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Wolcen Affinity

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem features a double currency system. While the main currency is pretty standard, the secondary one, Wolcen Affinity, is quite unique in ways of acquiring and spending it. Both of the currencies can be freely used for trading with other players and their exchange rates are quite dynamic (but main currency seems to inflate much faster than the Affinity). Trading with Wolcen Affinity might not be the best idea, and here is why: Primordial Affinity can be used in two very important aspects of the game; improving character's active abilities and resetting character's passives.

  • Improving active abilities can be done by talking to NPC Demetra in town. She will increase the level of your selected active ability in exchange for some Wolcen Affinity. The cost of this operation rises with the skill's level. While this is not the main way of improving your skills (the main being using them in battle) it is a great way of quickly boosting your character's power level in exchange for currency. 
  • Resetting your Gate of Fates passives might be even more important usage of Primordial Affinity than skill-boosting as it lets you try new setups, builds, and allows you to fine-tune and improve your character.  Resetting passive skills can be done from the Character Menu and not from the Gate of Fates tab (which is a bit counter-intuitive) - look for the reset option on the bottom right part of the character tab and be aware that this feature will reset all your skills (use a print screen or memorize your passives before resetting if you just want to fine-tune something, to avoid the risk of losing/forgetting the precious build you are working on). Wolcen Affinity cost of resetting your passives increases with the rising amount of allocated passives. 

There are two main ways of obtaining Wolcen Primordial Affinity and both of them involve Enneracts. An Enneract is a special commodity that teaches you new Active Skills when it is consumed. Enneracts that contain information about an Active Skill that your character already knows can be used to acquire Primordial Affinity points instead. They can be both looted (from chests and monsters) and purchased for main in-game currency from NPC Demetra; both looted and purchased Ennteracts can provide you with Wolcen Affinity when they are consumed, but there is a catch - dropped Ennteracts award 100 Affinity and purchased ones just 10% of that amount. Despite this 90% penalty, purchasing Ennteracts is still a great way of obtaining additional Affinity as it essentially allows you to Buy Wolcen Affinity for the game's main currency, which is much easier to obtain in large quantities. 

Even if you buy all available Ennteracts from a vendor and play quite regularly, you can still struggle to level up all your skills, especially if you are testing/playing with multiple builds interchangeably. Luckily, you can also get Wolcen Affinity from an alternative source - Odealo, the biggest and the safest online Wolcen trading hub. On Odealo, you can safely Buy Wolcen Affinity for the best price and from the best sellers. All offers advertised on our site were thoroughly verified and all our trading partners are gaming veterans who want to share their experiences with the community. Become a member of our swiftly growing Wolcen community and join thousands of our satisfied users by making a purchase on one of our auctions. 

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