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Wolcen Class Archetypes Passive System Guide

Wolcen Class Archetypes Passive System Guide

Learn how the Passives System and Character classes work in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem
Class Archetypes and Major Passives



Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem provides its players with character development freedom unheard of in any other titles (yes, Wolcen's system is even more flexible than PoE's). Just like in other modern Action RPGs, the player chooses a starting Class, of which there are three - Melee, Mage, and Archer; and from here things get very, VERY interesting... All the starting Class does is provide the player with a starting weapon and a set of basic skills, and the further character development is completely up to to the said player. He can allocate his character's passive points on the Gate of Fates (that's how Wolcen's passive tree is called) in any way he likes. His Archer can quickly turn into a dual-wielding combat spell caster or a bloodthirsty berserker; possibilities are almost countless. To make things even more compelling, the Gate of Fates is comprised out of three "Circles"; Inner contains 3 Class Archetypes, Middle contains 6 Class Archetypes and Outer contains 12 Class Archetypes. The best part about this "passive tree" is the fact that each of the circles can be rotated independently from each other. This means that any of the Inner Circle's archetypes can be combined with each of the Middle Circle's ones, and each of the Middle Circle's Archetypes can be combined with each of the Outer's ones! The number of character development options provided by this system is simply unbelievable.

Note: Each of the Wolcen's Class Archetypes has a set of Minor and Major Passives (Inner and Outer Circle's Archetypes have 3 Majors each and Middle Circle has 5 each). Minor ones provide small bonuses to statistics, but Major ones are often build-defining.

Below, we present you a complete list of Wolcen Class Archetypes together with all the passives each of them has access to. 

Wolcen Passive Tree
As you can see, Wolcen's Passives Tree looks very impressive

The Inner Circle

Major Passives of the

Scholars devote their lives to the pursuit of knowledge, even if it's of the forbidden kind. Many of them descend into madness as studying the supernatural quickly corrupts the weak-minded. Scholar provides the most basic attributes for all Mages, including Force Shield, Willpower and a core Passive for all Ailment builds
Attrition Strategist

Additional Chance to inflict an ailment to the target on hit. 

  • +60% Status Aliment Chance Score. 
Thirst for Knowledge

Health Globes now not only heal the Scholar but also recharge His Force Shield. 

  • 25% Force Shield Recharge from Health Globes. 
Purifier's Will

Reduces all damage taken when your Force Shield is fully charged. 

  • 30% Damage Reduction when Force Shield is full. 

Major Passives of the

Not all soldiers are trained to fight in open battles; some of them are instead thought in the ways of stealth, tracking, infiltration, and sabotage... As the Republican Military Academy's Instructors say "Intelligence gathering is the key to successful warfare". Sentinel is all about Dodge, and it's most likely going to be one of your base classes for any Melee/Ranged build because of how efficient Dodge is in Wolcen.
Backline Raider

Increases attack and casting speeds. 

  • 50% Spell Casting Speed Score. 
  • 50% Attack Speed Score. 
Pinch Runner

When on low health, Sentinel gains additional stamina points for dodge rolls. This ability has a Cooldown. 

  • Gain +3 Stamina Points when at 30% of Maximum Health or lower. 
Covert Operative

Increases Scholar's chance of dodging a subsequent attack after being hit. 

  • +100% Dodge Chance Score after taking a hit. 

Major Passives of the

The battlefield is where a Soldier feels at home and myths of heroes are what keeps a Soldier true to humanity's cause. These frontline warriors are the backbone of the Purifiers' army. Solider offers bonuses to Health and Critical Strike Chance, and the Wild Card Passive appears to be the most commonly used Passive in the game.
Second Wind

When Soldier's Health goes below a certain threshold, a burst of Health Regeneration triggers. 

  • When under 30% of Maximum Health, gain a burst of Health Regeneration. 
The Heat of Battle

Taking damage provides the Soldier with additional Rage. 

  • +25 Rage per hit taken. 
The Wild Card

Increases the critical chance of Soldier's Spells and Attacks. 

  • +60% Critical Hit Chance Score. 


