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Extremely Min-maxed Molten Strike Pathfinder Build - All content viable Ubers -T17 - Extremely Tanky

Extremely Min-maxed Molten Strike Pathfinder Build - All content viable Ubers -T17 - Extremely Tanky
Necropolis - Softcore
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This build [A very min-maxed Molten Strike Pathfinder Build] can do all the content in the game and is EXTREMELY tanky in all scenarios. [More than 4-5+ Mirrors of investment]

PS: Feel free to contact me here on Odealo in order to send you the PoB of the build before making the purchase.

What are the features of this build?
1- Very high EHP [125k] and Very high Phys/Ele/Chaos EHP [80k+]
2- Progenisis Flask with 40% flask effect, meaning that 35% of that damage you take is taken over 4 seconds isntead (These 35% are essentially totally negated due to the High leech/recoup)
3- All ailment immunities including All elemental ailments, Bleed, and poison, Corrupted Blood immunity
4- Very high Leech with instant leech and overleech!
5- Build has 90% Fire res and 88% Chaos res.
6- Build is converting 100% Of Cold and lighting damage taken to Fire and chaos damage, so we don't need any Cold/Lightning Res on the build
7- Build is Converting 92% of physical damage taken to fire damage and 6% of phys to chaos (Literary immortal to Phys damage) Tank those Uber shaper Slams all you want!
8- Build is using Arcitic Armour for further 21% More damage reduction while standing still
9- Build has 100% Chance to suppress spell damage
10- The build has a total of 50 Million DPS on single target [No fishy non-cosntant mechanics Like rage are used in the build, just pure dps]
11- Very nice clear speed, especially if you are Using Uul Netol with Awakened Anscestral Call!
12- 275% Movement speed. time to go fast!
13- 75% Reduced damage from crits

What can be dangerous for This build?
On Normal mapping and bosses? Nothing BUT on T17s juiced, here are the mods you should watch for:
# Minus fire/chaos res exarch alter mod (Fire res is way overcapped but Chaos res will go down a bit with this alter mod, which means u will start taking damage)
# Players have Minus all maximum resistances
# Less recovery of life and energyshield (it's easily doable but your regan will be way less)
# More monster life (only if you are doing Back to basics strategy otherwise it's fine)
# Rare monsters have volatile cores (doable but you will have to dodge the cores after each rare kill)
# Drowing orbs (not hard, but requires you to be alert cause if u stay in them for 2-3 secs, they insta kill)
# Marked for death (avoid it at all costs. no build in the game can do this)
# Less action speed per skill used (very hard to do)
#Monsters peneterate elemental resistances (doable but you might die)
#Area has patches of awakener's desolation (doable, just stay away from those patches cause they prevent all sources of regan)
# Uber Sirus Crimson patches on the ground. they prevent regan
# Maven/Uber maven lasers. They prevent regan

The Build comes with some optional useful Items for certain scenarios if needed such as:
# Headhunter and Tides Of time Belts with their own 4 Flasks setup (Mainly we are using a Mageblood with its own setup but you will also get a Headhunter setup incase u wanna Feel even more broken when doing Giga juiced maps)
# Defiance of Destiny amulet with 42% Roll/High res (use it if you wanna be even more super tanky)
# Awakened Increased area of effect gem lvl 5/20 [Should be used all the time while doing any other content that Uber bosses! Use it instead Conc effect gem with.
# Awakened Ancestral call for insane clear speed if needed. should be used on Uul-netol amulet

Please note that you'll also be getting 20 Divine orbs + 200 Orb of regrets to get you started/Respec your tree.

Delivery will be as quick as possible. you will get all items of the build with all gems sloted in their gear pieces, ready to use right away. you will also get the PoB with all the gear, gems, and tree.

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