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Buy Rocket League Items and Rocket League Crates 

On Odealo you will find Cheap Rocket League Items, Rocket League Crates, Wheels, Keys Decals and much more. Odealo is the most secure Rocket League Marketplace where you can Buy, Sell and Trade all the Rocket League Items for real cash. 

If you are on Odealo because you were trying to find a place for "Buy Zephyr Crate" "Buy Triumph Crate" "Rocket League Triumph Crate" "Rocket League Items", "Rocket League Crates", "Rocket League Keys" "Buy Rocket League Items" or maybe "Rocket League Price Index" "Rocket League Trading" "Black Market Decals" "Rocket League Market" then you are in the right place. Odealo offers the cheapest Rocket League Items, Crates, Keys, Decals, Goals Explosions and More. With the fastest delivery provided by professional traders, we are the top trading Shop for Rocket League.

Odealo is also one of the markets, where you can Buy the cheapest Zephyr, Impact, Victory, Triumph and all other Crates which are the newest and one of the most popular Crates in Rocket League. We have multiple users selling them, so you can expect full stock, 24/7 delivery and competitive prices. After a new content update, usually within first two weeks, Odealo users also start posting all the new Crate's Items - including the contents of Victory Crate introduced in the February 2018 Update. Odealo is also a place where you can Sell your own Rocket League items. Anyone is welcome to create their own free account and start posting items for sale. On Odealo you will find a wide variety of Rocket League items for sale with the best prices on the market. You might as well buy Rocket League Crates, including the newest Zephyr Crate and gamble for the most expensive items they contain. If you are lucky you can find Painted Exotic Wheels or Black Market Decals inside.

Did you ever try Rocket League trading by yourself? If your answer is "Yes", we would expect you did come across a lot of people with bad intentions. Or you might have grown tired of waiting for a trusted middleman? Odealo is the perfect answer for all the problems of Rocket League trading reality! We provide a platform that allows secure trading with other users. All transactions on Odealo are guaranteed, and we are proud to have a 99.8% trades that concluded successfully. Join Odealo today! Buy Rocket League Items, and Rocket League Crates from other RL Players on our secure marketplace.

Rocket League's "Tournaments Update" launching on April 4th, 2018

Rocket League's massive content update is coming this April. Psyonix has first announced the Tournament Mode in September the previous year, and it was stated it was a core Rocket League's feature that was planned from the very beginning. We believe the time it took was required to refine this mode and present us with something extraordinary. Alongside with it, a new Crate will be introduced in Rocket League - the Triumph Crate. It will contain a number of cool-looking items including brand-new battle car - Samurai, Decals, Black Market Goal Explosion, and one of the best Trails that ever existed - the EKG-OMG.

As usual, you will be able to find one of the cheapest Triumph Crate offers out there. With various users selling them, you are to expect the best prices and fast delivery. Buy Triumph Crates while they are still hot! 

Rocket League Game Description

Rocket League is an online massively multiplayer "soccer" game. It is described as soccer, however, the players control rocket-fueled cars instead of regular human soccer players. It was developed and published by Psyonix, and first released in July 2015 for Windows and PS4 platforms. In Rocket League players assign one to four members to each of the two teams in order to start the match. Players have to use their rocket-fueled cars to hit the ball into the opposing team goal to score a point. The team with more points at the end of the game wins. The game excels in its' simplicity, giving players a lot of fun, and pleasing them with eye candy graphics.

Rocket League's Trading

It's rather surprising for Rocket League, a "sports" game, to have such well-developed trading system. Majority of players in Rocket League interested in trading various add-on items for their cars, and vehicles themselves are also a popular Rocket League merchandise. This includes all kind of cosmetic items like Wheels, Decals, Bodies (Vehicles) Goal Explosions and Toppers. Some of them have an actual impact on the gameplay. Cars/bodies have different hit-boxes, which could be described as an invisible shape that defines how the car interacts with objects (other cars or the ball). There are also certain speculations floating around internet whether toppers (hats/horns/flags) also affect the way your car interacts with objects. However, even if this statement would be accurate, it's believed that only certain extremely rare or limited items would affect this attribute. A lot of players might completely ignore the visual aspect of the game, enjoying it nevertheless. But there are millions of players that tend to collect rare painted Items, Wheels, Bodies and other stuff. This has made Trading in Rocket League one of the main aspects of the game.