The Middle Circle

Major Passives of the

Assassin is heavily reliant on Critical Damage and Toxic DoT. It's a mix of Trickster and Assassin Classes from Path of Exile that you might be already familiar with. Any build that utilizes high Crit. Will need the Merciless Lethality Passive from this Class in order to reach its' maximum potential
Merciless Lethality

Decreases the damage dealt by Assassin's normal hits, but increases the damage dealt by His Critical Hits. 

  • -30% Damage. 
  • +100% Critical Hit Damage. 
Phantom Strike

Doubles the Critical Chance of Assassin's Dash Attacks. 

  • The Critical Hit Chance of the Dash Attack is doubled. 
Clandestine Execution

Assassin deals more damage if there is just a single enemy nearby. 

  • +25% Damage when only one enemy is within 7 meters range. 
Slipping Shadow

Assassin's dodge rolls can now go through enemies. 

  • Active dodge can go through enemies. 
Blessing of the Jade Legion

Turns a percentage of Assassin's physical damage into Toxic damage. 

  • 50% Physical Damage converted into Toxic Damage. 

Major Passives of the

Cabalist relies on Ailments and Damage over Time to melt enemies on the battlefield. In Wolcen, most of your Hits and Attacks can apply multiple ailments for very useful bonuses, making Cabalist among the most popular second Tier Classes in Wolcen
Power of the First Men

Cabalist has a chance to double the number of applied aliment stacks when applying an aliment. 

  • 50% chance to multiply the number of Aliment Stacks inflicted by 2. 
Immortal Offering

When Cabalist defeats an enemy afflicted with ailments, he gains a temporary damage boost. 

  • Defeating an enemy grants +5% Damage for each Amiment Stack on that enemy (up to 5 stacks per Damage type). 
Grievous Afflictions

Cabalist has a chance of applying two different ailments with a single hit (instead of the standard one). 

  • Can now apply +1 Additional Aliment. 
Insidious Decay

Cabalist applies more aliment stacks at once at the expense of lowering his damage from other sources. 

  • +2 Aliment Stacks inflicted. 
  • -30% Damage that is not Damage Over Time. 
Primordial Insights

If an Aliment was applied with a critical hit, it can now deal Critical Damage. 

  • Damage over time effects generated with a Critical Hit deal Critical Damage. 

Major Passives of the

Blessed Manna

Health Globes now not only restore Praetorian's Health but also increase his resistance for a short time. 

  • +40% All Resistances Score for you and your allies after picking up a Health Globe. 
Sacred Oath

Blocking an enemy's attack makes him weaker and more vulnerable by applying the Weakness debuff. 

  • Apply 2 Weakness Stacks upon Blocking an Attack of the Target in 7 meters radius. 
Kingless Aegis

Praetorian can now block enemy attacks with any kind of weapon. 

  • +6% Added Block Chance and allow any weapon to block. 

Each Physical Resistance point now also increases all damage dealt at the cost of a reduced chance to land a critical hit. 

  • -50% Critical Hit Chance. 
  • +0.75% Damage per percent of Physical Resistance. 
Selfless Courage

Increases the defense of Praetorian and his nearby allies after he blocks an enemy attack. 

  • +25% All Resistances Score for Praetorian and his allies after blocking a hit. 

Major Passives of the

The most typical Bow/Ranged Class in Wolcen which heavily focuses on dealing damage from a distance and maximizes your Projectile Damage that are usually fired from Bow/Gun Attacks. Ranger also benefits from staying away from all enemies by greatly increasing the DPS when there are no enemies nearby
Safe From Afar

Increases Ranger's projectile damage dealt proportionally to the distance at which said damage is inflicted to enemies. 

  • +175% All Projectiles Damage scaling with Distance at 15 meters. 
Come What May

Projectiles that strike enemies from the close range now pierce through them and can damage other enemies behind them. 

  • All Projectiles pierce every target within a 6 meters radius. 
Meditative Focus

Ranger now deals increased damage when he is far away from all enemies. 

  • +25% Damage when at least 6m away from all enemies. 
Archion's Teachings

All Ranger's Spells and Attacks that launch projectiles now launch an additional one at the expense of dealing less damage per projectile. 

