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Wolcen Weapons

Since the dawn of Roleplaying Games, the weapon was always the most important part of player character's equipment. It was a player's status symbol (especially in MMORPGs) and the main source of his character's damage. However, even the most powerful Legendary Weapons were just tools and it was the player character's class that determined the gameplay. This system has dominated the RPG genre for years; if you have chosen to become a warrior, you were a warrior and couldn't be anyone else unless you leveled up another character. In recent years, online RPGs have started to evolve and give players more freedom of choice in this regard. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is a great example of such an evolved game. There are no character classes there and Wolcen Weapons is what determines a player character's set of skills and abilities. Thanks to this, players can freely swap between builds and create completely new ones, even if they involve a weird mix of melee combat and ranged support magic (options are almost countless), on a single character; It is possible to dual-wield Wolcen Weapons which allows the creation of very interesting hybrid builds. This innovative approach to classes (or rather the complete lack of them) is definitely one of the main reasons for Wolcen's commercial success. 

Weapon Types in Wolcen

Different weapon types give you access to different skills and abilities. This is why they are even more important in Wolcen than they are in other Hack & Slash games; Not only the weapon's stats have to match your desired build, the weapon must be of a specific type as well (or else you will not have access to the correct active skills and your build will not work as intended). This means that every build is based on a specific type(s)  of Wolcen Weapons and not the other way around. Currently, there are twelve weapon types in the game, with eleven of them being divided into three main categories - Melee Weapons, Mage Weapons, and Archer/Assassin Weapons, and one type that does not match any of the three categories - Shields (but there are some interesting exceptions that result from specific unique suffixes). Below, we present you a list of Wolcen Weapon Types, together with examples of The Best Wolcen Weapons for each of them:

Note:  Affixes may vary from weapon to weapon, even if they share a name; examples given below are just, well... examples. 

Axes - These devastating chopping weapons can be wielded in one hand which opens interesting hybrid build possibilities. Wolcen Axes give access to melee skills. Some of the best currently available weapons of this type include: 

  • Fallen Ivory Axe (legendary) that can deal up to a whopping 5 damage types, gives high crit bonuses and provides very high elemental status aliment chance score. 
  • The Apex (legendary) with life leech, high bonus to Ferocity, a very handy resource generation boost, and increased burn and bleed aliment damage. 

Battleaxes - A Battleaxe is the bigger, badder, and even more devastating cousin of your regular Axe. These great weapons require both hands to wield and give access to a set of powerful melee skills. Some of the best currently available weapons of this type include: 

  • Ravenyx Halberd (legendary) that is great for leveling thanks to the high life leech and very high rend, toxic, and fire damage bonuses that result in whipping 500+-800+ total damage per hit. 
  • Profane Executor (legendary) that often offers great life leech, high aliment damage bonuses, strong material, and elemental damage bonuses, and more. 
  • Edgy (Unique) that provides a high ferocity bonus, considerable physical damage boost, and a solid material damage increase. 

Bows - Simple, but also very elegant ranged weapons that give you access to Archer/Assassin skills. A Bow takes both hands to operate. Some of the best currently available weapons of this type include: 

  • Ironbark Longbow (legendary) that can provide potent life leech, good bonuses to status aliment chance, increased weakness duration, and flat damage boosts. 
  • Ivakin's Obsession (Unique) which boosts wielder's agility, increases his critical chance score and adds +2 projectiles to all projectile skills (which is extremely powerful). 
  • Driftwood Miracle (Unique) that converts a part of wielder's physical damage into frost damage, improves resource generation and causes basic attack projectiles to bounce to a nearby enemy. 

Daggers - These stealthy weapons are designed with subtlety in mind. They are favorite tools of assassins and rogues alike and require just one hand. Daggers give you access to the Archer/Assassin set of skills. Some of the best currently available weapons of this type include: 

  • Lordsmail Piercer (legendary) that is arguably the most powerful dagger available; it can provide good life leech, high damage bonuses, solid aliment chances, and stun/weakness duration boost. 
  • Inmate Dirk (legendary) that is well-suited for leveling and provides well-rounded offensive bonuses. 
  • Goremaker, Shard of the Red Mountain (Unique) that boosts your agility, gives a solid boost to bleed chance score and considerably increases your rend damage. 