Rocket League Items, Crates, and Keys

Most of the Rocket League items offered on various websites, forums or fan's groups come from Crates. Crates are randomly rewarded to players after playing online Rocket League matches. In order to open a Crate, the player needs to use a Rocket League Key (1 Key per Crate, as the Key, is consumed in the process), which can be either traded with other players or bought from in-game store (players on Xbox platform can only purchase Rocket League Keys from the store). Rocket League Crates can contain only one item, with a full list of items available in each of them can be viewed in one of our articles in the Articles section or directly in the game's garage. There are various types of Crates which include: Accelerator Crate (Accelerator Crates has become the most commonly traded and demanded item in Rocket League after the August 2017 update. Accelerator Crate contains a number of exclusive Rocket League Items including Exotic Wheels, new Bodies, new Decals, and other stuff), Nitro Crate, Turbo Crate, Overdrive Crate, Player's Choice Crate, Velocity Crate, Haunted Hallow's Crate, Secret Santa Crate, the newly added in February update - the Victory Crate, and the newest addition to the game - the Triumph Crates from the April "Tournaments Update". On top of that, our sellers will provide Zephyr Crate as soon as it becomes available at the best prices on the market. You might also find the discontinued Champion Crates 1,2,3 and 4 offered for Sale. Champion Series Crates are still available on the market - but are considered very rare. The easiest and fastest way to get what you want in RL is to Buy Rocket League Items, including Champion Series Crates for real cash (RMT). 

Rocket League Items

If you want to buy cheap Rocket League Items, you should mainly focus on the Trade's Security. Odealo is one of the most secure marketplaces for Rocket League Items, Rocket League Crates and Painted Wheels. That is exactly why we are the top trending market for Rocket League. 

When you decide what is your desired car, you should first choose the body (vehicle). Usually, you can buy a painted Import Body for just a couple of keys, with an exception of the most popular Titanium White Painted Bodies (they might get really expensive). When you find the body you want to use, the next step is choosing a Decal. You can use either Black Market Decals which can be used on any car, or regular decals (which usually work just for one specific car). The best thing about regular decals is that they are rather cheap (painted very rare decals shouldn't cost more than a few keys) and you can use different paint finishes on your car, allowing a unique look. The easiest way to get the Decal you want is to trade them for them with other RL players or buying it for real cash on Odealo. You can either use tradeable Rocket League keys you can also buy on Odealo for real money. Both options are fully secure, with Odealo guaranteeing the top-notch security of every transaction.  After you have chosen your Decal and/or Paint Finish, you can proceed to the most interesting part - the Wheels. You should be looking for painted Exotic Wheels which will look great on your car. Again, prices may vary, and they start at around 1 Rocket League Key for a decent pair of painted Exotic Wheels (lower rarity wheels, including Import and Very Rare wheels, when painted, can change their rarity to Exotic). Next step is choosing Rocket Boost, Trail and Goal Explosion. All those 3 types of items will work regardless of the Body you choose. You can buy Rocket League Items from other players on Odealo or find them in various crates (you can buy Rocket League crates from other gamers as well). If you are looking for specific items it is always the cheapest and fastest to buy it directly from someone, however, opening Rocket League Crates wield a slight chance of getting much more expensive items. Also, keep in mind items in new Crates like Victory Crate or Triumph Crates are always extremely expensive during the first weeks after the new Content Update launches. The next one is going to be Zephyr Crate, which you can buy on from regular Rocket League players on all available platforms. It is very profitable to obtain those items from Crates early on, and sell them for profit. If you like some of the items, they will surely get much cheaper over time. Our summary is: Trading with Rocket League Keys and buying Rocket League Items for real cash is usually the easiest and fastest ways to obtain your desired items. However, Rocket League Crates still remain an extremely popular asset as players simply love to gamble. Well, who doesn't?

Rocket League Season Rewards

Rocket League is not only about trading items, crates, and keys. Some of the most valuable and cool items are awarded as Season Rewards. Player's current division at the end of each Season determines the reward he will get. So the higher the division, the more valuable and exceptional the reward is. In order to participate in Seasons, you have to play Rocket League in the competitive mode, which increases the difficulty level your matches by a fair bit. It gets down to the point, where some players are unable to compete at higher levels, either because it is simply beyond their skill level, or just a lack of time to compete in that many games. After all, you can't win them all, and each loss moves you farther away from advancing to the higher division. There are also some professionals who provide services called the Rank Boosting. You have to share your account information with the Booster, making your items "vulnerable" if you choose the wrong person. That is exactly why marketplaces like Odealo make sure every Rocket League Booster is a verified user. Our feedback and authorization systems help maintain the safety of each Rocket League trade.

Rocket League Trading between different platforms

Rocket League's popularity has allowed gaming to be published on 6 (!) different platforms, including PC (Microsoft Windows), Playstation 4, Xbox One, OS X, Linux, and Nintendo Switch. While it remains the very same game, Rocket League players from one of the platform are not allowed to trade their Rocket League Items with players that play on one of the different systems.  Even though it is still possible on marketplaces and websites like Odealo, where you can simply sell your Items on one platform and buy Rocket League Items on another. 