  • -50% All Projectiles Damage. 
  • +1 Projectile to all Projectile Skills (Spells and Attacks). 
Persistence Hunting

Increases Damage dealt to enemies who have movement impairing effects active on them (frozen, stunned, in stasis, or slowed). 

  • +25% Damage to enemies with Impaired Movement. 

Major Passives of the

Warlock is DoT/Force Shield oriented Class. If you decide to play a build that utilizes Force Shield only for its' defenses you will surely need to pick a bunch of Passives from this part of the Tree. You can check our Arctic Spear build that utilizes this class to maximize its defensive capabilities right here: Arctic Spear Warlock Mage/DPS Build
Resilience to Corruption

When Warlock is afflicted with a Damage Over Time effect, aliment damage gets absorbed by his Force Shield instead of immediately damaging his Health. 

  • Damage Over Time is dealt to Warlock's Force Shield before his Health. 
Faith Leech

Dealing Damage with Life Leech now recovers Warlock's Force Shield instead of Health. 

  • Life Leech now affects Force Shield instead of Health. 
Reining in the Darkness

When Warlocks is above a certain threshold of Willpower, his Spells are more likely to deal Critical Damage. 

  • +100% Spells Critical Hit Chance Score while willpower is above 75%. 
Residual Energy

After Warlock casts a spell, his next attack gets empowered with additional damage, based on the spell's type, for a short period of time. 

  • Attacks gain +30% damage from the last spell cast. The type of damage is the same as the last spell cast. 
Duty to Exterminate

Warlock's maximum Willpower and Rage levels are now increases which allows him to cast more spells and attack skills. 

  • +200 to Maximum Rage and Willpower. 

Major Passives of the

Core Class for all Melee Fighters. It offers very high Life Leech bonuses which is pretty much mandatory for any character that wants to stay alive in Melee Range when dealing with Bosses in Wolcen. You can check out our Bleeding Bladestorm Spin-to-Win Warmonger which utilizes majority of this Class's Passives
Blood Reaper

A Percentage of Warmonger's Damage dealt becomes Rend Damage. 

  • 50% Physical Damage converted into Rend Damage. 
Manic Slaughter

Increases Warmonger's Damage Dealt proportionally to the Rage amount that he currently has. This modifier applies to all forms of Damage. 

  • +2% Damage per 100 unspent Rage points. 
Feast for the Crows

All forms of Warmonger's attacks gain Life Leech that heals him on the next tick of Health Regeneration. 

  • +2% Global Life Leech. 
Bestial Frenzy

Warmonger's Damage gets increased proportionally to the number of enemies within melee range. 

  • +4% Damage for each Nearby enemy within 4m range. 
Gods Amongst Men

Rend, Physical, and Toxic damage dealt is now increased, but Warmonger cannot inflict any other types of Damage. 

  • Can only deal Material Damage (Rend, Physical, and Toxic). 
  • +50% Material Damage (Rend, Physical, and Toxic). 


The Outer Circle

Major Passives of the

Intravenous Neural Cord

Increases Alastor's attack speed for a short duration, after he inflicts a critical hit on an enemy. 

  • +75% Attack Speed Score for 3.0 seconds on Critical Hit. 
Sparkling Dart

Alastor gains "Power Charge" points that can have a value between -100 and 100. This resource is now required to activate any Device or Lightning skills (on top of the standard Willpower cost). When the value is above 0, Alastor's damage is increased, if below - His damage is reduced. Power Charge regenerates over time and with Alastor's attacks.

  • Basic Attacks refill "Power Charge" Points by 4.
  • 4 "Power Charge" Points are generated per second. 
  • Device and Skills with base Lightning Damage have their Damage increased by 200% multiplied by Alastor's current number of "Power Charge" Points. 
Static Transferral

Each time Alastor attacks, he receives an "Overload" point that boosts his Damage. When he uses a skill, all "Overload" points are removed and their total damage bonus is doubled. 

  • +6% Damage per "Overload" Point.
  • Basic Attacks generate 1 "Overload" point up to a maximum of 6. 
  • Using a Skill consumes all "Overload" Points but doubles the Skill's Damage. 

