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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bells

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the newest game in the "Animal Crossing" Nintendo game series. Just like the previous iterations, the game revolves around creating your own village, paying off your mortgage (this part is optional but gives some benefits when completed), attracting villagers and, most importantly, socializing with fellow players. As an open-ended simulation with an established economy, the game "encourages" you to make money right from the start (Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bells in the case of the latest iteration). Bells are the main currency in all games in the Animal Crossing Series. They can be used in several ways: 

  • The player is burdened with quite substantial debt (in a form of mortgage placed upon his house) at the start of the game and he can pay it off with the game's main currency. Doing so will increase the player's storage capacity. 
  • Animal Crossing Bells are used as the main circulating medium in the Nook's Cranny in-game store, where the player can buy and sell all sorts of in-game goods. 
  • Villagers will often ask the player for Bells; this can be a part of a minigame or a trade. The Player can also gift Bells to his villagers by sending them a mail with the money attached. 

Storing Animal Crossing Bells

Normally, Bells are stored in the player's wallet, but the wallet has limited capacity. This means that if the player wants to carry more than 99000 Animal Crossing Bells (the maximum amount that will fit in the wallet), he has to use his regular inventory slots. Each slot can hold up to 99000 Bells (full stack) and there are 40 slots in the player's inventory. This means that the maximum amount of money one can carry in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons is 4059999 Bells (assuming that all inventory slots are filled with full money stacks and no other assets are carried). Additionally, up to 990000 Bells can be carried in letters, but these cannot be used for trading unless they are extracted into regular inventory. Of course, the player does not have to carry all his money on him all the time, he can put it in his house's storage or into his bank account through an ABD (Automatic Bell Dispenser) and withdraw it as needed. 

Earning Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bells

The game offers its players a multitude of Bell Making methods that range from simple farming and grinding to playing with the game's economy and completing various daily tasks. This variety guarantees that every player will find a satisfying in-game activity that will also fill up his pockets with money (to some extent, at least). Here is a quick recap of the popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bell making methods: 

  • Shaking Trees, one of the ways of obtaining fruits and other resources, is also a good way of getting some additional pocket money. Each tree you shake has a chance to drop Animal Crossing Bells. If you go out of your way and shake every tree that grows on your island, you are bound to make some profit. You can also sell the other stuff that has fallen from the trees if you need that extra bit of money. 
  • There are rocks on your island... each day one of them transforms into a Money Rock. Money Rocks can be hit with a Shovel which will result in Bells popping out of it. The profit you will make from a money rock depends on how many times you manage to hit it; normally, you will recoil quite far and have to run back to the spot after every hit - this reduces the number of hits you can deal. To work around this, dig a couple of holes behind you so that they stop you from recoiling after hitting the rock. A single Money Rock drops only a couple thousand Bells, but if you hit them daily, the numbers will add up (and it does not take much time). 
  • You might have noticed that each day a random spot on your island starts glowing and that if you dig at the said spot, you get 1000 Bells. This is a great way of making a little bit of money very quickly, however, you can make substantially more if you are ready to make an investment and you have some patience. Bells can be placed, into the hole you made by digging up the glowing spot, to plant down a Money Tree. After a few days, you can harvest the tree and get triple the amount you have planted (planting 10k Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bells will give you 30k back, for example). This is, by far, the simplest investment you can make in the game and all it requires is a shovel (because you can always plant the 1k, you dug, to get 3k). 
  • Nooklings at your Nook's Cranny will declare a "Hot Item", that they will pay a premium for (basically, they pay double for the selected thing), each day. Most often, the declared items are cheap and easy to craft, which means that you can make a decent profit out of creating and selling them. The rule here is simple: If the combined price of all the materials is lower than the selling price of the end product, you will make Bells. Please keep in mind that crafting the same thing, over and over again, just to make some profit can suck out all the enjoyment of the game from you; only do this if you are out of other options and/or the margins (the difference between the price of the materials and the end product) are exceptionally high. 
  • Collecting Fossils is an inherent part of every iteration of Animal Crossing. You can get them by simply using your shovel to dig holes; there is a random chance that you will dig out a Fossil. There are a total of 73 fossils in New Horizons, which results in two things: 1 - collecting them all will take some time, and 2 - you are bound to get multiple duplicates before completing your collection. The second point is of the particular interest to us, as selling duplicate Fossils is actually a decent way of making some Animal Crossing Bells. The price of the Fossils ranges from 1000 to ~6000 Bells, which means that there is some RNG involved but, if you want to complete your collection, you will dig a multitude of them out on occasion anyway and the profits will be rather steady. 
  • One of the most popular forms of recreation in the AC series, Fishing, is also one of the most essential moneymaking skills you can have in the game. To catch fish, you have to use a fishing rod near a fish shadow in a body of water (you can wish in oceans, river pools, rivers, ponds, and under waterfalls). If the fish takes the bait, you have to quickly press and hold your "A" key to hook it. If you are not fast enough, the fish will disappear. Prices of fish you can catch vary greatly; the cheapest fish are worth only a single coin (which is worth 100 Bells) and the rarest and the most difficult to catch go for up to 15000 Bells. It is worth noting that you can catch not only fish, but also keys that can be returned to their owners for a reward, Trash that flows down a river (empty cans, old tires, boots, and other "achievements of civilization"), and Junk that's actually a crafting material used for creating furniture. If you enjoy Fishing, the moneymaking aspect of it just a pleasant bonus. 
  • If you already have a substantial number of Animal Crossing Bells, you can put them on your bank account via the Automatic Bell Dispenser. Each month, you will get 0.5% interest out of them. This is not too much, but if you are already rich, the bank account is a good way of becoming even richer without the need for doing anything (just let your Bells work for you). You can also use your Bank Account to simply clear your inventory and storage spaces for other useful stuff. 
  • Each player island has a Fruit that is native to its climate. Native Fruits are much easier to grow, which results in their prices being much lower than regular. This, in turn, results in a substantial value disparity between native and non-native fruits. In fact, the buy price of a native fruit is lower than the selling price of the non-native one! You can take advantage of it by purchasing as many of your island's Native Fruits as you can (for 400 Bells each) and selling them on another island, where they are not considered "native" (for 500 Bells each). Reselling a whole inventory will give you a 40000 Bells profit. If you also buy fruits native to the other island and sell them on yours, and repeat the whole process multiple times, you will be able to make about 300000 Bells per hour with this method. 
  • Catching bugs is one of the most popular activities in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Just like fish, different bugs sell for different prices, which means that your profits from bug-catching will vary. If you want to make a lot of Bells, your best bet is to catch Tarantulas which are worth 8000 Bells a pop. To do this effectively, you have to travel to a deserted island and turn it into tarantula heaven (which basically means that you have to dig up every tree, crush every stone, pick off every flower, and catch all other bugs as tarantulas like open spaces and barren landscapes). After the terraforming is done, all you need to do is wait for tarantulas to spawn and start catching them (which is not as easy as it sounds...). 
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