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Wailing Arrow Burning DoT Gunslinger Build for Wolcen

Wailing Arrow Burning DoT Gunslinger Build for Wolcen

Powerful ranged Glass-Cannon build based on the Child of Fury Class and Burning Damage over Time

Wailing Arrow
Burning DoT Gunslinger build

Beta build for Patch 1.0.0


Guide notes
February 21, 2020
-Build created


This Wailing Arrow Child of Fury Burning DoT build is our approach to a Ranged/Bow builds archetype in Wolcen. This build utilizes a very high chance to Inflict Burning on enemies, and increase the on Hit damage via Blistering Embrace making it a very unique and interesting build. Since most of the DPS builds benefit from high Crit. Chance, we have decided to try out another route for this build, and it ended up pretty nicely. This build offers very high sustainable Boss DPS and decent clear speed. It's definitely worth trying out if you are looking for a solid ranged build for your character. 

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Important note: This is a beta version of our Wailing Arrow Burning DoT Gunslinger build. The game is still unpolished and a number of passives don't work as intended so you can expect an update coming to it soon. The overall idea behind this build is still pretty consistent and interesting, making it a really fun choice for a Ranged/Bow/Gun character


1. Gameplay

This is a very powerful Ranged build based on applying multiple stacks of Burning to increase the damage via Child of Fury Passives. In order to apply as many Ailments as possible, we utilize the Cabalist's Tree and increase Attack Speed greatly by taking Passives from the Sentinel, Child of Fury (Flurrying Flames) and Alastor classes. Wailing Arrow is your primary source of DPS which launched a barrage of arrows in an area dealing massive sustained damage over time, with multiple Hits inflicting Burn with each cast. We top it up with "Shotgun Autoturret" for some extra clear speed (and more burning stacks), as well as, Mark of Impurity is used to amplify our damage. This build can be played with Bow (you should swap Spells for Duskshroud and Phantom Blades) and while this option offers higher overall DPS bonuses, you won't really benefit from 2 out of 5 of your available skills, so it's a complete waste. If you use a Gun and a Catalyst, you get extra mobility Spell (Aether Jump) which also increases your Attack and Movement Speed, and also Livor Mortis, who soaks up a big portion of the damage you take. Not to mention - casting Spells will increase your Rage generation for a short duration, making this build so much smoother to play.


2. Build's PROS & CONS

  • high sustainable DPS
  • decent clear speed
  • very good mobility
  • interesting and non-meta core mechanics
  • good AoE
  • low Health/Force Shield and mediocre Resistances makes your character reliant to Dodge rolls against Bosses
  • Ailment-related Passives may be buggy currently


3. Attributes

For this build, you want to focus Wisdom only to increase your chance to apply Burn stacks (and increase your overall DPS). If you feel like you are getting one-shotted too much you can put some points into Toughness as well, but do not spend any into Ferocity and Agility. You don't benefit from Crits that much and you get insane bonus Attack Speed Score from various Passive on the Tree.

Attribute priorities
  Ferocity 0%
  Toughness 0%
  Agility 0%
  Wisdom 100%


4. Passives

Below you will find the recommended Passives for our Wailing Arrow Burning DoT build. This build focuses primarily on Cabalist and Child of Fury Classes, but also taking Attack Speed nodes from Sentinel/Alastor is important so that you can skip this Attribute entirely. The Tree below has 77 Passives allocated and has still a lot of fields it can be improved at, however, we are still waiting for Wolcen's developers to fix all the Passives so making detailed DPS calculations is not a complete waste of time.

Wailing Arrow Burning DoT Ranged Build for Wolcen

Attrition Strategist Increases your chance to Inflict Ailments making it a mandatory Passive for this build
Power of the First Men Grants you a chance to double the number of Ailment stacks inflicted with each Hit you make. It's again a mandatory Passive here
Grievous Afflictions Will make your skills apply two types of Ailments with each Hit. Sometimes you won't be able to inflict Burning with your Auto-turret or Auto-attacks without it (and even with it, you may need to try out different weapons so that you inflict Burn with each of the Active Skills you are using)
Immortal Offering Increases your Damage greatly by killing enemies inflicted with multiple Ailments. This bonus can stack to some crazy levels with high Attack Speed and high Ailment Chance Score
Furious Appetite Grants you Passive Rage generation instead of Willpower. It's very important to take it as soon as possible as it makes your leveling much faster
Blistering Embrace A build defining Passive. It's all about inflicting as many Burning Stacks as possible, so that they get consumed, deal extra damage, and spread to nearby enemies
Flurrying Flames Grants very high Bonus Leech and Attack Speed Score
Intravenous Neural Cord Grants 75% Bonus Attack Speed Score for 4 seconds after you Crit. Which basically makes this a Passive bonus and one of the most efficient Passives in the game (assuming it works as intended)
Static Transferral Using auto-attacks will generate charges, which increase your damage by a ton. Using auto-attacks to take your Rage above 750 multiplies your damage to some crazy levels thanks to combining Static Transferral and Frenzied Blows
Feast for the Crows Grants very high Global Life Leech, including the smaller nodes on the sides, you will get 4% from both your Spells and Attacks
Covert Operative Increases your chance to Dodge by 100% after getting hit, greatly increasing your survivability
Backline Raider Grants very high bonuses to both Attack and Cast Speed Score
Pinch Runner Allows you to Dodge more often, which is one of your core defensive mechanisms
Clandestine Execution Increases your single-target DPS when there are no adds around Bosses
Slipping Shadow Allows you to Dodge roll through enemies
Second Wind Quite useful "cheat death" mechanic for this Glass Cannon type of build
Safe from Afar Increases your DPS against enemies that are further than away (up to 175%)
This passive may not work correctly at the moment
Meditative Focus grants high bonus Damage to all your Skills if there are no enemies within a 4meter radius


