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Arctic Spear Crit. Warlock Build for Wolcen

Arctic Spear Crit. Warlock Build for Wolcen

A powerful Warlock/Oracle of the Eternity build based on Arctic Spear and high Critical Hit Chance

Arctic Spear
Warlock/Oracle of the Eternity build

Beta build for Patch 1.0.0


Guide notes
February 15, 2020
-Beta version created


Arctic Spear is a Cold/Projectile Spell which deals offers the highest damage scaling as a Mage/Spell Caster in Wolcen. This build also utilizes Warlock and Scholar, which makes it fully reliant on Force Shield which offers the best defensive utility for the end-game, but may pose some difficulties during the leveling as you are yet to benefit from all the powerful synergies this build has to offer on higher levels. The main idea behind this build is to stay at long range and spam your Arctic Spears, which will deal increased damage with each consecutive hit, making it one of the most potent Cold Spells in Wolcen. If you were looking to play a typical Spell Caster, this is something you may want to try out. This build is still a "beta" version, as we are yet to reach end-game with it, but you should expect us to update the guide as soon as we get to test it out more thoroughly.

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Important note: This is a beta version of our Arctic Spear Warlock Build that we are currently working on. We are on level 50+ currently, so it's still far from testing it against the hardest enemies, but we are expecting it to offer one of the highest possible single-target/Boss DPS in the game. You should expect updates and tweaks coming up soon as we reach higher levels with it, and we are able to implement the changes for the higher Tier content


1. Gameplay

This build relies on several very interesting mechanics that combined offer very smooth playstyle and insane damage scaling for Arctic Spear which is your core single-target DPS Spell. As your primary source of DPS, you will be spamming Arctic Spears with the Prolonged Deceit modifier which allows you to scale its' damage incrementally. By increasing the number of Arctic Spears via Sublime Fracture (this is expected to actually work) you get to increase it at an even faster rate. You don't get much Utility Skills as a Staff wielder, so you will have to use Winter's Grasp and Tear of Etheliel, which are used to buff your damage and deal additional Damage over Time. You basically can pop them whenever you encounter a tougher enemy or when you need extra AoE, and then you start spamming Arctic Spear which yields best results DPS-wise. You also should pick Aether Jump for mobility and decent Willpower Regeneration mechanic, as well as, Bulwark of Dawn which offers decent Force Shield Regeneration and defensive bonuses.

This build also relies purely on high Force Shield, and by using Faith Leech you will have any form of Life Leech to apply to your Force Shield, allowing you to regenerate it quickly. It should also allow you to benefit from Thirst for Knowledge (30% Damage Reduction when Force Shield is Full) Passive more often. It also utilizes some Ranger/Sentinel/Exorcist combination. You basically roll away from monsters, gaining Annointed Ammunition stacks which increase the damage of your Projectiles per stack. At the same time, you increase the distance to enemies, which increases your damage thanks to Safe from Afar Passive.


2. Build's PROS & CONS

  • amazing damage scaling
  • insane Boss DPS
  • low Willpower cost of Spells
  • Force Shield Leech
  • fights from a distance making it quite durable
  • requires a high level to benefit from all the powerful synergies
  • a limited number of Utility/Defensive Skills


3. Attributes

Oddly enough, this build doesn't rely much on the Wisdom attribute. Actually, it's the least important one, as it only grants you an increased chance to Freeze enemies, which isn't that important for this build. You want to focus Ferocity for increased damage and Toughness to the point where you feel comfortable getting hit by enemies (getting one-shotted won't get you far). You also benefit from Agility, as increasing the Cast frequency of Arctic Spear, increases the rate at which you can scale its damage thanks to the Prolonged Deceit modifier. The balance between those three attributes is quite hard to evaluate at this point, as what's working right now may not work against the toughest Bosses in the game. 

Attribute priorities
  Ferocity 50%
  Toughness 25%
  Agility 25%
  Wisdom 0%


4. Passives

Below you will find the recommended Passives for this Arctic Spear Build. It utilizes several different subclasses for the best performance, and currently, there are approximately 80 Passives allocated. Below you will find the reasoning behind picking up certain Passives and their synergies. 

