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Most expensive Rocket League Crate Items

Most expensive Rocket League Crate Items

Find out what are the most valuable items you can find in different Rocket League crates

Most expensive Rocket League Crate Items

Last update: January 14, 2018*
*Included Velocity and Secret Santa Crates contents

We would like to present a list of most valuable items you can currentnly find in Rocket League crates. Even though the prices for each item (and price per key aswell) might differ on each platform, the contents of the list should remain the same. Keep in mind that Rocket League's Xbox players are unable to trade keys at all. Using alternative means of trading, including the Odealo marketplace (hint hint) is advised.

Keep in mind, prices may vary depending on platform, and usually Xbox prices are around 25% higher than other platforms

Odealo.com hosts its' own Player-to-Player Rocket League Marketplace. We provide the most secure and enjoyable environment where our users can Buy, Sell and Trade their Rocket League items. This includes exotic wheels, crates, keys, black market decals and pretty much any other tradeable item.

All the prices are in Rocket League Keys which are worth approximately 1 US dollar.

 1 USD = 1x1 Odealo Credit

Titanium White Zombas Titanium White Zomba - are the most valuable crate wheels in Rocket League. Their current price is around 200 keys. Zombas are exotic wheels, and their price starts at 2 keys (unpainted version) while the average painted Zombas price is about 22-24 keys. CC4 (Champion's Crate 4) Zombas are slightly more valuable, and their price can reach around 220 keys for a pair without any certification. 
Black Zombas Black Zomba are also an extremely popular pair of exotic wheels. Their price is around 35-40 keys
  Can be found in: 
Player's Choice Crate Player's Choice Crate Champion Crate 4Champion's Crate 4
Titanium White Equalizer Titanium White Equalizer - look like a good (and cheaper) alternative to TW Zomba wheels. They can be found in the newest Velocity Crate, and their price currently is at around 40 keys
  Can be found in: 
Velocity Crate Velocity Crate
Titanim White Wonderment Titanium White Wonderment - another pair that has somewhat similar looks to Zomba wheels. They become extremely popular after the introducation of Secret Santa Crates. Their current price is around 45 keys
Crimson Wonderment Crimson Wonderment - this wheels painted in red are also extremely popular. High demand set their price at around 25 keys
  Can be found in: 
Secret Santa's Crate Secret Santa Crate
Titanium White Draco Wheels Titanium White Draco - Draco wheels are another example of extremely rare and valuable wheels. Their price in Titanium White paint goes up to around 90 keys. The average price for painted Dracos is around 20 keys, with Crimson version being extremely popular (and valuable) aswell
Crimson Draco - this wheels are extremely popular aswell. Red color does indeed suit this dragon/fire-themed wheels. 
  Can be found in: 
Nitro CrateNitro Crate Player's Choice Crate Player's Choice Crate
Crimson Voltaic Crimson Voltaic - Voltaic Exotic Wheels are one of the very few items, that have their colored variant other than Titanium White, that is the most expensive one. Crimson Voltaic cost around 25 keys at the moment.
Titanium White Voltaic Titanium White Voltaic - the version in Titanium White paitings are worth around 20-22 keys. Possibly because the Grey version looks exactly the same as TW in game.
  Can be found in: 
Champion Crate 2Champion Crate 2 Player's Choice CratePlayer's Choice Crate
Titanium White Loopers Titanium White Loppers - the price for this wheels is around 30 keys at the moment. 
  Can be found in: 
Champion Crate 1Champion Crate 1
Titanium White Discotheque Titanium White Discotheque are the last pair of exotic wheels on our list. Their price in TW paiting is currently around 20 keys
  Can be found in: 
Champion Crate 3Champion Crate 3
Titanium White Endo - is the most expensive Import Body (and Body in general) that can be found in any crate. It costs around 15 keys, and is second only to Titanium White Octane. Octante however is not obtainable from crates, but only by trading in very rare boosts.
Striker certified Endo is the most expensive car/body in Rocket League. And it can reach around 150 keys
20XX Decal 20XX is one of the most expensive decals obtainable from RL crates. Currently its' price is at around 25 keys
  Can be found in: 
Turbo CrateTurbo Crate
Heatwave Heatwave - is one of the most cool-looking decal in Rocket League. Hence its' price is oscillating at around 22 keys
  Can be found in: 
Champion Crate 1Champion Crates 1/2/3 Player's Choice CratePlayer's Choice Crate
Bubbly Decal Bubbly - another great looking and popular decal. It's currently valued at around 25-35 keys depending on platform
  Can be found in: 
Nitro CrateNitro Crate
Hexed Decal Hexed - another valuable and rare decal. It's worth 10 keys at the moment. Personally it's not exactly attractive, but for some reason it remains popular anyway
  Can be found in: 
Turbo CrateTurbo Crate
Dueling Dragons Dueling Dragons is the most expensive Goal Explosion item in Rocket League. It is rather new so the price might settle down a bit, but it still appears to be the most barnstorming effect in RL. Currently you can get Dueling Dragons for around 32 keys
Explosion preview:
Duelind Dragons Explosion
Poly Pop Poly Pop is the second Goal Explosion effect that can be found in the Velocity Crate. This item is also extremely interesting, it's still low supply, and high demands sets its' price at around 18 keys.
Explosion preview:
Poly Pop Explosion
  The above Goal Explosion effects can be found in: 
Overdrive Crate Velocity Crate

Hellfire is one of the most valuale Goal Explosions in Rocket League. It also loos super cool, which makes this item currently valued at 15 keys
Explosion preview:
Hellfire explosion RL

Electroshock Electroshock is just another fancy goal explosion. Costs around 12 keys
Explosion preview:
Electroshock explosion RL
Sub-Zero explosion Sub-Zero explosion is equally valuable (and most likely on the same popularity level) as Electroshock. The freezing goal scoring effect is worth 12 keys
Explosion preview:
Sub-Zero Explosion RL
Fireworks explosion Fireworks explosion is the last effect on our list. Like all the other explosions they can be found in Overdrive crate. Fireworks price at the moment is about 8 keys
Explosion preview:
Fireworks Explosion RL
  The above Goal Explosion effects can be found in: 
Overdrive Crate Overdrive Crate

Some Rocket League items found in crates can be extremely valuable. Finding certified items like Zomba/Draco wheels in Titanium White paint is like winning a lottery. They are worth roughly several hundred keys (depending on the type of certification) or an equivalent in USD on Odealo.com's Rocket League marketplace.

If you would like to see all the rewards that can be found in Rocket League crates you can visit our other article on the subject here: https://odealo.com/articles/rocket-league-crate-rewards-list.

We are looking forward for your feedback. If you belive we have missed some of the rare and valuable items, or if anything from the list is no longer fit for it please let us know in the comments. You might also want to join the discussion on our Facebook fanpage.

Pictures used in this article are intelectual property of Psyonix.

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