5. Skills

[PRIMARY DPS] Wailing Arrows
Wailing Arrows Wailing Arrows is a great skill for taking down groups of enemies but also dealing massive damage over time in a concentrated area (works amazingly against stationary or immobilizes targets)
  Fluid Movement reduces the Skill's cooldown allowing you to deal damage much more consistently
  Flames of Envy converts the Base Physical Damage to Fire making it mandatory for this skill
  Aching Accuracy can potentially make this skill's DPS skyrocket if used correctly (If you cast it at over 750 Rage and at 6 Overlord Charges)
[SECONDARY DPS] Avenger Autoturret
Avenger Autoturret Avenger Autoturret is simple amazing against stationary Bosses and when you use it to clear trash monsters. We recommend using it as a double-barrel shotgun which is achieved by picking up the modifiers listed below
  Twin Repeater gives your turret a second cannon, increasing its DPS
  Autonomous Sensors makes your Autoturret attacks deal damage in a wider area and with a really decent spread against regular monsters (and you don't really need the Auto-target/Auto-rotate modifier which costs 3 Points)
  Ballistic Reinforcements allows you to summon two turrets
[UTILITY] Mark of Impurity
Mark of Impurity Mark of Impurity debuffs enemies effect, increasing your DPS deal to them greatly. Usually, it's only used against Bosses, as you will deal with regular enemies pretty fast
  Inescapable Fate increases the duration of your Mark
  Minimal Resistance makes marked enemies more likely to get inflicted with Ailments
  Borrowed Time makes your Ailemts spread between nearby enemies when you hit a market target
  Defect of Creation increases Ailment damage to marked enemies
[DEFENSE] Livor Mortis
Livor Mortis Livor Mortis is a Summon Spell that is used to attract enemy monsters and absorbs some of the incoming damage you are supposed to take. It's a Spell so you will be only able to cast if you are using a Catalyst with your Gun
  Glutton Undying increases your Summon's Health
  Salting the Earth increases the Speed of your Summon
  Foul Guardian makes your Summon generate more Threat and have increased Health. It will cause nearby enemies more likely to target your Summon instead of you
  Generational Grief makes a portion of your damage taken to be transmitted to your Summon
[MOBILITY] Aether Jump
Aether Jump Aether Jump is a very swift mobility Spell which will help you escape from dangerous situations. Also, you can recast it several times, and it will give you a brief bonus to Rage generation after you do it. It also increases your Attack and Movement Speed for a short duration after Teleporting with it
  Escape Artist increases the range of your teleport, increasing your mobility even further
  Spirits of the Void deals Aether Damage to enemies you pass through when jumping. It will also have a high chance to put enemies into Stasis
  March of the Time Devourers allows you to cast it a few times in a sequence with increased Willpower cost
  Aethereal Bounce increases your Attack Speed Score after you Teleport and Interstitial Boost increases your Movement Speed


5. Recommended Gear

The Gear section is still under construction because of the limited number of Unique and legendary Items that we have found so far, as well as, the common issues with crafting your equipment. For the time being, we will be only listing up the most important Stat bonuses you should look for on your equipment, and an update to this section should be ready in the next few weeks.

Stat priorities
  1. Wisdom
  2. Elemental Ailment/Ailment Chance Score
  3. Elemental Damage
  4. Health
  5. All Elemental Resistances
  6. Added Fire Damage to Attacks
  7. Elemental Ailment Damage
  8. Force Shield


If you have any other build requests please leave that in the comments below. We are going to continue our work on Wolcen characters to fill up the list with all major build archetypes in the following weeks. Stay tuned

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Wolcen Studio.