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EVE Online PC - Large Skill Injector ( pls Min 2 Unit )

EVE Online PC - Large Skill Injector ( pls Min 2 Unit )


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Skill Injectors are among the most popular Consumable Items in EVE Online. They are the essential part of the entire Skill Trading system in EVE Online.  All characters with over 5.5 million Skillpoints, can extract unwanted Skillpoints by using Skill Extractors. In this process, a Skill Injector will be created, which can be used later on any character, traded, or sold. Using a Skill Injector instantly improves the player's Skillpoints, which can save you time on training and quickly increase your Pilot capabilities. It's very common to quickly "create" characters this way, for example in the midst of big Corporation Wars when you need extra help to outweigh the scales of victory. Skill Injectors are also often created by players via buying characters on the Character Bazaar, with the intention of extracting ones all Skill Points to create Injectors. This, depending on the market, may be a very efficient and quick way to obtain big quantities of Skill Injectors.

Skill Injectors are consumable items, which are destroyed on use. They will give you instantly between 150,000 and 500,000 unallocated Skillpoints, that can be used to upgrade your character's skills or saved for later use. The amount of Skillpoints added, depending on the total Skillspoints your character currently has, and it will be exactly: 

Skill Injector's Diminishing returns
Character's total Skillpoints Skillpoints gained
Less than 5M 500,000
Between 5M and 50M 400,000
Between 50M and 80M 300,000
More than 80M 150,000

When we take into consideration standard training time and your character's current Skillpoint count, we can easily calculate how much time you effectively save by using Skill Injectors. This will oscillate between 11.5 days on a low-level character with no implants down to around 2 days and 8 hours for a character with over 80M Skillpoints, perfect remap and give implants. 

In EVE Online there are three types of Skill Injectors that work in the exact same way as mentioned above, however, they provide a different amount of Skillpoints, and are obtained from different sources. Small Skill Injectors are a result of splitting Large Skill Injector into five smaller ones, which will each grant 20% of the regular Skill Point gain. On the other hand, Alpha Skill Skill Injectors are available for Alpha-state Clones and can be only used once per day with a limit of up to 20M Skillpoints on Alpha character. All three types of Skill Injectors are tradeable and can be found in EVE Online's internal market. The most popular way of obtaining Skill Injectors is by buying them with ISK from other players, however, more alternative ways are available. While RMT is not officially supported by EVE Online's developers, a lot of players offer their Skill Injectors for sale for real money. Such offers can be found on Odealo's secure EVE Online Skill Injector market. 

To sum up: you can sell and buy Skill Injectors on the in-game market, trade or gift them to other players, or use it on one of your active characters. It's also possible to buy Skill Injectors from players with the use of real cash, however, it's performed outside of the game and "unofficially"  - on marketplaces and websites like Odealo. All Skill Injectors on Odealo are offered by regular, hardcore gamers, making it the most secure website to purchase big quantities of Large Skill Injectors. You are to expect the best prices and fast delivery times as well. You can also post your own for-sale offers on Odealo, allowing you to sell your Goods in EVE Online to other Pilots. Trading on Odealo is possible with the use of real money, so if you are looking to quickly catch up to other players without the necessity of endless training, make sure to check out our EVE Online's Skill Injector Market.

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