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New Zephyr Crate Rewards list - Newest Rocket League Items

New Zephyr Crate Rewards list - Newest Rocket League Items

Check out the full list of the newly added Zephyr crate rewards! Animated gifs included

New Zephyr Crate Reward List

Zephyr Crate is here! As part of the "Zephyr Update" there was a bunch of new exciting items introduced including a completely new Battle-car - Cyclone! Alongside it, we can obtain new amazing Exotic Wheels, Decals and more. Below you will find a complete list of all the items rewarded in the Zephyr Crate with animated gifs included. Enjoy

Zephyr Crate contents:

  1. 4x Rare Decals
  2. 1x Very Rare Decal
  3. 1x Very Rare Player Banner
  4. 1x Very Rare Trail
  5. 1x Very Rare Wheel
  6. 1x Import Rocket Boost
  7. 1x Import Wheels
  8. 1x Import Body (Cyclone)
  9. 2x Exotic Wheels
  10. 2x Black Market Goal Explosion (including the new Singularity)
  11. 2x Black Market Decals (Fire God and the new Mainframe)

As any other crate, Zephyr Crate can be opened with Rocket League Keys. Keys can be purchased directly from within the game, in the garage, or traded from other players. Unlike Decryptors, items from Crates you open with keys are tradeable with other players. Don't miss the chance to drop some expensive gear. The real-money value of 1 Rocket League Key is around 1 US Dollar or 1 Odealo Credit. (Please note that keys cannot be traded on Xbox platform)

 1 USD = Odealo Credits1.00

Odealo is a secure trading platform for gamers. Here you can buy Rocket League items with real cash.

Zephyr Crate
Icon Name Rarity Vehicle

Cyclone - brand new Import Body

Breakout - Astaroth
Breakout - Astaroth
Octane - Chantico
Octane - Chantico
Mechaceph - Octane ZSR
Mechaceph - Octane ZSR
Jager 619 RS - Starlighter
Jager 619 RS - Starlighter
Dominus - Dot Matrix
Dominus - Dot Matrix
Mrs. Avocado
Mrs Avocado
Virtual Wave
Virtual Wave
Fire God - Black Market Decal
Fire God
Mainframe - Black Market Decal
Thread-X2 - Very Rare Wheels
Thread X2 - Very Rare Wheels
Libertine - Import Wheels
Dynamo - Exotic Wheels
Crater - Exotic Wheels
Binary - Trail
Singularity Goal Explosion
Toon - Black Market Goal Explosion
Toon - Goal Explosion

Odealo supports and secures player-to-player trading for Rocket League Items. 

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