Major Passives of the

Abyssal Shaper
Fatal Pact

Each stackable aliment that Abyssal Shaper inflicts is also inflicted on him. Each time 10 stacks of each type are reached (on Abyssal Shaper), that aliment is removed completely, giving Abyssal Shaper and his allies a short time bonus depending on which ailment was removed. Removal of Stasis stacks increases movement speed. Removal of Cursed stacks increases all resistances. Removal of Weakness stacks increases Damage dealt. Removal of any other stacks provides Force Shield and Health regeneration. 

  • Abyssal Shaper receives 1 Aliment stack when inflicting Aliment on an enemy. 
  • When Abyssal Shaper has over 10% of the same Aliment Stack, he cleanses them, granting buffs to himself and all nearby allies. 
  • +25% Movement Speed to Abyssal Shaper and allies in a 4 meters radius for 7 seconds when Stasis Stacks are removed. 
  • +30% to All Resistance Score to Abyssal Shaper and allies in a 4 meters radius for 7 seconds when Cursed Stacks are removed. 
  • +30% Damage increase for Abyssal Shaper and allies in a 4 meters radius for 7 seconds when Weakness Stacks are removed. 
  • Removing Aliment stacks that deal Damage Over Time restores +30% of Maximum Force Shield and Maximum Health to Abyssal Shaper and his allies in a 4 meters radius. 
Masochistic Effigy

Doubles Abyssal Shaper's maximum Force Shield, but his Health cannot exceed 5% of his maximum Force Shield. 

  • Doubles Maximum Force Shield. 
  • Health cannot exceed 5% of the maximum Force Shield level. 
Occult Affliction

Each Cursed stack an enemy is afflicted with increases Abyssal Shaper's Occult damage dealt to that enemy. 

  • Occult Damage increased by 5% for every Cursed Stack an enemy has. 

Major Passives of the

Arms Master
Proud Reprisal

When Arms Maester blocks an attack, he instantly deals a percentage of his weapon damage in a counter-attack. 

  • 100% of Weapon Damage dealt to Attacking Enemy when their Attack is Blocked. 
Pugilist's Momentum

Striking 4 times with the same weapon within a short period of time provides Arms Maester with different bonuses depending on the used weapon type. 

  • Provides alternative fourth Attack to each basic weapon Combo. 
  • The Fourth Attack with a Bow weapon Attack Combo shoots multiple arrows in all directions. 
  • The Fourth Attack with a Staff weapon Combo fires additional projectiles in Target's direction. 
  • The Fourth Attack of a Two-Handed weapon Attack Combo Stuns all enemies hit. 
  • The Fourth Attack of a One-Handed weapon Attack Combo is always a Critical Hit. 
Virtuose Stance

Arms Maester gains access to the "Stalwart Resolve" and "probing Weakness" stances that give different bonuses. Active stance changes after a Dodge Roll is used. 

  • Gain access to two "Stances": "Stalwart Resolve" and "Probing Weakness". A "Stance" is changed when a Dodge Roll is used. 
  • While "Stalwart Resolve" is active, Arms Maester has 10% Block Chance and 20% Block Efficiency at the cost of 25% of his Spell Damage and Attack. 
  • While "Probing Weakness" is active, Arms Maester has a 10% Chance to double his Attack Damage at the cost of 25% of his All Resistances Score. 

Major Passives of the

Child of Fury
Child of Fury relies on stacking high Attack Speed/Leech and Fire Damage bonuses. It scales perfectly with high Attack Speed and Burn Ailments, which can greatly increase your DPS. It also provides extra Rage generation, which may be very useful for any Attack build regardless of your desired Skill choices. You can check our Wailing Arrow Burning DoT Ranged build how this class can be utilized
Blistering Embrace

When Child of Fury hits an enemy who has a certain number of Burn stacks, He has a chance to consume all the Burn stacks and deal additional Damage proportional to the number of consumed stacks. 

  • When Hitting an Enemy with an Attack, Child of Fury has a 10% chance to consume the Burn Stacks if their number exceeds 5, each consumed stack increases the Damage of the Hit by 10%. 
Flurrying Flames

Each time Child of Fury hits an enemy, he receives an "Unleashed Fury" point. Each "Unleashed Fury" Point grants bonus attack speed and life leech, but also reduces Child's All Resistance Score. 

