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RL's Haunted Hallows Crate Reward List

RL's Haunted Hallows Crate Reward List

Find out what kind of new Rocket League items are obtainable in the newly added Haunted Hallows Event Crate

The Haunted Hallows Crate

The Haunted Hallows special event is currently haunting the Rocket League universe. Players are able to obtain the Haunted Hallows limited crate by:

  1. Completing online matches
  2. Trading with other players
  3. Buying them with RL money (from in-game shop or players)
  4. Using "Candy Corn" - another limited currency item introduced in this years Haunted Hallows event

Keep in mind that using decryptors (that work like RL's keys and are available only during special events) will only grant you items that are untradeable! This means, that if you find valuable items(and basically most special event items gain in value over time) you will be unable to trade them with other Rocket League players.

The Haunted Hallows Crate can contain:

  1. 4x Rare decals
  2. 2x Import Goal Explosions
  3. 1x Very Rare Player banner
  4. 1x Very Rare Rocket boost
  5. 1x Import Wheels
  6. 2x Very Rare Wheels

Most of the Rocket League items you find in crates can be painted. Painted item is exactly like the regular item, however it comes in different color. Painted items have significantly increased value and are much harder to find. If you decide to sell your painted item on Odealo.com's marketplace (you can visit it here) make sure you take the item's color into account. All of the available paints can be found below:
Titanium White Black
Grey Crimson
Orange Burn Sienna
Sky Blue Cobalt
Lime Forest Green
Saffron Pink
Purple -

Buy, Sell and Trade at Odealo.com

If you want to treat opening the Haunted Hallow Crates as long-term investment, remember to do it with keys. Keys can be purchased directly from within the game, in the garage, or traded from other players. The real-money value of 1 key is around 1 US Dollar, or 1 Odealo credit. Since keys cannot be traded on Xbox platform, their value is higher and depend on the number of keys you are buying (from $1.50 to $1.00).

 1 USD = 1x1 Odealo Credit


Haunted Hallows Crate

Icon Name Rarity Vehicle
Afterlife Afterlife Rare Dominus
Stitches Stitches Rare Breakout
Thanatos Thanatos Rare Octane
Widow's Web Chainsaw Rare Mantis
Reaper Reaper Import All

We are presenting the full preview since this years goal explosions are apparently the most interesting RL special event items:

Reaper Full

Vampire bats Vampire Bats Import All

Vampire Bats Full preview:

Vampire Bat Goal Explosion

Zombie Player banner Zombie Very Rare -
Scary Pumpkin Rocket Boost Scary Pumpkin Very Rare All
Revenant Wheels Revenant Wheels Very Rare All
Grimalkin Wheels Grimalkin (Cat eye) Very Rare All
Cauldron Wheels Cauldron Import All

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Did you already get all the new items? Get them when you can, they will surely be worth a lot when the Haunted Hallows Crates are no longer available :) You cna also share your thoughts on this years Rocket League's Special Event rewards on our Facebook fanpage.

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