assassination Rogue (85,01% ; -14,99%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Envenom 13,8%, Auto Attack(MH+OH) 19,2%, Deadly Poison(Total) 16,2%
Description - Assassination Rogues focus on dealing sustained single-target damage. They have limited capabilities when it comes to burst and AoE, but posses great staying power, thanks to their defensive cooldowns.
Odealo's Pocket Guide - Assassination Rogue PvE DPS

18. Outlaw Rogue (85,01% ; -14,99%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Pistol Shot 20,5%, Sinister Strike 16,5%, Dispatch 13,8%
Description - Outlaw Rogues provide the highest AoE and cleave damage of all Rogue Specialisations, and are very versatile damage dealers overall. Their single target damage is lackluster, however.

19. Fury Warrior (84,94% ; -15,06%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Auto Attack(MH+OH) 27,5%, Bloodthirst 21,3%, Reckless Flurry 19,9%
Description - Furry Warriors deal high AoE damage without sacrificing any of their single-target DPS. They also have good AoE and single-target burst damage, thanks to strong cooldowns. Furry Warriors provide a rare Raid-wide defensive cooldown and have potent self-healing abilities.
Odealo's Pocket Guide - Fury Warrior PvE DPS build

20. Retribution Paladin (83,49% ; -16,51%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Templar's Verdict 39,1%, Auto Attack 12,6%, Blade of Justice 10,4%
Description - Retribution Paladins provide good single-target and AoE damage to the group, but their mobility is a bit lackluster and DPS is cooldown-reliant. They are very resilient, thanks to the variety of self-buffs and strong defensive cooldowns, but do not provide any Raid-wide Class buffs.
Odealo's Crafty Guide - Retribution Paladin PvE build

21. Unholy Death Knight (83,26% ; -16,74%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Auto Attack 25,9%, Death Coil 12,8%, Virulent Plague 11%
Description -  Unholy Death Knights provide a quite strong burst AoE damage, but their single target DPS is below average. They bring some good utility to the table but severe lack of movement speed holds them back a lot.

22. Beast Mastery Hunter (81,29% ; -18,71%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Auto Shot 35,3%, Cobra Shot 25,2%, A Murderer of Crows 19,6%
Description - BM Hunters are the most mobile of all ranged DPS specs in BfA, and they have the ability to execute their whole rotation while on the move. This makes them great for dealing with certain Raid and Dungeon mechanics. Their overall damage output is mediocre, which is the price for that almost godlike mobility.
Odealo's Pocket Guide - BM Hunter PvE build

23. Frost Death Knight (80,29% ; -19,71%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Obliterate (MH+OH) 19,23%, Auto Attack(OH+MH) 18,7%, Breath of Sindragosa 18,4%
Description - Frost DK is one of the easiest Melee specs to learn, and it provides some respectable Single-target and AoE DPS. Its performance is very similar to the Unholy Specialisation.
Odealo's Crafty Guide - Frost DK DPS build

24. Arms Warrior (78,57% ; -21,43%)
Top DPS contributing Abilities - Deep Wounds 17,1%, Auto Attack 15,1%, Slam 14,9%
Description - Arms Warriors rely on their powerful cooldowns when it comes to dealing damage. They are good at taking down multiple enemies, but their rotation is slow, and some global cooldowns are typically wasted.

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This is an early version of our guide, and we plan to upgrade upon it, so please leave your suggestions in the comment section below. Please remember that this tier list is based on raw DPS simulation, and the real performance of each spec may vary greatly in different encounters and situations. Things like the utility, Raid buffs, survivability, and mobility have not been taken into account, which means that Specs higher on this list are better at doing damage, but they are not necessarily better overall than the ones below them.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment Inc.