  • Child's Attacks generate "Unleashed Fury" Points up to a maximum of 50. Points reset after spending 3 seconds out of combat. 
  • +3% Attack Speed Score per each "Unleashed Fury" Point. 
  • +0.2% Life Leech per each "Unleashed Fury" Point. 
  • -1% All Resistances Score per each "Unleashed Fury" Point. 
Furious Appetite

Will Power generated by the Child of Fury is transferred into Rage. His Willpower Regeneration is applied to Rage instead. 

  • Passively generates Rage instead of Willpower. 

Major Passives of the

Duskglaive is one of the most unique classes in Wolcen. Primarily, it should utilize both Spells and Attacks, which can increase the damage of the other after reaching a balance in Lure of Light and Lure of Darkness stacks. Our Infinity Blades/Slayer's Flurry Duskglaive is a perfect example of how can this be maintained in the actual game. You should note that while very rewarding, Duskglaive offers one of the most difficult gameplay mechanics
Life's First Movement

Duskglaive has 5 "Lure of Light" and 5 "Lure of Darkness" Points. Using a Spell generates 1 "Lure of Darkness" point and consumes 1 "Lure of Light" point. Using an Attack generates 1 "Lure of Light" point and consumes 1 "Lure of Darkness" point. While points are weighted 6/4 they are considered to be in Equilibrium. While in this state, they provide Duskglaive with special bonuses, but if they are not, they give Duskglaive a penalty.

  • While "Lure of Light" and "Lure of Darkness" are in "Equilibrium", Duskglaive's attacks benefit from 50% of Spell Damage bonuses and his Spells 50% of Attack Damage bonuses. 
  • While "Lure of Light" and "Lure of Darkness" are not in "Equilibrium", Duskglaive's Attacks lose 20% of Spell Damage bonuses and his Spells 20% of Attack Damage bonuses. 
Waltzing Smoke

Duskglaive becomes invisible for a short time after he uses a Dodge Roll. While invisible, his next attack deals increased Shadow Damage. 

  • Dodge Roll turns Duskglaive invisible for 5 seconds. While invisible, the damage of his next Skill activated is increased by 30%. Using a skill will break the invisibility. This effect has a 12-second cooldown. 
Tethered Shade

Every time Duskglaive uses Dodge Roll, enemies in his path receive damage and a decoy is created at the dodge's starting position. 

  • Dodge Roll Damages Enemies and leaves a Decoy for 1 second. 

Major Passives of the

Unflagging Prayer

When Eos's Health goes below a certain threshold, he makes a Prayer, giving an All Resistances Score buff to all his allies for a few seconds and reviving downed friendlies. This effect has a large cooldown. 

  • All Nearby Allies are Resurrected when Eos's Health drops below 30% of its maximum level. 
  • All Nearby Allies gain a 30% boost to All Resistances Score when Allies are resurrected. 
Beacon for the Lost

When Eos's Force Shield is above a certain percentage, he gains a bonus to his Sacred Spell Damage. When Eos's Force Shield is under a certain percentage, he gains a bonus to his Sacred Attack Damage. This ability works only if Eos's Force Shield is above 0. 

  • +25% Spell Damage when Force Shield is above 50%. 
  • +25% Attack Damage when Force Shield is below 50%. 
Dawn's Pious Striker

Underling and Specialist enemies are killed instantly if hit while their Health is below a certain threshold. 

  • Dealing Sacred Damage instantly kills Underling and Specialist Enemies below 15% of their Maximum Health. 

Major Passives of the

Blessed Silver

Exorcist has 5 "Anointed Ammunition" points that regenerate every few seconds and after he uses a Dodge Roll. Each "Anointed Ammunition" point increases Exorcist's projectile Damage and each "Anointed Ammunition" point missing increases Exorcist's melee damage. 

