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Where to Buy, Sell and Trade Rocket League Items

Where to Buy, Sell and Trade Rocket League Items

A detailed comparison of all Rocket League trading platforms. Include a list of Pros and Cons of each, with a brief comment

Where to Buy, Sell and Trade Rocket League Items

Trading is one of the most interesting aspects of Rocket League. Players conduct tens of thousands of trades every day. While most of this transactions are done with the sole purpose of getting cool-looking items and showing them off to friends, there are a lot of people making good money on RL trades. There is also the flip side of the coin. There are a lot of players that lose a lot of money (both in terms of real-life money and in-game items) because of trading with deceitful traders or just making trades while being unaware of their items' true value. We would like to present all the popular places where players can trade their Rocket League Items. We will also present a list of Pros and Cons for each of them so that you know how to "behave" there, as, in the end, your ultimate goal should be to securely get what you want(and for a good price).

Odealo is a player-driven market for Rocket Leauge Items. Trading here is done exclusively between players with the use of real money.

Odealo is a fairly new player-to-player marketplace that managed to fix (to some extent) nearly all the downsides of all the other places where Rocket League trading is taking place. While obviously not being perfect, it has a lot to offer for both casual gamers and big-time sellers. This includes the highest level of security, the lowest per transaction fee, and the most innovative and the most intuitive offer and transaction management tools
  • high level of security - provides 100% fraudproof transaction system. The seller will not get paid until the buyer confirms the delivery of purchased items. While on the other hand, the seller is guaranteed to get paid, as Odealo secures the payment before delivery takes place. provides full chargeback protection
  • the lowest "per transaction" fee (out of all player-to-player markets) allowing users to make a profit from buying cheap items and reselling them for more
  • free account registration and offer posting
  • innovative and intuitive offer and transaction management tools
  • offer promotion tools that allow new users to promote their offers and get sales 
  • no third party is involved in any of the trades both players trade with one another, and simply use the tools available to process payment, confirm delivery, and get paid
  • payments available instantly after order confirmation. Paypal disbursements are sent in under 24hours
  • good quality of service - with most sellers being experienced players and having a good idea of what they are doing
  • mediocre traffic - considering the website is still new and is climbing up the ranks at the moment
  • fees - even though they are very low, and what the website offers is completely worth it, you have to pay them. Some traders simply prefer to keep all the money for themselves, or will simply include the fee in the item's price, which makes it more expensive
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Facebook groups
I guess we don't really have to introduce Facebook. Trades on Facebook are done across numerous groups, which have tens of thousands of active members. Even though Facebook is extremely popular, there are several significant downsides of trading there
  • very big player base - if you are looking for a Rocket League trading group you shouldn't have a problem finding one suitable for yourself. There are plenty of groups with several thousand members available (most likely just a part of them remain active though) 
  • good prices 
  • no costs and nearly 0 fees - you do not have to pay anything for owning a facebook account, joining groups or posting there. There are officially no fees either (except for those you pay to your middleman)
  • high risk of fraud - most trades require a middleman to be even considered doing. Even then, there are a lot of reports of fake middlemen, middlemen scamming (after all they don't exactly get paid for their "job", and sometimes getting off with a few hundred bucks worth of RL items is what they prefer to do) There is no chargeback protection either
  • it is nearly impossible to verify user's trading history and reputation
  • no tools that would help you "browse" through available items offered for sale. Users that are not familiar with Facebook might be unable to find what they are looking for.
  • middlemen will expect a fee, or you might be unable to find one after several "free-of-charge" trades
  • overbidding versus official group's middlemen, moderators or admins might carry consequences. You can be denied mm service, get thrown out of the group or (in rare and worst case scenarios) get scammed when using their services
  • requires to involve a third-party middleman to get it done securely
Reddit logotype
Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the internet, and is a home to one of the most populous Rocket League players community, with nearly 60,000 active Redditors on the RL's Trading subreddit
  • very big player base - RL trading subreddit is the most populous RL trading community. Facebook might have more total members in Rocket League's groups but they are spread across plenty of groups and none of them get close to the Reddit's 60k
  • good prices
  • no costs and nearly 0 fees - similar to Facebook, Reddit is completely free to use
  • history of trades - most active traders on Reddit will keep the history of trades and received feedback (both in form of text comment and their Reddit karma)
  • middlemen are trustworthy
  • risk of fraud - using middleman basically carries no risk, and there is a specific form of verifying users you trade with (most of them keep the history of trades and can present feedback received from other users), but still, you can't expect 100% of trades to go smooth
  • hardest to use - browsing through available items offered for sale, and posting for sale offers, giving/receiving feedback requires a little bit of Reddit experience
  • no graphic form of "advertisement" and no way to promote your post
  • usually requires involving a third-party middleman to get it done securely
Other Logotypes
There are a lot of shops and marketplaces that allow trading in Rocket League which can be divided into two main groups: Player-to-Player Marketplaces and Shops. Websites in the first group basically allow selling items personally on the website, while the other type usually might sometimes buy items from you and resell it with profit
Player-to-Player Marketplaces
  • good selection of items with usually intuitive tools to browse all the offers
  • high level of security - most of those websites offer the buyer guaranteed delivery, and chargeback protection for sellers, maintaining a high level of security
  • a wide range of prices - you can find items in all price ranges, because of a number of sellers offering the same goods
  • free account registration and offer posting
  • good quality of service - with most sellers being experienced players and have a good idea of what they are doing
  • proper offer posting tools that help you advertise your items, and manage your sales
  • great way to get good value for your items as long as you have good reputation and feedback 
  • no third party is involved in any of the trades
  • hard to get sales if you are a new user with no feedback, and no means to promote your offers except for underpricing it significantly
  • high per transaction fee that renders flipping and frequent trading (buying and reselling) impossible
  • fees - just for being there, but every website offering high-security level will naturally charge fees 
Regular shops
  • good selection of items 
  • easy to browse the available stock - it's the shop employees that post offers in a standardized manner (unlike the previously mentioned P2P marketplaces, where users do it on their own) 
  • good delivery times - as long as the item is actually in stock
  • the fastest way to get instantly paid for your items as long as you can afford to lose about 50% of your items value(and as long as the shop actually will be interested in buying your items)
  • no third party is involved in any of the trades
  • high prices - shops, in general, have the highest prices out there
  • low quality of service with most shops outsourcing customer service to people that have no clue about the game itself and just copy/paste fixed phrases while trying to solve common issues with orders 
  • shops do not allow users to sell their items on their website. And even if they offer to buy items for further reselling, you will be loosing at least 50% of your items value 

Buying Rocket League Items with real money is a hassle-free way to get all the stuff you need in no time. 

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