Arctic Spear Crit. Warlock Build

Attrition Strategist Grants high bonus Chance to inflict Ailments, allowing you to Freeze enemies consistently
Purifier's Will Grants 30% Damage reduction when your Force Shield is up
Thirst for Knowledge Grants increased Force Shield Recharge from Health Globes
Note: the Scholar's Passives are not critical for the early stages of this build, and you can proceed to Warlock faster for the extra Crit. Spell Damage bonuses and take them back when you are fully reliant on Force Shield. For example, you won't really benefit from the Purifier's Will until you have the Faith Leech
Reining in the Darkness Increases your Spell Critical Hit Chance greatly when you are above 75% Willpower. That's why we aim at reducing the Willpower cost of Spells
Faith Leech Makes Life Leech apply to Force Shield instead, greatly boosting up your defensive capabilities
Duty to Exterminate Increases your maximum Willpower which helps you sustain the extra Crit. Chance
Resilience to Corruption Makes DoT deal damage to your Force Shield instead of Health, which is mandatory if you don't want to get easily killed by it
Elementary Destabilization It offers an amazing Willpower recovery mechanic, which works great on lower levels where your gear isn't fully optimized yet. Also, the small Willpower Cost reduction nodes work great for sustaining the benefits of Reining in the Darkness Passive
Safe from Afar Increases your Projectile damage depending on your distance to the enemy Hit
The Wild Card Grants very high bonus Critical Hit Chance. The small nodes on the way were picked to reduce the Willpower cost of Spells even further
Blessed Silver Allows you to accumulate Annointed Ammunition stacks which increases your Projectile Damage. The stacks replenish every few seconds or whenever you dodge. It works great in combination with Sentinel's Passives you will get to pick on latter levels
Backline Raider Increases your Casting Speel greatly
Covert Operative  It greatly increases your chance to dodge. Not only it boosts your overall defenses but helps you with generating Annointed Ammunition stacks for extra DPS
Feast for the Crows Grants high extra Life Leeched from Spells, which greatly increase the rate at which you replenish your Force Shield


5. Skills

[PRIMARY DPS] Arctic Spear
Arctic Spear Arctic Spear is your primary DPS Spell used in this build. It's a single-target Spell which scales its damage with each consecutive Hit thanks to the use of the following modifiers. It offers the highest single-target DPS
  Boon of the Usurper reduces the Skill's Willpower Cost which helps you keep it above 75% even when spamming it
  Prolonged Deceit which is the core modifier for this build, causing each consecutive Spear to deal increased damage
  Sublime Fracture each Spear will create smaller ones when traveling, which supposedly also scale via Prolonged Deceit
[SECONDARY DPS] Winter's Grasp
Winter's Grasp Winter's Grasp creates an Ice Nova around you that damages enemies with Cold Damage. It's mainly used for the damage buff it offers to you and your allies who stand it the radius
  Hail the Ice Queen makes Winter Grasp increase the Cold Damage you deal globally
  Numbness in Onset will make Winter Grasp to Freeze enemies more frequently
  Glacial Blast which will cause killed enemies which were Frozen by Winter's Grasp to create additional Novas
[SECONDARY DPS] Tear of Etheliel
Tear of Etheliel Tear of Etheliel used mainly because we have a shortage of other Skills that could be used for this build. But since we can turn it to deal DoT damage, you can pop it at the start of a fight and just spam your Spears then maximizing your DPS output
  Malignant Narcissism reduces the delay before the Spell hits the ground, making it more convenient to use against packs of enemies
  Stalactite Rain which turns Tear of Etheliel to DoT and allowing you to focus on spamming Arctic Spears while it deals some extra damage
  Sorrowful Attunement which is important in order to maintain your Willpower at higher levels
[UTILITY] Bulwark of Dawn
Bulwark of Dawn Bulwark of Dawn is an Area Spell that grants Force Shield regeneration and various defensive buffs
  Haven of Men makes Bulwark to regenerate Force Shield while you are standing in its radius
  Embracing Conviction which allows you to relocate Bulwark to your cursor's location when you re-cast it, making it much more convenient in non-stationary fights
  Aegis of Hope grants a decent bonus to All Elemental Resistances
[MOBILITY] Aether Jump
Aether Jump Aether Jump is basically a teleport Spell which allows you to avoid danger and by using the following modifiers it will also grant potent Willpower regeneration mechanic
  Escape Artist increases the Jump range, allowing you to escape further away (more distance to enemies=more DPS) and regenerate more Willpower by jumping over a higher number of enemies
  Feeding the Aether which allows you to recover Willpower based on the number of enemies you passed by when teleporting
  Time Paradox is great for removing crowd-control effects whenever you teleport


5. Recommended Gear

This section is still under "construction" as we don't have enough data to give you the exact item recommendations. At this point, we can't provide you with detailed gear suggestions but we will be updating this section shortly. You can check the recommended Stat priority that you will find useful on your Items, though the exact order may different as we make more thorough calculations and put this build out the "beta" state it's currently. And obviously, your required weapon will be a Staff, as you won't be able to use the recommended Spells efficiently with anything else. It's also a good idea to keep a Willpower Flask around to replenish it whenever it's low.

Stat priorities
  1. Ferocity
  2. Spell Critical Hit Chance
  3. Flat Cold Damage Added to Spells
  4. Spell Critical Hit Damage
  5. Elemental Damage
  6. Willpower Regeneration/Reduced Willpower Cost
  7. Force Shield
  8. All Elemental Resistances


If you have any other build requests please leave that in the comments below. We are going to continue our work on Wolcen characters to fill up the list with all major build archetypes in the following weeks. Stay tuned

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Wolcen Studio.