  • "Anointed Ammunition" point is consumed each time Exorcist uses a Projectile Skill.
  • 1 "Anointed Ammunition" point is refilled every 2 seconds. 
  • 1 "Anointed Ammunition" point is refilled each time Exorcist uses a Dodge Roll. 
  • +10% Melee Damage for each empty "Anointed Ammunition" point. 
  • +10 Projectile Damage for each "Anointed Ammunition" point Exorcist currently has. 
Academic Fieldwork

Each defeated Champion enemy gives Exorcist 1 "Headhunter" point up to a maximum of 5. Each "headhunter" point increases His Material Damage for a few seconds. "Headhunter" points are reset if a new point isn't acquired within a given timeframe. 

  • Gain 1 "Headhunter" Point every time an enemy that is Champion or above is defeated. Points reset after 30 seconds and each of them grants a +15% bonus to Material Damage. 
Branded Burst

If Exorcist is not being hit for a few seconds, he gains a "Tenet" Point. If he gets hit while he has "Tenet" Points, he ignores a percentage of the damage and loses 1 Point. Damage reduction is proportional to the amount of "Tenet" Points stored. 

  • Exorcist gains 1 "Tenet" Point every 2.5 seconds up to a maximum of 5.
  • 1 "tenet" Point is consumed whenever Exorcist is hit.
  • Each "Tenet" Point provides a 15% Damage reduction. 

Major Passives of the

Oracle of the Trinity
Elementary Destabilization

Whenever Oracle's Willpower is below a certain percentage, each time he uses a skill there is a small chance that he will cause an explosion. The Explosion deals damage based on Oracle's current Health or Force Shield (whichever is highest) to the Oracle and nearby enemies. The explosion also regenerates a percentage of ORacle's Willpower. Explosion's damage type is selected randomly from Frost, Fire, and Lightning. 

  • When Willpower is below 30% of its maximum, Oracle has a chance to cause an Explosion, dealing Damage based on his maximum Health or Force Shield. This Explosion regenerates 20% of Oracle's Willpower and has a 5-second Cooldown. 

Each time Oracle uses certain elemental skills, he has a chance to launch other spells.

  • 7% Chance to cast a Meteor at cursor location when Fire Skill is Cast. This effect has a 2-second Cooldown. 
  • 10% Chance to cast a Frost Lance at cursor location when Frost Skill is cast. This effect has a 2-second Cooldown. 
  • 10% Chance to cast Chain Lightning at cursor location when Lightning Skill is Cast. This effect has a 2-second Cooldown. 
Ancient Fervour

When Oracle uses certain elemental skills, he gains their corresponding "Accord". Each "Accord" has different effects that depend on its base element. 

  • Spells that inflict Fire, Frost, or Lightning aliments grant passive bonuses called "Accords".
  • 1 Accord can be active at any time and triggered "Accords" remain locked for 1 second. 
  • "Abanazaar's Accord" is active for 5 seconds unless it is triggered again. While active, it provides a 20% Damage bonus. 
  • "Etheliel's Accord" is active for 5 seconds unless it is triggered again. While active, it provides a 50% bonus Aliment Chance. 
  • "Beelmalik's Accord" is active for 5 seconds unless it is triggered again. While active, it provides a 50% bonus Critical Chance. 

Major Passives of the

Plaguebringer is all about Poison DPS and Damage over Time. Plaguebringer provides one of the most enjoyable playstyles, with enemies all around you exploding and leaving Poison clouds while you slash through their ranks. It can be also played with Minions making it a very flexible Class. Check out our Plaguebringer Toxic DPS DoT Mage for more details on how can this class be played.
Toxic Emanations

Enemies that remain in close proximity of the Plaguebringer receive a stack of Poison every few seconds. 

  • Every 2 seconds, Enemies within a 7 meters radius gain a Poison Stack. 
Sacrifice of Flesh

Plaguebringer's maximum Force Shield and Health is reduced, but his Summons take reduced damage from all sources. 

  • Plaguebringer loses 20% of his Health and Force Shield, but all his summons take 20% reduced damage. 

Defeated enemies will sometimes drop a Green Globe. If picked up, the globe increases Plaguebringer's Toxic Damage for a short duration. This effect is stackable. 

