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The Best Havoc Demon Hunter PvE DPS build

The Best Havoc Demon Hunter PvE DPS build

The best Demon Hunter DPS build for raiding in Bfa and Patch 8.2

Havoc Demon Hunter PvE DPS Build
Odealo's Pocket Guide
Updated for Patch 8.2.0

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Spec Overview

Havoc Demon Hunters are aggressive melee Damage Dealers that use Burning Legion's Demonic Fel Powers against their owners. They are very dynamic and mobile fighters who have possessed the ability to transform into the Demons themselves. Their versatile toolkit makes them strong contenders in both Raids and the Mythic+ progression.

 Pros  Cons
 Very strong Single-Target Cooldowns  The Fury resource system is a bit RNG-dependant
 High Single-Target Burst Damage  AoE Damage is Cooldown-dependant
 Very good combat mobility   Mediocre Damage output outside of Cooldown uptimes
 Versatile utility Toolkit   Some of the Talents lack flexibility
 Switching Targets has no downside  

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Statistics Priority

  1. Agility - This is the primary stat for Havoc Demon Hunter. It increases your total Attack Power and through that Damage Done by your Auto Attacks and Abilities.
  1. Versatility -  Very valuable statistic for Havoc DH's, it increases all Damage Done and reduces all Damage Taken.
  1. Critical Strike - Makes your abilities sometimes land a Critical Hit for double Damage.
  1. Haste - Reduces your Global Cooldown, increases Auto Attack speed and decreases the base Cooldown of some Havoc's spells.
  1. Mastery - Havoc Death Knight's Mastery: Demonic Presence increases your movement speed and shadow damage dealt by your spells and abilities. Mastery scales very badly and is undesirable because of that.


The Best Talent Choices

Level 99: 
Recommended choice - Blind Fury
Blind Fury - Makes your Eye Beam generate 40 Fury every second and increases its duration by 50%. This Talent provides a significant Damage and Fury boost to one of your Hardest-Hitting AoE Abilities increasing both Single-Target and AoE DPS by a large margin.
Demonic Appetite makes your Chaos Strike sometimes spawn a Lesser Soul Fragment, consuming any Soul Fragment will give you 30 Fury. Due to the RNG element and absence of a direct boost to your Damage, this Talent is the worst option for this Tier. Felblade is an active ability that lets you charge at a Target, generating 40 Fury, and dealing moderate amounts of Fire Damage; it has 15yd Range and 15s Cooldown, that will get reset by Demon Blades and Demon's Bite 20% of the time. This is a very competitive option, as it grants extra mobility and a large boost to your Fury generation which helps with the rotation.

Level 100: 
Recommended choice - Immolation Aura
Immolation Aura - an active Ability that surrounds you with Fel Flames that damage all Targets in the 8yd Radius for 10 seconds, it has 30s Cooldown and generates 80 Fury during its uptime. This provides you with a considerable AoE and Single-Target damage boost combined with solid on-demand Fury generator.
Demon Blades replaces Demon's Bite ability and gives your Auto Attacks a 60% chance to deal additional Shadow Damage and generate Fury. This Talent replaces an active Fury generator with the passive one, smoothing out your rotation and giving you a boost to Single-Target DPS. It is less flexible than Immolation Aura and you lose control over resource generation, however. Insatiable Hunger increases Fury generated by your Demon's Bite by 10. This is the easy option, but it lacks Damage Boost provided by two other choices.

Level 102: 
Recommended choice - Trail of Ruin
Trail of Ruin - The final Hit of your Blade Dance inflicts additional Chaos Damage over 4 seconds to all Targets struck. This is a consistent, versatile and the simplest choice, as it does not alter your rotation, and has an added benefit of good synergy with the First Blood Talent.
Fel Mastery increases Damage Done by your Fel Rush ability by a 100%. This gets simply outclassed by two other choices in this row. Fel Barrage is a channeled ability that deals High amounts of Damage over 3 seconds to all Enemies within 8yd Radius around you; it has 3-minute Cooldown and channeling blocks your other abilities. This provides you with a strong Burst AoE Cooldown that is extremely desirable in Mythic+ Dungeons and multi-target heavy Raid encounters.

Level 104: 
Recommended choice - Netherwalk
Netherwalk - is an active ability that increases your movement speed by 100% for 5 seconds, you are invulnerable and unable to attack during that time; it has 2-minute Cooldown. This is a great defensive Cooldown that lets you flat out ignore some of the Raid mechanics, and it also gives you a bit of extra mobility.
Soul Rending gives you 10 additional Leech and increases it by further 10% during Metamorphosis. This provides you with a steady health gain that makes you generally harder to kill, and also synergizes well with the Demonic Talent. It is a good option for more static engagements without many lethal mechanics, where immunity cooldown will not generate much value. Desperate Instincts boosts damage reduction of your Blur ability by 15% and makes it trigger automatically when your Health falls below 35%; this will not occur if your Blur is on Cooldown. This gets mixed reviews. On one hand, automatic trigger is nice and can save your life, on the other, it can trigger unnecessarily and ultimately lead to your demise.