Rocket League real money trading 

Psyonix for obvious reasons does not officially support real money trading. It is, however, present almost everywhere, even official channels. There are hundreds of thousands of players trading in Rocket League on Facebook groups, Reddit, official game's forums, various websites and of course privately. This is completely unseen in other more "traditional" MMO games. This might be because buying and selling Rocket League Items, Crates, Keys, Decals or Wheels doesn't affect the game's economy at all. It doesn't affect other players fun as it is only purchased for cosmetic purposes.

Looking for a site where you can Buy, Sell and trade your Rocket League Items?

Odealo is an open marketplace for players of all types of MMO games. You can join Odealo as a Buyer, Seller or Trader of Rocket League Items, Crates, and more. Each user usable to create his own free account and start posting offers, which is also free. Our transaction system is based on Escrow. This allows users to be certain they get what they want. Furthermore, the sellers are guaranteed to be paid for, as soon as we get the item receipt confirmation from the buyer. This makes Odealo secure, fun and easy to use. With a steadily growing community of Rocket League players and the lowest fees, Odealo is the perfect place for Buying Rocket League Items, Crates, Keys, Black Market Decals and more.

If you are a zealous trader this is also a perfect place for you. Odealo offers the lowest per transaction fee out of all player-to-player Marketplaces. Making it the best option if you are looking for good deals on Rocket League Items with the intention to resell them with profit. 

Odealo - The Most Secure and Enjoyable Player-to-Player Marketplace

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Low Prices every day

Odealo is not just a regular shop. All offers on Odealo are user-posted, and the high number of sellers greatly increase competitiveness. With dozens of sellers fighting for your attention, you are to expect the best quality of service and low prices.

What else has such impact on the prices on Odealo?

Odealo offers the lowest per transaction fee out of all websites that support Player-to-Player trading.

Posting offers is free of charge. And it attracts more traders.

Support for major online payment operators allows users from every corner of the Earth to participate in this exciting project.

Enjoy the ease of trading with Credits

Credits are the medium of exchange on Odealo. Credits have a fixed 1:1 exchange rate with US Dollars. On Odealo all prices are final and there are no hidden fees. As long as you have available balance payments are instant and at no extra cost.


Player-to-Player trading

Odealo is an online trading platform for MMO Gamers. Odealo supports Player-to-Player trading by acting as the trade intermediary. All trading on Odealo is community-driven, while Odealo works in a similar way to "Escrow agents" - maintaining the security of each transaction, for both of its parties.

Join Odealo today for all its benefits

On top of becoming a part of one of the most exciting gamers' communities, you get access to a lot of features that Odealo has to offer. Account registration is free of charge and open to anyone without restrictions. As a member, you get access to innovative and intuitive offer and transaction management tools. Security of each transaction is guaranteed, regardless of your account's and authorization levels. Buy, Sell and Trade currency, items and other services in your favorite games to other players.  

What makes Player-to-Player trading the best option?

Majority of Odealo users are regular players. Trading with players is the most secure way of Real Money Trading in Online games.

On top of getting the items and currency you want, you can find Boosting, Power Leveling and Questing services offered by people that are the best at what they do.

Regular shops and resellers tend to be more expensive. Buying from the player that directly obtained the items and currency is always the cheapest

Enhance your gaming experience

Odealo is a gaming community, with the most experienced players offering their services for real cash. Get your character boosted, geared up, and enjoy your favorite games to the fullest. On top of the trading aspect of the website, you get to meet a lot of professional players. Learn how to play your games with the help of the pros. 


Full Buyer and Seller Protection

Odealo, by acting as an "Escrow agent", maintains the safety of each transaction, for both of its parties. Your transactions on Odealo are always guaranteed, regardless of your account and authorization levels. As a buyer, you are to expect prompt delivery of items as described, while sellers are expected to ship the goods only after the payment for their transaction is secured.

Get what you pay for

On Odealo sellers receive payments after buyers confirm receipt of the ordered goods. This way, as a buyer, you are guaranteed to receive what you pay for. To even further improve the user's experience, Odealo allows undisturbed communication. You can ask the seller directly how deliveries will be made and when.  While knowing what to expect, Real Money Trading is so much easier.

Unparalleled transparency

To provide the highest sense of security among its users, Odealo introduced fully transparent Feedback and Rating Systems. Also, each user has a public profile, which displays all the important information, letting everyone know who they are dealing with. On top of that, Odealo implemented an innovative authorization system. Users can verify their personal information and attain higher authorization levels.


Seller protection

Odealo offers its sellers full protection. As a seller, if you are notified about a sold item, it means Odealo has received and secured the payment. At this point, sellers are guaranteed to be paid right after the delivery confirmation. Credits are instantly added to their available balance.


Withdraw anytime

Verified users can withdraw Credits anytime. With the support of major online payment operators including Paypal, Skrill and Webmoney,  Odealo can offer the full spectrum of its services to users world-wide.