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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Resources

Crafting is a huge part of Animal Crossing games and New Horizons is no different. Your DIY Workbench will be your best friend right from the start of your adventure. It will allow you to make yourself a basic set of tools and some handy housewares. Basic DIY Recipes can be acquired from Timmy & Tommy (mainly, they sell Flimsy Tools recipes; flimsy net recipe, flimsy axe recipe, flimsy shovel recipe, and flimsy fishing rod recipe). More advanced DIY Recipes are rewarded to you after completing certain in-game milestones (for example, Golden Axe recipe is awarded for breaking 100 Axes, and Golden Shovel is unlocked after you help Gulliver 30 times) and can be found in messages in a bottle. Every recipe requires specific Animal Crossing: New Horizons Resources to make; the resources needed vary from very common (for basic crafts) to rather rare (for advanced crafts). Most of the Animal Crossing Crafting Materials can be found around your island, and the exact method of getting them depends on the material type: 

  • Trash - These, seemingly worthless, Resources can be acquired through Fishing. In previous iterations of the game, they were useless and negatively affected the player's village. In New Horizons, however, Trash can be used as a Crafting Material in some of the DIY Recipes. The Recipes that use trash (Empty Cans, Tires, and Boots) are unlocked after fishing up enough of it. Moreover, fishing up 20 pieces of trash awards you with some Nook Miles. If you are not interested in crafting from these Animal Crossing: New Horizons Resources, you can sell them for 10 bells apiece. 
  • Wood - A base ingredient of many tools and housewares. Wood can be acquired by chopping down trees with an axe.  Each Tree will produce 3 pieces of Wood a day, unless you use the Sturdy Axe (then, each tree will produce 2 and get cut down if you try to extract the third). 1 piece of Wood is needed to upgrade a Flimsy Axe into a regular one. Moreover, you will need a bunch of it to craft a Ladder and build the Nook's Cranny. Wood is a base Resource for crafting stuff, like Barrels, Benches, Workbenches, Chairs, and others.
  • Softwood - Just like regular Wood, it can be acquired by chopping trees with an axe. 5 pieces of Soft Wood are needed to make a Flimsy Watering Can. Moreover, Softwood is needed to craft a ladder and 30 pieces of it are required for the construction of the Nook's Cranny. It is more delicate than normal Wood, which makes it perfect for creating some of the more fragile and elegant housewares. Softwood is a base ingredient in crafting stuff, like Birdhouse, Pear Bed, Wall Decorations, and others. 
  • Hardwood - Just like the previous two types, Hardwood can be harvested from trees with an axe. It is the most durable out of the three, which makes it perfect for making heavy-duty tools, like Shovels. Hardwood is also needed for the construction of your Nook's Cranny and, just like regular and soft Wood, it is used to craft a ladder. Hardwood is a base ingredient in crafting stuff, like Clackercart, Simple DIY Workbench, Log Set housewares, and others. 
  • Tree Branches - Tree Branches are among the simplest Animal Crossing: New Horizons Resources. They can be easily acquired by shaking trees on your island (there is no limit to how many branches a tree can drop, which means that you can get an infinite amount of them from a single tree). Moreover, there is a chance that a tree will drop one of its branches on its own, which makes this Crafting Material easiest to get. Tree Branches will be the first Animal Crossing: New Horizons Crafting Materials you collect, as they are needed to craft your first Flimsy Tools (Flimsy Fishing Pole, Flimsy Net, and Flimsy Axe). 
  • Clay - A finely-grained natural rock material that mainly consists of hydrous aluminum phyllosilicates that is great for making various kinds of pottery and other housewares. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Clay can be obtained by hitting rocks with an Axe or a Shovel. It can also randomly drop from the Baloon presents. 5 pieces of Clay are needed to make an Ocarina, which is a nice music instrument. As far as AC Crafting Materials go, Clay is quite expensive and can be sold for 100B apiece. 
  • Stone - A piece of rock that has surprisingly many uses in crafting. For example, one can make an Axe head out of it (Flimsy Axe is made out of 5 Tree Branches and 1 Stone). It is obtained similarity to Clay; you can get Stones by hitting rocks with an Axe or a Shovel. Sometimes, a Stone can also be found laying on the ground next to rocks. Baloon presents are also known to sometimes contain Stones in them. Moreover, you will sometimes "catch" a Stone instead of a Fish with your Fishing Rod (how does one catch a stone on a hook...?). Just like other Animal Crossing: New Horizons Crafting Materials, Stones stack up to 30 in one inventory slot. 
