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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Items

Making a good living on a deserted island can be almost impossible without a good plan, a little bit of luck, and a bunch of much-needed provisions and other useful things. Luckily, in the newest installment of AC, there is a way of obtaining or crafting pretty much anything you might need. Of course, you are forced to start from scratch and with a mortgage on your back to boot, but your island will provide you with almost anything you need (and other deserted islands will provide you with anything else). Knowing which Animal Crossing: New Horizons Items you might need, how to get them, and for what they are useful for, will help you during your adventures and allow you to develop your village into villager heaven. This is why Odealo has prepared a shortlist of useful Animal Crossing Items together with brief descriptions that will help you get in grips with the game's mechanics. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Item Types

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Items come in various shapes and forms, they all have different applications, and can be divided into a bunch of main categories: Tools, Fruit, Flowers, Equipment, Fossils, Miscellaneous, Furniture, and Resources (the last two have their own sections on our site, and they will be described in detail there). Some of the items can simply be bought at your local Nook's Cranny, while others have to be crafted from scratch or found/gathered in the world: 

Tools - These specialty items will allow you to perform various tasks, ranging from digging holes to jumping over rivers. Depending on the type of material they are made of, they have varying durability (as a general rule, the more durable a tool is, the more expensive it is to craft or purchase). Tools can be crafted from scratch at your DIY Workbench or simply bought at your local shop. Normally, these Animal Crossing: New Horizons Items have to be accessed from inventory, but there is an Item that makes accessing your tools much more convenient. The Tool Ring, which can be bought at the Nook Shop for 800 Nook Miles, allows you to bring up an 8 wheel-menu from which you can access all your tools quickly, without the need for opening the inventory. Currently, there are 8 types of Tools in New Horizons:

