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How to trade in EVE Online | RMT done right - Odealo

How to trade in EVE Online | RMT done right - Odealo

Find out what are the available trading methods in EVE Online, and how to use them in terms of security and Real Money Trading

How to trade in EVE Online

Trading is one of the main aspects of EVE Online and the primary activity for a lot of players. In this article, we would like to present all of the possible trading methods in EVE Online and evaluate them regarding general security, and Real Money Trading. This is in no way an article on how to make ISK and other profits on trading.

There are six primary methods of exchanging items between players in EVE Online. They work in different ways and should be carefully chosen depending on what is being traded and with whom. 

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  1. Player donations - one player donates a certain amount of ISK to another player. This is not precisely an exchange, as no items are given to the donator. This is usually used by wealthier players to gift some ISK to their friends or help newbies get a good start in EVE Online. It's common for new players to receive donations from strangers during the Christmas period for example. On the other hand, if someone wants to trade with you, and expects you to donate the payment first, it's surely a miserable fraud attempt. 
    In terms of Real Money Trading, Player donations are not recommended. Only low volume transfers or transfers between actual friends do not look suspicious. If you are buying a lot of ISK for real cash, and receive Player donations from disposable accounts, you should change your supplier.
    Summary: Never use Player donations for RMT and try to avoid in general for transferring/accepting larger quantities of ISK
  2. Trade Window - the most natural and least-used method of trading. Two players meet at the same station(both have to be docked up) and open up the Trade Window. This is usually used, as a method to deliver items to a friend, and not commonly used in general, because of limitations to how many items can be traded and high risk of a scam. You should only use this method to trade with players that you are familiar with.
    Summary: Can be used for RMT. Trade with people you know, or ones you can trust.
  3. Contracting - the most popular way of trading in EVE Online. Players can set up contracts for certain goods and offer them on the Market. You can also limit the contract, to be only available for one player (private contract). 
    Summary: The most recommended method of RMT. If you buy moderate quantities, as a player from a player, there are no risks involved.
  4. The Market - this is the place where most trading takes place. It is a full list of all available contracts, so the Market works similarly. Market offers can be filtered, searched and freely browsed, which makes it much more convenient way than trading by Contracts. This is used mainly by regular players for all the in-game trades and is not particularly used for RMT.
    Summary: Trading works in the same way as Contracts but in a more "automated" and user-friendly way. Has no uses for RMT above the ones gained by using Contracts
  5. Jetcan trading - Jetcan trading refers to the process of transferring ISK or other goods in the jetisson containers. Players load the container with the goods meant to be traded, hauls them to a certain location in their system. The other party of the transaction is supposed to collect the products from the container while in space - the location of the canister has to be passed over to the other person. This is the most secure way of RMT with no records of any trade taking place are made, however at the same time quite risky process. The container(or their cargo) can be intercepted by third parties, and trade takes place in open space, where are lot can happen. Recommended for big trades, but only to experienced players.
    Summary: Good way of RMT for experienced players
  6. Corp Hangar trading - this method of trading is done only by Real Money Traders. It is all about inviting the Buyer to a corporation set up for transferring the goods. The buyer is given access to Corporation Hanger, and is supposed to dock into the indicated station, and collect the assets from the hangar. Commonly used for RMT by more experienced traders. While it appears to be a rather safe method, undocking with the goods is not advised.
    Summary: Good way of RMT. Not recommended if you plan to undock with the purchased goods.

Odealo is one of the most secure EVE Online marketplaces. It allows regular players to buy, sell, and trade EVE ISK and Items with the use of real cash.


We hope this gives you a clear insight on how trading and Real Money Trading (RMT) in EVE Online works and will help you fully enjoy the game with goods purchased with real money.

If you have suggestions on what type of EVE Online guide we should write next, feel free to leave a comment below.

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