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Impact Crate Rewards - New Rocket League Items

Impact Crate Rewards - New Rocket League Items

Find out what are the rewards in the newly introduced Impact Crate. The new Impact Crate is now available

The Impact Crate Reward List

Below you will find a list of all the newly introduced Rocket League Items that can be found in the Impact Crate, which is a part of the Salty Shores update. Once again, we receive a lot of interesting items, including new Battle-car, Black Market Decals, and amazing wheels. Over time we will include all the new items' prices on our price index. 

Impact Crate contains:

  1. 4x Rare Decals
  2. 2x Very Rare Wheels
  3. 2x Very Rare Player Banner
  4. 1x Very Rare Trail
  5. 2x Import Rocket Boost
  6. 1x Import Body (Twinzer)
  7. 2x Exotic Wheels
  8. 2x Black Market Goal Explosion (including the new Juiced)
  9. 2x new Black Market Decals (Fire God and Streamline)

As any other crate, Impact Crates can be opened with Keys. Rocket League Keys can be purchased directly from within the game, in the garage, or traded from other players. The real-money value of 1 key is around 1 US Dollar or 1 Odealo Credit. (Please note that keys cannot be traded on Xbox platform)

 1 USD = Odealo Credits1.00

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Triumph Crate
Icon Name Rarity Vehicle

Twinzer - brand new Import Body
Samurai Import Body

Dominus GT - Staredown
Dominus GT - Staredown
Centio V17 - Splashback
Centio V17 - Splashback
Imperator DT5 - WindsweptImperator DT5 - Windswept
Road Hog - Sundae
Road Hog - Sundae
Cirrus - Rocket Boost
Cirrus - Rocket Boost
Enchanter  - Rocket Boost
Enchanter  - Rocket Boost
Fire God - Black Market Decal
Fire God
Streamline - Black Market Decal
Streamline - Black Market Decal
Masato  - Very Rare Wheels
Masato Wheels
Kyrios Import Wheels
Reaper Wheels
Santa Fe Exotic Wheels
Santa Fe Wheels
Centro Exotic Wheels
Centro Wheels
Atomizer - Black Market Goal Explosion
Atomizer - Goal Explosion
Juiced - Black Market Goal Explosion
Juiced - Goal Explosion

Buying Rocket League Items with real money is a hassle-free way to get all the stuff you need in no time. 

If you believe some of the information is inaccurate please let us know in the comments below. We are always open to feedback and suggestions.

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