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Wolcen Armors

Every seasoned Action RPG player will tell you that good defense is as, if not more, important as solid offense. You can't use your devastating skills and powerful weapons when you lay dead on the ground after all. The good balance of defensive and offensive capabilities is often what distinguishes a well-built character from a gimmicky one; Sure, there are some amazing all-out in-enemy-face glass cannon builds, but they always have some form of defense present, even if it is just something like life leech or mobility skill. However, in most cases, players will rely on their defense-oriented equipment to keep them alive and kicking. This defensive equipment almost always comes in the form of armor. In Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, players can choose from four different types of Wolcen Armors (Sorcerer, Rogue, Bruiser, and Heavy) that suit different playstyles and work well with different character builds thanks to varied stats they provide. Each of the armor types is comprised of six parts (Feet, Legs, Hands, Torso, Shoulders, and Head) that can be freely mixed and matched; if you are looking purely for bonuses, nothing will stop you from wearing parts from all four types of Wolcen Armors. 

Wolcen Armor Types

Wolcen does not restrict you in any way, other than your current character level, from using any armor you want; there are no "classes", so Wolcen Armors are no class-restricted like in some other games (there is nothing more infuriating than looting a great piece of armor you cannot use because it is not meant for your class - you will not have this problem in Wolcen thankfully). The four available armor types and their main traits are as follows: 

Note: Secondary bonuses present on Wolcen Armors are chosen randomly when an item is dropped by a player and only primary ones are pre-determined. This means that two pieces that share a name can have a different set of bonuses. Please keep this in mind when you read armor examples provided below; they are just examples of specific pieces that were dropped by us or our community members. 

Sorcerer Armor - The "lightest" of four available types. Sorcerer Armor does not increase your Health or Resistances but provides you with a solid boost to your Force Shield instead. Here are some of the more interesting examples of available Wolcen Sorcerer Armors:

  • Agony (Unique Sorcerer Chest-Piece) that greatly increases your force shield, boosts your Wisdom, improves your non-aliment damage dealt, and boosts your status aliment chance score. 
  • Infused Wristguards (legendary Sorcerer Gauntlet, requires level 60) that can greatly increase your total force shield, always provides bonuses to your Wisdom and has up to six other affixes.  
  • Gaalnazek (Unique Sorcerer Helmet) that increases your Wisdom, decreases the cost of your elemental spells, boosts your fire damage, and provides you with an additional critical chance for your lightning damage. 

Rogue Armor - Light armor that does not impair wearer's movements too much, but also provides better protection than regular clothes (or at least that's how it is in other RPGs). In Wolcen, Rogue Armor boosts your Health and your Force Shield which makes it a middle-of-the-road choice between Sorcerer and Bruiser types. Here are some known high-end examples of Wolcen Rogue Armors:

  • Frayed Combat Cleats (Unique Rogue Boots) that boost both your Health and Force Shield, increase all resistances score, improve your movement speed, and provide a high bonus to your Agility. 
  • James's Tall Tale (Unique Rogue Helmet) that allows your melee damage to benefit from 30% of your Projectile Bonuses, increases your projectile damage and improves your agility. 
  • Apnea Visor (Legendary Rogue Helmet, requires level 60) that always boosts your movement speed, gives you both Health and Force Shield and can provide at least 5 other random bonuses (for example, bonus agility, crit chance, max willpower and rage, aliment chance score, etc.). 

Bruiser Armor - The so-called "medium" armor, that provides solid protection, but not as solid as that provided by a heavy plate. In Wolcen, Bruiser Armors increase Health and provide a bonus to All Resistances Score (but lower than that of Heavy Armors). Thanks to a large amount of bonus Health on this type of armor, its great for health-based builds (life leech reliant or the ones that use Health as an offensive resource). Here are some examples of Wolcen Bruiser Armors: 

  • Odelia's March (Unique Bruiser Boots) that improves movement speed, increases material damage dealt, and considerably boosts your health and all resistances score. 
  • Plate of Severance (legendary Bruiser Chest-Piece, requires level 60) that provides a very high Health bonus and increases your resistances, and can also give at least five other bonuses (including stat boosts, damage bonuses, and primary stat improvements of the item). 
  • Impervious Anklebiters (legendary Bruiser Pants, requires level 60) that always boost your health regeneration rate, improve your health and resistances, and also provide five secondary bonuses. 

Heavy Armor - The sturdiest and the heaviest (hence its name) of the four armor types. These slabs of metal are favored by frontal assault troops and they provide a solid bonus to All Resistances Scores but do not increase Health and Force Shield at all (they are damage mitigation-based instead of being damage-sponge pieces like in some other games). Exemplary Wolcen Heavy Armors look as follows: 

  • Elemental Bascinet (legendary Heavy Helmet, requires level 60) that will always increase your Block Chance and allow you to use any weapon to block. It will also provide a very high All Resistances Score bonus and at least five random secondary bonuses. 
  • Festering Exoskeleton (legendary Heavy Chest-Piece, requires level 60) that will allow you to block incoming attacks with any weapon and increase your block chance, greatly improve all your resistances, and also provide up to six random secondary bonuses. 
  • Tritonic Lined Armguard (legendary Heavy Gauntlet, requires level 60) that will always increase your Toughness and heavily boost all your resistances, and also provide up to six random secondary bonuses. 

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