Level 106: 
Recommended choice - First Blood
First Blood - Reduces the cost of your Blade Dance by 20 Fury, and increases its Damage dealt to the primary Target by 200%. This turns Blade Dance into your staple Ability that is useful in all possible situations. This also combines well with the Trail of Ruin Talent.
The Cycle of Hatred causes your Chaos Strike to reduce the remaining Cooldown of your Metamorphosis ability by 3s when it refounds Fury. This Talent may help you bring Metamorphosis back up for frequent Burst Damage phases but is weaker than the First Blood otherwise. Dark Slash deals moderate damage to your Target and increases the damage it takes from Chaos Strike by 40% for 8 seconds; it has 20s Cooldown. This complicates your rotation without providing a competitive DPS boost, and any AoE damage.

Level 108: 
Recommended choice - Unleashed Power
Unleashed Power - Makes your Chaos Nova cost 0 Fury and reduces its Cooldown by 33%. This provides you with a more frequent AoE stun that does not consume resources. Having an additional CC is almost always beneficial, especially in a Mythic+.
Master of the Glaive grants an additional charge to your Throw Glaive ability and makes it slow all Targets hit by 50% for 6 seconds. This will help you reduce Downtime when relocating from target to target, and provides you with an additional Slow, but is quite weak overall. Fel Eruption provides you with a 4-second single-target Stun ability that also deals moderate damage; it has 30s Cooldown, and costs 10 Fury. It is good for locking a Priority Target in place during Burst downs, but less flexible than the Unleashed Power when it comes to overall Crown Control potential.

Level 110: 
Recommended choice - Demonic
Demonic -  Makes you enter the Metamorphosis state after you finish casting the Eye Beam. This gives you strong Burst windows every 30 seconds and synergizes extremely well with the Blind Fury Talent. It also provides you with a lot of additional AoE potential.
Momentum provides you with 15% Damage boost for 6 seconds after casting the Fel Rush, and your Vengeful Retreat now regenerates 80 Fury over 10 seconds if it Damages at least one Target; it also has 5s less Cooldown. This is a great choice for AoE scenarios, as damage boost provided affects all enemies, but its usage is quite complicated and requires a lot of additional resource management. Nemesis increases your Damage dealt to a Target by 20% for 60 seconds if a Target is killed during its uptime your Damage done to all Targets of the same type (Beast, Demon, Humanoid, etc.) is increased by 20% for the remainder of the original 60 seconds; it has 2-minute Cooldown. This provides you with a strong Single-Target Burst Damage Cooldown, that has some limited uses during AoE engagements. Outside of strictly Single-target scenarios, this Talent is the weakest of the three.


The Basic Rotation

Havoc's Rotation revolves around generating and spending Fury. Demon's Bite (or Demon Blades if Talented) is your main generator, and Chaos Strike is your main spender.

Use the following sequence as a  Single-Target Fight Opener:

  1. Immolation Aura to generate Fury before the pull
  1. Pre-pot
  1. Metamorphosis on pull
  1. Death Sweep
  1. Annihilation
After Opening Sequence, use the following Single-Target Priority list:
  1. Metamorphosis on cooldown (if not active)
  1. Immolation Aura
  1. Blade Dance / Death Sweep if Metamorphosis active
  1. Eye Beam on Cooldown
  1. Chaos Strike / Annihilation if Metamorphosis active
  1. Demon's Bite for Fury generation
When in AoE situation, prioritize Eye Beam, and try to hit as many Targets as possible.


Tips and Tricks for Improving your Gameplay

  1. Optimize your Fury Management. Remember that Chaos Strike will 40% of the time refound 20 Fury, and track those refunds to avoid generating excess Fury. You should also Pool Fury when Eye Beam is about to come back up in order to use it on Cooldown in a Single-Target engagement.
  1. Optimize your Rotation and stick to your Targets to avoid Downtimes; always be using Abilities, because Empty Global Cooldowns = Damage Loss!
  1. Hold your Eye Beam if an AoE phase is about to start.
  1. Always analyze your mistakes, and try to improve, because expertise comes with practice.

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This is an early version of our guide, we plan to upgrade upon it, and add further sections. So please leave your suggestions in the comments section below. We would also like to state that this is meant as a pocket guide and therefore we will not go into too much detail.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment Inc.