  • Gold Nugget - One of the most expensive Crafting Materials/Resources in the world of Animal Crossing that finds uses in various DIY recipes in New Horizons (it is the main ingredient in crafting Golden Tools, which are the best tools in the game). As one might expect, finding a Gold Nugget can be quite tricky because they are very rare (and expensive; a single Gold Nugget sells for a whopping amount of 10000B). There is a very small chance that a Gold Nugget will drop from a Rock after you hit it with a Shovel or an Axe. You can also get one by popping balloons, but the chances for that are also low. If you want to obtain more Gold Nuggets, you have no other chance than to farm as many Rocks as you can (this will require you to have a Ladder and a Vaulting Pole to access all Rocks on your island; you will also have to visit multiple deserted islands). 
  • Iron Nugget - One of the most widely used metals in the world is actually quite hard to obtain in the early game. Rocks are the main source of Iron Nuggets in New Horizons - hit them with a shovel or an axe for a chance to one (the initial rarity comes from a limited number of Rocks you have available at the start of the game). You can farm Iron Nuggets the same way as you would farm the Gold ones - hit as many Rocks as you can and travel to deserted islands to hit even more of them; by doing this, you should get a healthy amount of Iron. Iron Nuggets are used to craft regular tools (Iron Nugget can be used to upgrade Flimsy Tools into their "regular" counterparts; Flimsy Axe into an Axe, for example) and metal parts of some housewares, moreover, 30 of them are needed for the construction of your Nook's Cranny. This is also one of the Animal Crossing Resources that can be given to the player by his villagers. 
  • Bamboo Piece - A lightweight and surprisingly durable Crafting Material that works great as a base for making various kinds of housewares. Bamboo Piece can be obtained by chopping down a Bamboo with an axe. It is the main ingredient for crafting all pieces of the Bamboo Set that consists of 16 different craftable objects. Moreover, Bamboo Pieces can be used to craft a bamboo wand. If you chop down a Bamboo during the Spring, you will also have a chance to obtain seasonal Young Spring Bamboo which is much rarer than the regular one and is used in some of the more extraordinary DIY Recipes. 
  • Star Fragment - One of the most extraordinary Animal Crossing: New Horizons Resources. A Star Fragment can be acquired only after a meteor shower if the player made a wish (this is necessary for the Star Fragments to appear; to make a wish, you have to look up with an empty hand and press the "A" button as a meteor streaks by). If the wish was successful, you will find Star Fragments along your Island's shore. This unique crafting material is needed in all DIY Wand and Zodiac Set Recipes. 
  • Manila Clams - Unlike other Animal Crossing Crafting Materials, Manila Clams are actually living creatures. They can be found on the beaches, where they are buried under the sand (their location is marked by a small black dot that shoots out a small spray of water - after the spray, the dot will disappear, but the clam will still be in place). To dig them out, use a Shovel at their location. Manila Clams can be turned into Fish Bait at your DIY Workbench; the recipe will be given to you after you dig up your first ever Clam. 
  • Clumps of Weeds - Not only Trees can be harvested in the New Horizons. Clumps of Weeds can be obtained by digging up naturally growing weeds with a Shovel or by just simply picking them up. In previous iterations of the game, Weeds would disappear after you picked them up, but not in the New Horizons; here, they are fully-fledged Animal Crossing Resources - they can be used to craft Terrariums, Hay Beds, and Medicine (which is needed to cure sick villagers). Clumps of Weeds stack up to 99 pieces in a single inventory slot. 
  • Acorns - Trees that don't produce Fruits will sometimes drop Acorns when shaken (this is the main way of obtaining Acorns). They are very convenient to get because you will be shaking trees anyway; don't forget to collect Acorns while you do that. In New Horizons, they are used in various DIY Crafting Recipes (for example, Tree's Bounty Big Tree, Tree's Bounty Little Tree, and Tree's Bounty Arch)  and can be sold at your Nook's Cranny for 200B, which makes picking them up them quite worthwhile.

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