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The Best Fury Warrior PvE DPS build

The Best Fury Warrior PvE DPS build

Top tier DPS specialization for Warrior class in WoW: Battle for Azeroth and Patch 8.2

Fury Warrior PvE DPS Build
Odealo's Pocket Guide
Updated for Patch 8.2.0

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Spec Overview

Fury Warriors are the Berserkers of the World of Warcraft. They throw themselves into the heart of the battle with Reckless Abandon, their weapons swinging and blood dripping. The more they fight, the more Enraged they get, and the more Lethal damage they deal. Furry Warrior is very flexible and mobile melee Damage Dealer with a great Area of Effect Burst Damage potential, and potent self-healing abilities.

 Pros  Cons
 Great AoE Damage Dealer with high Burst Potential  Playstyle largely depends on Enrage procs
 Good at swapping Targets  Ramp-up Time can get annoying
 Very mobile and versatile  Changing Talents does not alter the Gameplay too much
 Dealing AoE damage doesn't lower Single Target DPS  
 Easy-to-learn Priority Rotation  

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Statistics Priority

  1. Critical Strike -  Makes your Auto Attacks and Abilities sometimes deal increased (Critical) Damage. Critical Strike synergizes very well with the Cold Steel, Hot Blood (Critical Strikes inflicted by the Bloodthirst generate Additional Rage and deal extra Damage over 6 seconds) Azerite Trait.
  1. Mastery - Fury Warrior's Mastery: Unshackled Fury increases all Damage Done during the Enrage.
  1. Haste - Reduces the Cooldown of your abilities and increases your Auto Attack speed. Haste also lowers the Global Cooldown which lets you use your abilities more often and increases the damage-dealing rate of the Rampage and the  Bladestorm. Haste greatly increases the pace of Fury Warrior's rotation, largely contributing to Rage generation, DPS and the Enrage uptime.
  1. Versatility -  Provides you with a Damage Received reduction and Damage Dealt increase.
  1. Strength -  Provides you with Attack Power that increases the damage of your Auto Attacks and Abilities.


The Best Talent Choices

Level 15: 
Recommended choice - Endless Rage
Endless Rage - Each time the Enrage is triggered, you gain 6 Rage. This Talent provides you with frequent Rage generation, especially when combined with Carnage.
War Machine increases your movement speed by 30% for 8 seconds each time an enemy killed and provides you with 10% increased Rage generation from Auto Attacks. This talent generates the most value when your Targets die frequently, and that happens mostly during Leveling and clearing Trash in Dungeons, making this Talent ill-suited for Raiding. It is worth noting that getting a Killing Blow is not required to trigger War Machine proc. Fresh Meat buffs your Bloodthirst to now trigger Enrage 45% of the time and Heal 20% more Health. This Talent competes with the War Machine for the leveling Talent of choice but is not even close to the Endless Rage when it comes to Sustained Resource Generation.

Level 30: 
Recommended choice - Double Time
Double Time - Decreases cooldown of Charge by 3 seconds, and gives it a second use(charge). This Talent helps you deal with Raid Mechanics by giving you extra Mobility, with the added benefit of generating some more Rage.
Impending Victory is an ability that replaces the Victory Rush. It costs 10 Rage, Deals Moderate Damage, and Heals you for 20% of your Maximum Health; killing an enemy that gives you Experience or Honor will reset its Cooldown. Fury generally doesn't need extra heal provided by Impending Victory and has more important Rage-costing abilities to use during Encounters. Storm Bolt is a mid-range (20yd) 4-second Stun Ability with a 30 seconds Cooldown. This, being the only Stun available to Fury Warriors, is very popular for PvP content. It is also iconic (it was one of the Mountain King's/Muradin Bronzebeard's Abilities in the Warcraft III).

Level 45: 
Recommended choice - Sudden Death
Sudden Death - Your attacks now have a chance to reset the Cooldown of Execute ability, and make it usable against any Target. This provides the highest Single-Target Damage boost, and gives you additional AoE Burst Damage potential, as it allows you to combine Execute with Whirlwind without any Target Health restrictions.
Inner Rage improves Raging Blow by increasing its Damage by 20% and reducing its Cooldown by 1s. This has a benefit of being a Passive Ability but gives you the lowest Damage Boost, and the least flexibility on this Talent tier. Furious Slash is an Active Ability that deals Moderate Damage, generates 4 Rage, and increases your Haste by 2% for 15 seconds, stacking up to 3 times. This is very Competetive in Single-Target encounters but virtually useless during AoE engagements, as it competes with Whirlwind in the rotation.