Swords - A favorite weapon type of any knight. These slashing weapons require one hand to wield properly and give access to melee skills. Some of the best currently available weapons of this type include: 

  • Envy's Denial (Unique) that deals increased damage to frozen enemies, and provides considerable fire damage boosts to the wielder (the polar opposite of the Vanity's Plea). 
  • Vanity's Plea (Unique) that deals increased damage to burning enemies, and provides considerable frost damage boosts to the wielder (the polar opposite of the Envy's Denial). 
  • Vulcain Steel Sword (Unique) that boosts wielder's ferocity, gives a high fire damage bonus and also boosts physical damage dealt. 

Maces - Blunt weapons that smash things instead of cutting them. Armor often can't protect a mace's hit victim from the sheer trauma caused by the blow. Maces require one hand to wield and give assess to melee skills. Some of the best currently available weapons of this type include: 

  • Final Adjudicator (legendary) that can offer strong life leech bonuses, solid material and occult damage boosts, and other strong offensive affixes. 

Warhammers - If a situation requires the use of a raw, brute force, or if you just want to smash things and forget about them - choose a Warhammer. These massive two-handed Wolcen Weapons give access to melee skills. Some of the best currently available weapons of this type include: 

  • Demonic Gravitas (legendary) that deals devastating amounts of damage, including possible additional bonuses to physical, sacred, and material damage types. 
  • Atoning Smasher (legendary) that improves critical hit damage and can add multiple damage types (rend, aether, sacred, material) to your attacks. 
  • Soulbane (Unique) that boosts your wisdom, increases your frost damage and frost resistance and has a high chance to freeze enemies that receive frost damage from you. 

Greatswords - When a normal sword just isn't enough, use its bigger brother. These two-handed slashing weapons give you access to melee skills. Some of the best currently available weapons of this type include:

  •  Fiendish Heartsplitter (legendary) that can deal devastating amounts of damage thanks to its critical hit damage and bonuses to material damage types. It can also provide a very high aliment chance score and life leech. 

Shields - If you want to bolster your defenses, there is no better option than a solid shield. Normally, shields do not give access to any skills, but there are some exceptions (Unique shields with specific affixes). Some of the best currently available Wolcen Weapons of this type include:

  • Quintet of Sundowns (Unique) that allows you to cast sacred spells, which allows you to combine defense boost provided by a shield with the power of a catalyst. 
  • Shimmering Shadows (Unique) that increases maximum health by a hefty amount and enables all your Dash attacks to apply Cursed aliment. 
  • Legacy of the Willbreaker (Unique) that boosts your health regeneration and greatly improves your damage output. 

Catalysts - These magic items allow you to channel mystical energies that power devastating spells. Wielding a catalyst gives you access to mage skills. Some of the best currently available Wolcen Weapons of this type include:

  • Shaham-Shahar (Unique) that almost doubles your shadow damage, greatly increases your casting speed, and largely improves your spell and attack crit chance. 
  • Mothers in Lament (legendary) that increases your spell damage, provides additional elemental damage to your attacks, increases status aliment chance score, and can even summon a ghost on hit. 
  • 7th Purifiers' Legion Archive (Unique) that generates rage on hit, considerably boosts your attack and spell damage, and improves willpower regeneration. 

Staves - Favourite walking aids of elder mages. These two-handed canes enable you to use mage skills. Some of the best currently available weapons of this type include: 

  • Zapstick (Unique) that has a high chance to Shock your enemies, converts freeze and burn chance to shock chance, makes shock stack on target and the user, and considerably increases your lightning damage. 
  • Stave of Venality (legendary) that can provide some well-rounded spell damage bonuses, life leech, and aliment status score chances. 
  • Chrono Cell (Unique) that increases your wisdom and aether damage, and allows you to apply 2 Stasis stacks per attack. 

Pistols - Recent additions to the assassin's arsenal. Unlike Bows, these flashy weapons require just one hand to operate. Pistols give access to Archer/Assassin skills. Some of the best currently available weapons of this type include: 

  • Regicide Mark III (Unique) that highly boosts your material damage, allows your projectiles to pierce through enemies and slows the speed of your projectiles (which is a drawback). 
  • Sinful Machine (legendary) that can have considerable damage boosts (material, elemental, and occult types), solid critical hit chance bonuses, and various forms of life leech. 

If you are looking for a place where you can quickly and safely buy The Best Wolcen Weapons, you have just found the best one. All armaments available on our website come from verified sellers, so the safety of your transactions is always guaranteed. Join thousands of our satisfied customers, Buy Wolcen Weapons on Odealo, and become a happy member of our thriving community of gamers. 

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