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Plaguebringer DoT Poison Mage Build for Wolcen

Plaguebringer DoT Poison Mage Build for Wolcen

One of the deadliest Mage builds for Wolcen based on the Plaguebringer subclass and Toxic Damage over Time

DoT DPS Mage build

Beta build for Patch 1.0.0


Guide notes
February 16, 2020
-Beta version created


This is a very strong and enjoyable Spell Caster/Mage build based on Plaguebringer Class and very high Damage over Time from Poison and Toxic damage. It offers a very smooth playstyle with very high AoE damage and consistent single-target DPS. It's perfect for progressing through Wolcen's end-game content solo, but obviously thanks to very high DPS, you will also bring a lot to a team. 

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Important note: This is a beta version of our Plaguebringer DoT Poison Mage Build that we are currently working on. We are on level 50+ currently, but it's working flawlessly so far and we don't expect major changes to be made when you get to test it against harder Bosses. We will be updating the guide as soon as we get to test it more thoroughly


1. Gameplay

This Plaguebringer build is based on very high Toxic/Poison DoT damage applies via various skills and Toxic Emanations Passive.  Plagueburst is your primary Spell which links all this skills mechanics together. It creates a wide ring in which all slain enemies and allies explode dealing high Toxic damage and leaving a Poisonous cloud for additional Damage over Time. At the same time, the damage is greatly increased for each Ailment on the enemy, making a perfect combination for this DoT build.


2. Build's PROS & CONS

  • insane AoE and clear speed
  • high sustained DPS against Bosses
  • one of the fastest leveling builds
  • viable in end-game
  • mediocre damage mitigation


3. Attributes

This is primarily a DPS build that relies on high Critical Hit Chance so stacking Ferocity should be your main concern. You should also remember about extra Toughness, as you benefit from both increases Health and Force Shield in this "hybrid" build. Wisdom is also required to optimize your chance to inflict Ailments on enemies (Poison), but it has definitely lower priority DPS-wise than Ferocity.

Attribute priorities
  Ferocity 60%
  Toughness 20%
  Agility 0%
  Wisdom 20%


4. Passives

Below you will find the recommended Passives for our Plaguebringer DoT DPS Mage build. It primarily focuses on the Plaguebringer (obviously), Warlock, and Cabalist classes that offer the core DoT/Ailments Passives utilized by this character. Since this build offers high DPS and AoE, you want to pick Exorcist's Academic Fieldwork Passive that will increase your Material Damage for each Headhunter stack, obtained by killing Champions. As you should already know, your Poison/Toxic Damage has the Material Damage type.

Plaguebringer DoT Mage Build

Attrition Strategist Grants high bonus Chance to inflict Ailments inlcuding Poison which is your primary source of DPS in this build
Thirst for Knowledge Makes Health Globes alos replenish your Force Shield
Reining in the Darkness Increases your Spell Critical Hit Chance greatly when you are above 75% Willpower
Resilience to Corruption Makes DoT deal damage to your Force Shield instead of Health which provides a decent defensive bonus
Toxic Emanations Passively causes enemies in radius to be inflicted with Poison every 2 seconds. It's a must-have for this build
Undertaker Enemies that die in radius will have a chance to create Green Globes that increase your Poison damage. That bonus scales with each Globe collected
The Wild Card Grants very high bonus Critical Hit Chance. The small nodes on the way were picked to reduce the Willpower cost of Spells even further
Power of the First Men Gives you a chance to double the amount of Ailments inflicted with a single Hit
Immortal Offering Increases your damage significantly whenever you kill enemies inflicted with Ailments. The buff gets stronger the more Ailments were inflicted on the slain enemy
Primordial Insights Causes Ailments inflicted with Critical Hits to deal more damage
Grievous Afflictions Each Hit can apply two different types of Ailemts
Academic Fieldwork Killing enemy Champions give you a Headhunter stack which increase your Material Damage (applies to Toxic/Poison damage too). This is a stackable bonus which shows best results if you are able to progress fast through areas and generate increased amount of Headhunter stacks from slain enemies. It's similar to the effect of Headhunter Belt from Path of Exile (coincidence?)
Clandestine Execution Increases your damage against Bosses


5. Skills

[PRIMARY SPELL] Plagueburst
Plagueburst Plagueburst is the core Spell used in this build which brings all of this build's mechanics together, and the ring that it creates make all the magic happen. It will cause all slain enemies to explode dealing AoE damage, as well as, they will create Poisonous clouds for additional DoT. This is one of the two skills you use when initating a fight - second being Anomaly
  Noxious Smog which makes enemies slain in the radius to leave a poisonous cloud
  Expendable Meat causes summoned allies via Mortiferous Guest to explode dealing high amounts of Area Damage
  Mortiferous Guest gives you a chance to summon enemy monsters as allies, which will explode instantly
[PRIMARY DPS] Infinity Blades
Infinity Blades Infinity Blades is the primary DPS Spell used in this build. It makes this build similar to be played as quasi-Melee one, while it benefits from all Spell Damage bonuses and Spell Crit. Chance
  Sublime Cut generates Willpower with each enemy killed by Infinity Blades
  Timeline Selection generates Willpower on Critical Strikes with Infinity Blades
  Spherical Repulsion hitting enemies generates Force Shield
  Material Sinkhole applies a debuff to enemies Hit which will increase Spell Damage deal to them
Anomaly Anomaly is used to deal some extra Damage by creating a spehric area that periodically damages enemies inside it. You pop it right aftward Plagueburst so that it can deal it's damage and apply other effects, and then you start dealing damage with Infinity Blades
  Dislocating Threads which increases the area of effect
  Event Horizon damages enemies who are pulled by the Anomaly's vortex
  Echoes of Infinity which causes the vortex to pull enemies several times
[UTILITY] Winter's Grasp
Winter's Grasp Winter's Grasp is used to deal extra damage around your character and Freeze enemies for additional defensive utility. The extra Freeze will also increase the bonuses granted by the Immortal Offering Passive
  Numbness in Onset which increases the chance to inflict Ailments
  Glacial Blast enemies Frozen by Winter's Grasp that die will create additional Novas
  Knightly Vanity increases the Critical Hit Chance
  PermaFrost creates an area that damages enemies for a couple extra seconds
[MOBILITY] Light-Bringer

Light-bringer is used for mobility in this build. It also grants additional bonuses based on the modifiers chosen

  Insuppressible Rhapsody grants you a temporary Force Shield for each enemy Hit upon landing
  Holy Ground leaves an AoE that damages enemies upon landing
  Sudden Dehydration applies Shock and Weakness to enemies (which just happen to be extra Ailments for the Immortal Offering bonuses)


5. Recommended Gear

This section is under construction as we will need more time, data, and testing to give you th exact item recommendations. At this point, we can't provide you with detailed gear suggestions but we will be updating this section shortly. You can check the Stat priority table below, that will help you understand what types of Stats you should be looking for on your Gear. And obviously, your required weapon is a Staff, as you won't be able to use the recommended Spells otherwise.

Stat priorities
  1. Ferocity
  2. Spell Critical Hit Chance
  3. Flat Toxic Damage Added to Spells
  4. Spell Critical Hit Damage
  5. Material/Toxic Damage
  6. Force Shield
  7. Health
  8. All Elemental Resistances
  9. Material Status Ailment Chance
  10. Maximum Willpower/Willpower Regeneration


If you have any other build requests please leave that in the comments below. We are going to continue our work on Wolcen characters to fill up the list with all major build archetypes in the following weeks. Stay tuned

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Wolcen Studio.