  • Axes - These are present in all games of the series. They are used for chopping down trees and hitting objects. Using an Axe is the only way of removing a tree, so you have to have one in your inventory during your adventures. However, an Axe will not remove the tree completely; there will be a stump, that can be removed with a shovel, left. A tree requires 3 Axe hits to be cut down and, after each hit, there is a chance that an Animal Crossing Item will fall from it. Every Axe has durability and will shatter after a set amount of uses. Flimsy Axe is the least durable, and the Golden Axe is the strongest in New Horizons (you will get a recipe for it after you break 100 Axes; Flimsy ones break the fastest, so you should grind the recipe by using them). 
  • Fishing Rods - The only Animal Crossing Item used for catching fish. It can be used while standing near a pool of water (a waterfall, tropical sea, a pond, river, or ocean); there is a fishing mini-game associated with Fishing Rods: if a fish spots the lure, they will nibble a couple of times (up to four) and eventually take the bait. Then, you have to press your "A" button before the fish gets away. Be aware that fish get scared very easily and reeling in the line too soon, using other tools, or simply running around will make them swim away in fear. The simplest Flimsy Fishing Rod can be created at the Workbench from 5 tree branches, but the more durable ones are available only through purchase from the Nook's Cranny after an upgrade. 
  • Nets - Tools used to catch bugs that can be found in all sorts of places - in the water, on the ground, on trees, and in the air. Pressing the "A" button while holding a Net will result in your character swinging it in front of him; is the swing hits a bug, it will get caught automatically. These Animal Crossing: New Horizons Items can either be crafted (A simple Flimsy Net can be created out of 5 tree branches; it breaks after just 10 uses, however, so an upgrade might be needed rather quickly - A Golden Net Recipe is gifted to the player for completing the Critterpedia, which takes some time, but combining a Flimsy Net with an Iron Nugget, on the workbench, will create a regular Net), or bought (for example, a Colorful Net costs 2500 Bells at the Nook's Cranny after the first upgrade). 
  • Shovels - These tools are used for digging holes (everywhere where there is no obstacle blocking the ground), removing tree stumps and bushes, excavating buried fossils, and hitting Money Rocks to obtain some money. A hole dug with a shovel can be used to bury money (at the glowing spot) or fruit to grow trees. Moreover, you can dig holes strategically - to create bug traps or to stop yourself from recoiling after using tools. In the New Horizons, your first Flimsy Shovel can be crafted out of 5 pieces of Hardwood and other, more durable, ones can be either purchased at your Nook's Cranny or crafted after obtaining a recipe (for example, Golden Shovel recipe will be mailed to you after you help Gulliver thirty times). 
  • Watering Cans - Used to water your flowers to prevent them from dying or wilting and to promote breeding and hybridization of new ones. If you want to maintain the Perfect Town environment, you will have to water your flowers regularly, which means that a Watering Can is an essential tool in your arsenal. These Animal Crossing: New Horizons Items can be either purchased at your local Nook's Cranny or crafted at the workbench (Flimsy Watering can is made out of 5 pieces of softwood, and the Golden Watering Can recipe is given to you for obtaining 5-star rank for your island). 
  • Navigation Tools - These tools are used to cross obstacles or climb to elevated areas. There are two Navigation Tools in the game: 1 - The Vaulting Pole, which allows you to cross lakes and rivers that are up to 3 spaces wide; you can craft it out of 5 pieces of softwood. 2 - Ladder that allows you to climb up and down cliff faces on islands; It can be created from 4 pieces of hardwood, 4 pieces of wood, and 4 pieces of softwood. Both Navigation Tools are necessary if you want to be able to access all areas of an island. 
  • Slingshots - These Animal Crossing Items can be used to knock down objects that float in the air (by piercing balloons that are attached to floating presents, for example). In New Horizons, a regular Slingshot will break after 20 uses and it can be created out of 5 pieces of hardwood. If you want an upgrade, you will have to pop 300 balloons to obtain the Golden Slingshot recipe, as Colorful Slingshot and Outdoorsy Slingshot, that can be bought at the upgraded Nook's Cranny, both also have just 20 uses (the Golden one has 60). 
  • Wands - These special tools are used to transform the clothes of the player, which changes their appearance. The transformation is cosmetic and does not replace the player's clothes, just their looks. A Wand can have up to 8 pre-made outfits, which can be created by the player at his wardrobe or dresser. Unlike other tools, these Animal Crossing: New Horizons Items serve as cosmetics. Different Wands can be created out of a different base ingredient, but all of them also require Star Fragments to make. 

Fruit - These common Animal Crossing: New Horizons Items grow on trees and can be eaten to get a temporary power to break a rock or shovel a fully grown tree (up to 10 Fruits can be eaten at a time to get 10 stacks of power). Each Island has native fruit that can be purchased cheaply; there are five possible native fruits: Peaches, Pears, Cherries, Oranges, and Apples. Moreover, there are six Tropical Fruits (Bananas, Lemons, Lychees, Durians, Mangos, and Coconuts), and two Special Fruits (Grapes and Persimmons). 

Flowers - These plants make your village look nicer, attract bugs, and even enable you to obtain the "perfect Town" status (if you have enough of them and water them regularly). In New Horizons, different Flower Seeds are available in different seasons (Nook's Cranny will sell a different set of Flower Seeds each month). If gardening is your thing, you can develop hybrids of certain flower types to create rare flower specimens. 

Equipment - These Animal Crossing: New Horizons Items can be worn by the player to alternate their appearance. Most of the equipment pieces available in the game are only obtainable through crafting and require a special recipe to make. Moreover, some types of equipment are very costly to make, but they also sell quite well. If you want to make your character look unique, obtaining new equipment recipes is the way to go. 

Fossils - These collectible Animal Crossing Items can be dug up from the ground with a shovel. There are 73 of them in New Horizons and getting duplicates is possible, which means that completing your fossil collection will take a while. Duplicate Fossils have no practical uses and can be sold to make some additional money. 

Miscellaneous - These are the Items that do not fit in any of the above-described categories. Miscellaneous pieces range from decorative Items to Food and can be created at the workbench. Some of them can be given to your villagers as presents, while others serve as nice house decorations. 

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