  • Enemies that die in 20 meters radius around the Plaguebringer have 10% chance to drop a Green Globe. Each picked up Globe grants an additional 30% Damage as Poison Damage for 5 seconds. 

Major Passives of the

Belligerent Banner

Every few seconds Siegebreaker gains a "Fortress" point up to a maximum of 10 points. Each "Fortress" Point increases Siegebreaker's block chance. Points are removed when a block is completed. 

  • 1 "fortress" Point is generated every 1.5 seconds. 
  • +4% Block Chance per active "Fortress" Point. 
Disallowing Vessel

While Siegebreaker remains stationary, he gains an "Inexorable" Point every few seconds. Each "Inexorable" point reduces His movement speed but also increases His Damage. Moving will cause "Inexorable" to disappear after a few seconds. 

  • While Stationary, gain 1 "Inexorable" Point each second, up to a maximum of 10. 
  • -5% Movement Speed per "Inexorable" Point. 
  • +6% Damage per "Inexorable" Point. 
Salvatory Anchor

Siegebreaker receives a bonus based on the archetype of his equipped Chest-piece. 

  • Allows Bonuses to be applied depending on Chest-piece equipped. 
  • 0.5 Health Regeneration for every Health point missing on equipped Bruiser Chest-piece. 
  • Gain All Resistances Score equal to All Resistances Score on equipped Heavy Chest-piece. 
  • Siegebreaker regenerates Force Shield and Health equivalent to 2 times Health given by his equipped Rogue Chest-piece each time he completes a successful Passive Dodge. 
  • 0.01 Force Shield Regeneration for every Force Shield point on equipped Sorcerer Chest-piece. 

Major Passives of the

Time Weaver
Captured Velocity

Each time Time Weaver applies Stasis on an enemy with an attack, he gains a "Supernatural Paradox" point for a maximum of 5 Points.  Each active "Supernatural Paradox" point increases Time Weaver's spell casting speed. Each time Time Weaver applies Stasis on an enemy with a spell, he gains an "Earthly Paradox" point for a maximum of 5 Points.  Each active "Earthly Paradox" point increases Time Weaver's attack speed. 

  • +10% Spell Casting Speed Score per Supernatural Paradox Point. 
  • +10% Attack Speed Score per Earthly Paradox Point. 
Dire Juncture

A portion of the Damage that Time Weaver receives is delayed, but His maximum Force Shield and Health is reduced. Delayed Damage does not interrupt Force Shield regeneration.

  • Time Weaver only takes 40% Damage of an Enemy's attack when it Hits, the rest is inflicted after 1 second after the hit. 
  • Time Weaver's Health and Force Shield are set to 85% of maximum. 
Which Time Cannot Heal

Dealing Damage to enemies that are afflicted with Stasis makes them receive the damage again after a few seconds. 

  • When Time Weaver hits Enemies afflicted with Stasis, they take 100% of the Hit Damage again after a 1.5-second delay. 

Major Passives of the

White Arrow
Wintry Hail

Projectiles that hit enemies now bounce off them and also hit other enemies, dealing bonus Frost Damage. However, projectiles will not bounce if they have the Pierce effect remaining. 

  • Basic Attack Projectiles bounce up to 2 times to Nearby Enemies in 10 meters radius. 
  • +15% Frost Damage to Projectiles that have bounced. 
Acute Tracking

For every 2 seconds that White Arrow is in combat, he receives "Cold Blooded" Points that increase his damage, for a maximum of 5 Points. "Cold Blooded" points are removed after White Arrow gets hit. 

  • While in Combat, gain "Cold Blooded" Points every 2 seconds. 
  • +10% Damage per "Cold Blooded" Point. 
Hungry Stalactite

Projectile's Damage is increased based on how much Pierce is remaining on it after it has hit an enemy. 

  • Enemies are dealt 30% Damage per the amount of Pierce remaining on a Projectile after it Hits an Enemy. 



Wolcen's Gate of Fates allows you to perform wild build experiments and makes even the weirdest ideas manageable. We can't wait to share our own build ideas with you, so stay tuned!

We hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. If we have missed an important piece of information, please let us know! Also, we will be happy to receive constructive criticism that will help us improve our future work so leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of the Wolcen Studio.