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Lowlife Carrion Golem Necromancer [Complete Setup + Currency] [Ritual SC] [Delivery: 60 Minutes]

Lowlife Carrion Golem Necromancer [Complete Setup + Currency] [Ritual SC] [Delivery: 60 Minutes]

Ritual Softcore

Lowlife Carrion Golem Necromancer [Complete Setup + Currency] [Ritual SC] [Delivery: 60 Minutes] - image
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ATG: Bringing you the best build setups since 2 years. You are at the right place!

Important note: After you placed your order, write me your current level and I will create your own POB for the appropiate passive skill tree.

Featuring the number 1 popularity and strongest minion build in the game: Carrion Golems. While Carrion Golems took a slight nerf from the last patch, the build is still insanely strong: Tank Shaper beam, roll through high tier content, AFK T16 Blighted Maps, Insta-phase Endgame Bosses! This is the build for the job! Insane tankiness with over 10 auras stacked with insane amount of aura effectiveness, which result in 85%+ maximum resistances, 6K+ Energy Shield, tons of regen and recovery: the build is as close as you can get to the immortal state. We are taking best in slot items for each spot, to achieve maximum tankiness and damage!

Gameplay video:

Why should you choose me?

  • Satisfied Customers: 100% Positive Feedback.
  • Speed: If I am avaliable, I will contact you instantly and collect all the necessary items within 1 hour. If I am not (Shop Closed is written on my image), I will deliver the items as soon as I come back.
  • Best Prices / Safety: Since I dont represent any company, I have the best prices for complete build setups: everything I do is farmed and collected by my hand, making our transactions 100% safe. 
  • Communication: I will inform you of everything during the transaction.
  • Tips / Post-Purchase Assistance: I give you the every help you will need to play the build you bought from me. I can help with setting up the build correctly: my job is not done until you are satisfied and know everything necessary.
  • Currency: I give you a starting currency to tweak your gear if you feel like it.
  • Experience: I have more than 1500 successful sales behind my back. I am a veteran PoE player who is constantly looking at trends to optimize the builds for my buyers. I am updating builds accordingly to the current meta to provide the best experience for my customers and I do my service longer than 1 year without any problems.
  • Fun: The only thing you are required to do is buy the pack and you will be fully ready to enjoy gameplay. Save yourself the time to enjoy the game!

Looking for any other build? Feel free to write me and we will work it out!

  • You are guaranteed to have your Elemental Resistances capped!
  • All of the Items are Non-Corrupted.
  • All Gems you get is Level 20 and Quality 20%, unless specified.
  • All Flasks have 20% Quality.
  • The gear has the exact socket colors to fit in the given gem setup.

Carrion Golem Necromancer is one of the safest and easiest build to play this League. It has insane survability, amazing clear speed, and little amount of micro-managing (dont need to push many buttons) included, so if you are new to the game, or like to go for the safe-option, this build is an amazing choice for you! Viable for all content, comfortable to play, and easy to understand. You will recieve every items to play this build.

Starting Currency:

  • 50x Chaos Orb
  • 100x Orb of Regrets (in order to restore your tree from any given leveling process)


  • Weapon: Clayshaper [Gives you an extra Carrion Golem]
  • Shield: Prism Guardian
  • Helmet: Alphas Howl [8% reduced mana reserved and extra level for socketed auras]
  • Body Armour: 6-Linked Shavronnes Wrappings [Guaranteed 130%+ Energy Shield Roll]
  • Gloves: Rare ES-Based Gloves with 140+ Energy Shield and 20+ Strength and Dexterity
  • Boots: Sin Trek
  • Ring: 2x Vivinsect [Boosting your Auras, unbeatable best in slot items]
  • Amulet: Presence of Chayula annointed with Charisma
  • Belt: Darkness Enthroned with 2x Rare Abyss Jewels with 20+ Energy Shield, Minions Deal additional Physical Damage and Strength/Dexterity
  • Jewels: The Anima Stone, 2x Primordial Harmony, Primordial Might, Primordial Eminence, Energy from Within, 1x Large Cluster Jewel with 8 Passives and Renewal+Rotten Claws, 1x Large Cluster Jewel with Feasting Fiends+Renewal, 4x Medium Cluster Jewels with 6 Passives and First Among Equals+Replenishing Presence [these jewels allow you to stack aura effects to absurd levels, making it unnecessary to grab any resistances from your gear].

Your build will be running with a total number of 5 Carrion Golems: 1 Base, 2 from Anima Stone, 1 from the node called Golem Commander and 1 from Clayshaper.

Gem setup (Level 20 and Quality 20%, unless specified):

  • Summon Carrion Golem-Multistrike-Impale-Brutality-Melee Physical Damage-Minion Damage (Body Armour)
  • Desecrate (1/20)-Flame Dash-Flesh Offering (Weapon)
  • Haste-Purity of Fire-Pride (Shield)
  • Dread Banner-Purity of Ice-Purity of Lightning-Enlighten (3) (Helmet)
  • Raise Zombie-Minion Life-Convocation-Feeding Frenzy (Gloves)
  • Blood Magic-Precision (1/20)-Vitality-Raise Spectre [Boots] [Your spectre choice should be Carnage Chieftain from Act 2: Old Fields. Just cast Desecrate there, and hold A until you find 3 of them to raise as spectres: they grant you and your minions Frenzy charges.]
  • Discipline (Ring 1)
  • Flesh and Stone (Ring 2)


  • Taste of Hate
  • Basalt Flask of Staunching (Against Bleeding)
  • Quartz Flask of Heat (Against Freeze and Chill)
  • Granite Flask of Warding (Against Curses)
  • Experimenters Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline

Recommended passive tree from Path of Building: (you will might need the Community Fork variant to open it:

Explained video guide with Gameplay, leveling guide and explained gear choices:

Recommended Bandit choice: Kill All (2 Passive Points)

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