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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Furniture

Expanding and decorating your home is an inherent part of the Animal Crossing game series since Wild World, first released in late 2005. You get your house, at the beginning of each of the games, from the greedy raccoon Tom Nook (not for free, of course; you have to pay off a considerable mortgage before you can fully appreciate your new estate). In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, all you get at the start is a small tent; you have to pay off the "Deserted Island Getaway Package" to get the home of your dreams. The tent comes with windows and a mailbox, but it cannot be expanded, and flooring and wallpapers cannot be altered, which means that putting Animal Crossings Furniture in it is a waste - better to save up some money and get rid of the mortgage first. 

The House of your Dreams

In New Horizons, your house can be expanded multiple times and pretty much all of its interior elements can be changed or altered to your liking. At the start, your home will consist of a single room, but you can add multiple new ones to it. Here are the parts of the House you can build, together with some Animal Crossing: New Horizons Furniture suggestions that will make them feel... homely: 

The Main Room - This is the first room your home starts with after you pay off your Deserted Island Getaway Package. It can be expanded and upgraded several times; its flooring can be freely changed and its wallpaper can be altered. The Main Room is the biggest part of your house, and the first one your guests will see, so you should decorate it in a way that describes your style the best. This is also the place at which you will receive your visitors. As far as the Animal Crossing Furniture goes, you could set up a large recreation/meeting area in the center of the room - a large dining table or a modern coffee table and comfortable armchairs for you and your friends to hang out on will do rather nicely. The rest of the room could be decorated in a more extravagant way; you can adorn it with something like Animal Crossing Constellation Package, for example. As far as flooring and wallpapers go; dark floors and bright walls look great and make the housewares look better. 

Side Additions - Up to three smaller rooms can be built around the main room (on the west, east, and the north of it). Unlike the main room, these ones don't stand out too much at a first glance, so you can furnish them in a more utilitarian way. Here are a few ideas on how you can arrange your three side rooms:

  • Make yourself a private office from which you will govern your village. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Furniture that will be perfect for an office includes a solid wooden desk, a set of drawers, a wooden-block bookshelf, a large carpet, and a golden seat that will highlight your position quite nicely. 
  • You need a place in which you will store and prepare food, and a kitchen connected to the main room is always a good idea. A small dining table and a couple of chairs, a Butter Churn, and some lockers, or even shelves, will fit here nicely. 
  • You could create a private gym. At the start, all you will need is a few Barbells, but you will certainly find other Animal Crossing Housewares that will fit perfectly in an exercise room. 
  • An easily-accessible workshop with a sturdy DIY Workbench in its central part will be a great addition to your house. You will do a fair portion of crafting during your adventures in New Horizons, so making such a room is a very good idea. 
  • If you'd like to entertain your guests not only in your Main Room, you could arrange a game/recreational room of sorts and fill it with leisure Furniture, like a Juicy-Apple TV or a Lily Record Player. 
  • Every house needs a bathroom, and you can let your imagination run wild when it comes to furnishing it in Animal Crossing. Just imagine the faces of your friends when you show them your Golden Toilet...

The Second Floor - Your house's upstairs area is a great place for a bedroom, and there is nothing better than a comfortable king-size bed in the center of it, as far as Animal Crossings" Hew Horizons Furniture goes, at least. You can finish your bedroom off with a spacious closet in which you will store your outfits, a handy end-table, a dresser, and a bookshelf on which you will place your favorite bed-time novels. The floor and the walls of your bedroom should be finished off in light colors that will help you calm your nerves after your adventures. 

Basement - Your house's underground area is a great place for creating a storage room that will hold all your collected goods and materials. The Animal Crossing Furniture that should be placed in such a room mainly consists of various storage units (Barrels, Dressers, Closets, Chests, and so on). Thanks to the Storage System of the New Horizons, however, making a storage room is not necessary, which means that you can furnish your basement in any way you'd like. Nothing stops you from making a secret underground base in it, for example. 

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