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Wolcen Gold

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is an Action RPG that takes us to a dark world where humanity has to constantly fight for survival. Mechanically, the game is a well-known and loved Hack & Slash with some interesting new elements and clever variations of old, proven mechanics. However, what makes the game truly interesting is it's Online Mode that allows players to have fun with their friends and share adventures with them (it is worth noting here that Offline characters can’t be played in the Online mode; this restriction exist to prevent edited characters from joining online games). We all know that co-operating with friends makes any game much more enjoyable, but more fun is not the only consequence of Wolcen’s Online Mode. The second and probably even more important effect of the online mode is the creation of a dynamic in-game economy. Players can trade with each other, they can share loot, they can help each other overcome hard encounters and gain access to better equipment because of it, and they can create complex demand-supply relations based on their current needs. This is why Wolcen Gold, a virtual currency, has a real value. Its value comes from the fact that it allows players to get what they need not only from NPCs but also from other players, which means that Wolcen Gold speeds up player’s progress and enables them to make their characters much stronger. 

There are very many ways of making money in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem and it’s worth noting that the game is constructed in a way that allows gamers to get Wolcen Gold by just playing it (not cosmic amounts, however). Money can be found in various containers scattered around the map and dungeons (who doesn’t love smashing boxes, barrels, and vases or desecrating old coffins in a Hack & Slash game?), it drops from defeated monsters, it is awarded from completing quests, and of course, players gain Gold from vendoring unwanted gear. A word about vendoring stuff for profit – accessories take up less space than other kinds of equipment and usually sell for better prices, you should prioritize them if you are profit-oriented. Moreover, from time to time a “Wealth Omen” will appear on the map (it will be indicated by a golden ladybug on the mini-map). Finding such Omen and successfully defeating it will award you with a considerable amount of Wolcen Gold. However, defeating these creatures is not that easy as they run quite fast and will disappear if they get far enough away from you. Sadly, just playing the game will not be enough to cover all the players’ expenses. This means that many gamers will be forced into a good-old money grind. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but there are many more interesting ways of spending one’s in-game time. This is why Odealo has prepared a special offer... 

If you are looking for an alternative source of Wolcen Currency, you have just found the best one. You can Buy Wolcen Gold on Odealo and never again worry about running out of it. With our help, you will be able to purchase everything you need in-game, make your character much stronger, and complete any build you want. All assets offered on our site come from thoroughly verified sellers, so your safety during transactions performed under our agency is always guaranteed. Join thousands of our satisfied customers, Buy Wolcen Gold on Odealo, and become a happy member of our thriving community of gamers. 

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