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Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets

When you are stranded on a deserted island, having a lot of money is not the top priority; Means of getting out of it are, though. Some people think that money can solve every problem, but... In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can't buy passage to other islands with the day-to-day currency; you will need Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets for that, and these can only be redeemed for Miles. Nook Miles is a special type of circulating medium, in New Horizons, that works a bit like mileage programs offered by airlines. It gives you access to services, clothing, and recipes not available for bells. 

How to get Animal Crossing Nook Miles?

Nook Miles are awarded to players for participating in day-to-day activities on their island and completing certain tasks. They can also be redeemed with special vouchers:

  • Using the Nook Shop daily will award you with an increasing number of them (starting at 50 on Day 1 and ramping to 300 on Days 7 and up). 
  • Completing Stamp Card milestones awards a set number of this special currency; the Amounts awarded vary from 300 to 5000 depending on the achieved milestone. Almost every in-game activity has a stamp card associated with it. This means that you will be rewarded for doing things like fishing, bug-catching, speaking to your villagers daily, collecting DIY recipes, crafting, gathering, and more! 
  • 500 Miles can be redeemed for a 3000 Bells voucher in the Nook Shop. This means that the Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets are worth about 12000 Bells each. 
  • Unlocking the "Nook Miles+" service for 5000 Miles will give you access to a set of 5 randomly selected tasks that award varying amounts of the currency. Completing a task will replace it with a new one that will grant a double reward. Moreover, Constructing Nook's Cranny will give you access to 5 more daily tasks with 2x rewards (only the first 5 tasks will have the bonus). After you upgrade Resident Services, one of the doubles will occasionally turn into a task with a 5x reward multiplier. These tasks involve doing mundane errands, for example, Catch 1 specific Bug - 200-500 Miles (depending on the kind), Hit 5 Rocks - 100 Miles, Sell 5 Fruit - 150 Miles, Sell 10 Shells - 200 Miles, Chop Down 1 Tree - 200 Miles. As you can see, you will get Nook Miles for doing things you would do on your island anyway, so win-win. 

What can I buy for Nook Miles?

You can use your Nook Miles to redeem various things through the automated terminal, called the Nook Shop. It is worth noting that this device serves not only as a shopping assistant, but can also be used as an Automatic Bell Dispenser through which players can access their in-game bank account. Rewards you can redeem for your Miles include: 

  • Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets - These are some of the most useful things in the game. They allow you to travel to other deserted islands, on which you can find new saplings, villagers, materials, and various other things (you can also turn these islands into Tarantula farms to make a lot of money). If you are looking for new Villagers, these are your best bet. Buy multiple on them and embark on the villager-searching expedition! Sooner or later you will come across a person who you will want to invite to your island. 
  • DIY Recipes - Various types of DIY Recipes can be redeemed for Miles, these include recipes for tools and various housewares. 
  • The Tool Ring - One of the most essential assets in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It allows you to easily cycle through your tools via the tool wheel. 
  • Inventory Slots Increases - With these, you can expand your inventory by 10 slots (for a maximum of 40). Thanks to this, you will get more from each of the Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets you buy, because more slots = more space for the stuff you get from deserted islands! 
  • Hairstyles and Hair Colors - You can redeem various hairstyle bundles, each containing 8 different and unique hairstyles. 
  • Special Clothing and Wares - With Nook Miles, you can purchase exclusive Nook Inc. branded clothing and gadgets, including Umbrellas, Rugs T-shirts, and Slippers. 

Nook Miles Tickets - What are they?

Nook Miles Tickets are special passes you can redeem from the Nook Store. They allow you to go on mystery tours and visit other deserted islands. Each Mystery Tour you embark on will take you to a completely random, uncharted island which you will be able to explore! To embark on the tour, provided you already have the Nook Miles Ticket, visit your local Airport, and talk to Orville. There are various types of deserted islands and each type has a set Encounter Rate, which varies from 10 to 0.3% (so, some of the Islands are very hard to get on and extremely rare). If there is one thing that connects all deserted islands it is the loot you can get on them. Each of the islands is bound to have some rare bugs and fish, rocks from which you can gather iron ores, fruit trees non-native to your main island, and even hybrid flowers. Moreover, there is also a chance you will meet random villagers on them! All of the above means that Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets are a great investment and you should take full advantage of them. 

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