Level 60: 
Recommended choice - Warpaint
Warpaint -  Decreases all Damage Taken by 10% when the Enrage is active. This nicely complements Fury Warrior's self-healing capabilities and generally has a high uptime.
Furious Charge makes your Charge ability also increase Healing from your next Bloodthirst by 250% (from 5% to 17.5% of your max Health). This finds its uses in Leveling and other Solo Content alongside the Victory Rush, as it lets you sustain yourself for longer when you chain-kill Targets. Bounding Stride reduces the Cooldown of your Heroic Leap Ability by 15 seconds and increases your movement speed by 70% for 3 seconds after using it. This is a good choice for encounters where extra mobility comes in handy, and increased damage resistance is not required.

Level 75: 
Recommended choice - Carnage
Carnage - Increases Damage Done by your Rampage ability by 15% and reduces its cost by 10 Rage. This provides you with the highest Single Target damage boost and lets you trigger your Enrage more often increasing its uptime.
Massacre rises your Execute's Target Health restriction from 20% to 35% of its total Health. This generates Value mostly during extended Execute Phases and doesn't save you any Rage, providing a lot less flexibility than Carnage as a result. The Frothing Berserker causes your Rampage to also increase your Damage Done by 10% and Haste by 5% for 6 seconds but increases its cost by 10 Rage. This provides you with an additional Burst Damage cooldown, that works best combined with abilities like Bladestorm and Siegebreaker, at the expense of Consistent Damage output.

Level 90: 
Recommended choice - Dragon Roar
Dragon Roar - Is an active ability that deals High amounts of Damage to all Targets within the 12yd radius, and slows them by 50% for 6 seconds; it has 35s Cooldown. This gives you a High AoE and Single-Target Damage Cooldown which also complements your Rage generation and offers some soft Crowd Control.
Meat Cleaver improves your Whirlwind by causing it to generate 1 additional Rage per Target hit, for a maximum amount of 11 bonus Rage, and giving it a 10% chance of Enraging you. Bladestorm is a powerful AoE ability that deals high amounts of Damage to all Targets within 8yd range over 4 seconds; it has a 1min Cooldown. During its uptime, you are immune to Crowd Control, can use Defensive abilities, and are able to Auto Attack and Dodge incoming Hits. This is weaker than Dragon Roar as a Single Target ability but gives you more Burst AoE Damage.

Level 100: 
Recommended choice - Siegebreaker
Siegebreaker -  is an offensive Cooldown that deals moderate single-target Physical Damage, and increases all your Damage done to affected Target by 15% for 10 seconds; it has 30s Cooldown. This gives you frequent Burst Damage windows and can be combined with the Whirlwind for an AoE debuff that will increase AoE Damage Done by your Dragon Roar or the Bladestorm significantly.
Reckless Abandon makes your Recklessness grant you 100 Rage and increases its duration by 4 seconds. This is the best Burst Damage option, but it lacks a Sustained Damage potential, as it is locked with 1.5 min Cooldown of the Recklessness. Anger Management causes every 20 Rage spent to reduce the remaining Cooldown of your Recklessness by 1 second. This allows you to use  Recklessness more than once a minute and gives you a nice edge during long Execute phases. It also gets better as your Item Level increases.


The Basic Rotation

Fury Warrior uses a Priority list instead of a standard Rotation, and The Priority depends on your active Cooldowns and Enrage procs. The main goal of Furry's Priority list is to maximize the Enrage uptime.

Please use the following Priority List for sustained Single-Target Damage output:

  1. Rampage if not Enraged or when at >90 Rage 
  1. Recklessness on Cooldown (if saving it for incoming Burst Phase is not needed)
  1. Siegebreaker when Recklessness is active or when it has >30s Cooldown remaining
  1. Execute with Enrage active
  1. Bloodthirst if not Enraged
  1. Raging Blow at 2 Charges with Enrage active
  1. Bloodthirst on Cooldown
  1. Dragon Roar with Enrage active
  1. Raging Blow
  1. Whirlwind to avoid Downtime
Please use the following Sequence while in the Multi-Target Engagement:
  1. Whirlwind for its passive
  1. Recklessness on Cooldown
  1. Siegebreaker with Whirlwind passive activated
  1. Rampage if not Enraged
  1. Dragon Roar on Cooldown
  1. Whirlwind for its passive
  1. Resume your Standard Single-Target Rotation, but prioritize Whirlwind for its passive effect in order to deal Cleave Damage


Tips and Tricks for Improving your Gameplay

  1. Never overcap your Rage! You must learn how much Rage each of your Abilities provides with or without Recklessness active and use that knowledge to minimize your Rage waste.
  1. Always be using your Abilities! Never waste a global cooldown, use your filler abilities if everything else is unavailable.
  1. Always try to maximize your Enrage uptime. This might require you to delay using Rampage from time to time (but not to the point of wasting Rage!).
  1. Always analyze your mistakes and try to improve upon them!

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This is an early version of our guide, we plan to upgrade upon it, and add further sections. So please leave your suggestions in the comments section below. We would also like to state that this is meant as a pocket guide and therefore we will not go into too much detail (please visit more specialized sites for a much more in-depth build/stat/gear/rotation analyses).

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