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Top 5 Starter Builds for Fall of Oriath

Top 5 Starter Builds for Fall of Oriath

Find out the best Path of Exile League's Starter builds laid out by our team of PoE Gamers

Top 5 Starter Builds for Fall of Oriath [3.0 Patch]

The Fall of Oriath Expansion went live on August 4th 2017.  Alongside with it the new Harbinger League was launched, and we have decided to test out all the new challanges for ourselves. The newest Path of Exile Expansion has brought a vast number of changes to majority of builds and skills. We did find it simply appropriate to update the Top Starter Builds List, and we choose 5 builds that are the best League Starter builds.

A good starter build is a combination of speed, high damage (for both single target and aoe) and the ease to gear up without excessive spendings. Usually the best starter builds are not only considered budget builds, but can also clear nearly all end-game content with properly upgraded equipment.

Once again the Top Starter Builds are the Totem builds. 3 out of the Top 5 we have listed ,are Totem build. They proove to be extremely effective with not much gear(read "currency" :) ) requirements. There is also one complete newcomer to the Top 5 list - the Glacial Cascade Mines Build - which just recently became extremely popular among Harbinger players. Let's get down to it.

1. SRS Elementalist

Baron SRS Build [ELEMENTALIST WITCH] - SRS (Summon Raging Spirit) builds have been very popular for quite some time now. Even with the recent nerf (15% Damage reduction in 3.0)  we still have decided to let it stay on the throne. It provides amazing mobility, damage, and what is possibly the most important factor - fun. Raging Skulls roaming around the entire map and annihilating enemies is an eye candy ;) The Baron version of this build provides the highest damage output out of all SRS variations. Untill you get ahold of the Baron helmet, it will be still extremely powerful with just a decent rare bone helmet equipped (keep in mind you shouldn't enchant the helmet, as it will remove the minion damage bonus)

2. Righteous Fire Totem Berserker

Righteous Fire Totem Build [BERSERKER MARAUDER] - This is the first out of the 3 Totem builds listed. In our opinion it provides the highest dmg out of all the other builds on the list. It simply melts enemies with ease, and is capable of clearing all Path of Exile's content. This build is only lacking mobility, and you might find it a little bit slower than the others when leveling it early. 

3. Ancestral Warchief Berserker

2H Ancestral Warchief Build [BERSERKER MARAUDER] - Another Totem, and another Berserker build. This one however, relies on brute strength and high physical damage from two-handed axes. Once again Berserker shows his true power, and once again, you might notice Berserker's aren't as fast as other classes. This is yet another build that prooves, that you can easly gear up a character with not much currency expenses.

4. Glacial Cascad Mines Saboteur

Glacial Cascade Minues [DUELIST SABOTEUR] - This was the first build we have decided to test out, as it relies on rather niche mechanics. We tried the Tremor Rod version, and we have to admit it's one of the most powerful builds out there. Amazing AoE, decent single-target damage, good mobility, and well, playing something completely new and different gives a lot of fun.

5. Flameblast Totem Templar

Flameblast Totem(Pizzablast) Build [INQUISITOR TEMPLAR] - The 3rd and the last of Totem builds closes our The Best Starter Builds List. It's the Flameblast Totem Templar, which relies  on the extreme damage of Flameblast spell, and with the use of Spell Totem Gem, the necessity to stand still for the channeling part was removed. Spell Totems channel the Flameblast spell, which is cast at 10 stacks for maximum damage. Pretty much anything on the map is one shotted with not much gear requirements. The only downside to the build is its' high dependancy on cast speed and lack of control over how and when the spell is cast. Totem logic handles the targeting, so you might need to get used to it. 

The list above consits of build that are not only good as League Starters. They will work nearly as effective in the late game if geared properly. What's most important about the builds above is the fact, that none of them will require excessive currency investments. They don't rely on extremely expensive gear either, while still allowing players to approach all the Bosses and Uber Labs. 

If you have any suggestions about other Starter Builds, that could possibly appear on our list, please let us know in comments below, or feel free to join the discussion on our Facebook fanpage.

Pictures used in this article are intelectual property of Grinding Gear Games.

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