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Wolcen Items

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem features a fully-fledged looting system that Hack-&-Slash players know and love. During your adventures, you will find dozens of Wolcen Items of varying qualities and rarities, and some of these items are bound to be powerful! Just like in other similar titles, there are multiple ways of obtaining loot:

  • Defeating monsters - Every Action RPG player's bread and butter. The stronger the enemy, the better the chance for good drops. Loot obtained from monsters is generated randomly and depends on a few factors, like the monster's level, monster's rarity, and the player character's current level. It is worth noting that certain quest items have a 100% drop chance if a given quest is active. 
  • Opening Chests - There is nothing better than finding a random chest full of loot in a dungeon. Loot from chests obeys the same rules as the drop from monsters, but they have a higher chance of dropping worthwhile Wolcen Items. 
  • Completing Story Quests - Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem puts a high emphasis on the storyline. Currently, there are three chapters all of which feature multiple story-driven quests and each of those quests offers rewards. These rewards range from in-game currencies, through Wolcen Items to Enneracts. Unlike monster drops, quest rewards are pre-determined, so you know what you will get. 
  • Completing Side Quests - These are marked on your minimap as a green staircase icon and usually involve clearing a dungeon of monsters or defeating a Boss that dwells somewhere in the area. The Side Quest becomes active once you enter the marked area, all you need to do from that point is hack-&-slash your way through the opposition. Fulfilling the objective will automatically reward you with Wolcen Items, experience, and other stuff. 

Item Rarity and Quality

Every piece of equipment available in Wolcen has certain rarity and quality assigned to it. Rarity determines, well... how rare and powerful an item is, and the quality tells us about how well it is made. Quality of an item can easily be checked on the pop-up panel that shows up when we hover our mouse over it; it is represented by a number of stars (1-5) in the upper right-hand corner. Wolcen Items of certain Rarities have a minimum Quality in which they come in to ensure that things like broken legendary items do not ruin the player's dreams (legendary items are always at least of at least exceptional quality, yellow ones are of reinforced quality or higher, and blues will never be of broken or used qualities). Two of the rarest item types in Wolcen are Legendary and Unique:

  • Legendary Items - gear of this quality is exceptionally powerful and usually offers a solid mix of stats and bonuses, which makes them very flexible; a single legendary can be successfully used in multiple builds thanks to a wide range of bonuses that it provides. In the end-game, these will be the main source of your character's power, but they will not define your character's identity. 
  • Unique Items - just like the name suggests, these pieces of equipment are all one of a kind. They offer very specific, and yet extremely powerful bonuses that are often build-defining and sometimes even come with drawbacks (Unique Item can provide extremely high crit chance at the expense of attack speed, for example). It is not uncommon to tailor a whole character build around a single unique piece of gear. As you can imagine, the most powerful Unique Wolcen Items are worth astronomic sums and obtaining them is like winning a lottery. 

To let players tailor their equipment to their needs and make it as powerful as possible, Wolcen features crafting and forging systems. Crafting lets you create items from components collected during your adventures, however, creating powerful pieces requires very rare ingredients that are extremely hard to obtain. Forging, on the other hand, allows you to increase the properties of your items. 

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