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The Best Beast Mastery Hunter PvE DPS build

The Best Beast Mastery Hunter PvE DPS build

Check out one of the most versatile PvE DPS builds in the game

Beast Mastery Hunter PvE DPS Build
Odealo's Pocket Guide
Updated for Patch 8.2.0

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Spec Overview

Beast Mastery Hunter is the single most mobile ranged DPS spec in Battle for Azeroth, and that fact cannot be overlooked. Thanks to this BM Hunters are irreplaceable when it comes to overcoming certain dynamic Raid encounters. This mobility comes at a cost, however, and this cost is Damage per Minute. In more straight forward "boring" fights BM Hunters will not top DPS charts, they will be close to the bottom in fact; that is the price of the incredible mobility. 

 Pros  Cons
Unmatchable mobility Reliant on pet "AI"
Somewhat easy to play Somewhat low DPS
Very consistent thanks to short cooldowns Can get a bit boring
Brings some good utility to the Raid  
Strong immunity cooldown  
Flexible Single and AoE damage dealer  

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Statistics Priority

  1. Agility -  Increases damage done by your abilities and your total Attack Power. This is your Primary Stat
  1. Haste - Lowers your global cooldowns, increases the speed of your attacks, and boosts Focus regeneration, it also provides a nice additional damage boost to your Damage Over Time spells. 
  1. *Critical Strike - Gives your attacks and spells a chance to do increased damage
  1. *Mastery - Gives you a passive bonus based on your spec. Mastery: Master of the Beasts boosts damage done by your pet
  1. *Versatility - Boosts your damage done and lowers your damage received
*Stat Weight Differences between Critical Strike, Mastery and Versatility are not that high (less than 0.15)


The Best Talent Choices

Level 15: 
Recommended choice - Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct -  Increases damage your Kill Command does to targets below 35% health by 50%. This provides the highest boost to your single target DPS.
Animal Companion allows you to summon an additional pet that will use Kill Command, but it reduces the damage your pet does by 40% and therefore provides a much lower boost to your DPS. Dire Beast is an active ability that sends a Beast to attack your target while increasing your Haste by 5% for 8s (25 Focus cost, 20s cooldown); this could be used as an alternative, but passive damage boost from Killer Instinct is much more preferable in general.

Level 30: 
Recommended choice - Chimaera Shot
Chimaera Shot - A Ranged Attack that hits a maximum of Two Targets for high amounts of Nature (first target) and Frost (second target) Damage, 10 Focus is regenerated for each hit; it has a 15s cooldown. This provides you with the highest damage boost and should be chosen as default.
Beast Mastery doesn't really need a Focus regeneration boost, thus Scent of Blood which increases Focus gain from
Barbed Shot by 8 is generally not worth it. One With the Pack is an interesting passive option that increases your
Wild Calls chance of resetting CD on your Barbed Shot, but it provides less DPS than Chimaera Shot.

Level 45: 
Recommended choice - Natural Mending
Natural Mending - Reduces cooldown of your Exhilaration ability by 1s for each 30 Focus you spend; This gives an average CD reduction of over 30s. Choosing this will greatly boost your survivability in Dungeons and Raids.
TrailBlazer increases your movement speed by 30% if you have NOT attacked for 3s; its uses are rather limited because as a DPS spec you want to be attacking whenever possible. Camouflage is a slow healing spell (2% max health every second), with a nice bonus in a form of 60s stealth, but instant heals are generally more preferable and will save your life more reliably.

Level 60: 
Recommended choice - A Murderer of Crows
A Murderer of Crows - A strong Damage over Time ability which deals high amounts of physical damage over 15s, it has a 1-minute cooldown that is reset if a Target dies during uptime of the ability. This should be chosen as default as it provides the highest single target damage boost, and increases multi-target damage slightly.
Venomous Bite makes your Cobra Shot reduce the CD of your Bestial Wrath by 1 second; this gives a total of ~8s reduction which is not worth a whole Talent point. Thrill of the Hunt increases your Crit Rating by 3% for 8s after a
Barbed Shot is used; it stacks up to 3 times. Thrill of the Hunts damage boost is rather underwhelming, and therefore it should not be selected.

Level 75: 
Recommended choice - Posthaste
Posthaste - Your Disengage ability now also frees you from all Movement Impairing Effects and increases your Movement speed by 50% for 4s. Ale Talents in this row are very situational, but we recommend Posthaste as it will boost your Raid survivability the most.
Born to be Wild provides a Cooldown reduction to your Aspects (Turtle, Cheetah, and Eagle for Survival) and Binding Shot is a snare ability. Both of those could be considered in certain situations, but are overall less effective than Posthaste.

Level 90: 
Recommended choice - Stomp
Stomp - Makes your pet do AoE damage whenever you use Barbed Shot. This talent gives you the biggest single target damage boost while also giving you a nice AoE and should be chosen because of that.
Barrage could be very useful in an AoE heavy fights as it provides you with good multitarget damage, it is rather underwhelming in a single-target focused encounters, however. Stampede deals high amounts of AoE damage, but it has a long 3m cooldown which greatly limits its uses (you will lose a lot of DPS when saving it for certain phases, and if you use it every 3m it will probably be on cooldown when needed).

Level 100: 
Recommended choice - Aspect of the Beast
Aspect of the Beast - Increases damage done by your pet's abilities by 30%, and boosts the effectiveness of your pet's passive abilities by 50%. This gives you damage boost comparable to Killer Cobra,  but is preferred over it because of its passive nature, higher AoE damage potential and some nice utility benefits.
Killer Cobra enables your Cobra Shot to reset your Kill Command while Bestial Wrath is active, this is a nice single target damage boost and should be considered for Single-target encounters. Spitting Cobra summons a snake that will attack your target from range, this also regenerates 2 Focus/second while active, it has 20s uptime and a 1,5m cooldown; this option is generally inferior to two others because of its low damage output and lack of utility.
Pet Choice

Long story short: you should use a Spirit beast for all Raid encounters as it provides you with a heal, offensive dispel ability, a defensive cooldown in a form of Survival of the Fittest and a nice boost to your health (because Spirit beasts are Tenacity pets).

Please check a dedicated Hunter Pet guide for much more detailed information.


The Basic Rotation

To play a Beast Mastery Hunter optimally you have to focus on casting Kill Command on cooldown and dumping your Focus with the use of Cobra Shot while also trying not to waste its Kill Command cooldown reduction. Following the priority list presented below will let you do optimal single target DPS.

1. Use Barbed Shot when Frenzy is about to expire
2. Use Kill Command when available
3. Use Chimaera Shot when available
4. Use A Murderer of Crows when available
5. Use Bestial Wrath when available, sync it with
​​​​​​Aspect of the Wild if there is <20s CD difference
6. Use Aspect of the Wild when available, sync it with
Bestial Wrath  if there is <20s CD difference
7. Use Cobra Shot to dump excess Focus if Kill Command is on >2,5s cooldown remaining
*When fighting multiple enemies you should give Chimaera Shot a higher priority than Kill Command.


Tips and Tricks for Improving your Gameplay

1. Do not waste cooldown reduction of your abilities
2. ALLWAYS cast Kill Command on cooldown as it is your most efficient damaging ability
3. Mind your pet, and use pet specific macros that will improve your control over it
4. Try to stack up on Focus before casting Bestial Wrath

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This is an early version of our guide, we plan to upgrade upon it, and add further sections. So please leave your suggestions in the comment section below. We would also like to state that this is meant as a pocket guide and therefore we will not go into too much detail (please visit more specialized sites for a much more in-depth build/stat/gear/rotation analyses).

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.