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Rocket League Price Index - Complete pricelist for all RL Items - Odealo

Rocket League Price Index - Complete pricelist for all RL Items - Odealo

Rocket League Items Price Index. All platforms and all paint colors included

Rocket League Price Index
Complete price list of all the Rocket League Items

We are presenting a complete price list of items with an estimated value of 1 Key or above, wherein 1 Key is approximately 1 US Dollar (and 1 Odealo Credit). 

 1 USD = 1 Odealo Credit1.00

All the prices are displayed in Rocket League Keys, and prices for all the platforms are included. We have researched all markets, and we have adjusted our prices in accordance with several important factors that may have been overlooked by other price indexes available. We have decided to take them into consideration when creating our Rocket League Price Index.

Main factors that have a big impact on Rocket League prices and/or create the current disparities:

  1. Private trades, which include trading through Reddit and Facebook, can only be verified by its' parties
  2. Majority of non-rmt trading websites are full of outdated or fake trades which are posted solely for the purpose of manipulating the market
  3. Websites that support player-to-player trading based on Escrow(including Odealo) offer fault-proof security and are more likely to be chosen as a place to conduct high volume trades
  4. Top players and collectors prefer websites that have a wide variety of Crates and Rocket League Items, and offer item-as described delivery guarantee

Odealo is a player-driven market for Rocket Leauge Items. Trading here is done exclusively between players with the use of real money.

Rocket League Price Index
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On Odealo dozens of sellers compete for your attention. You are the expect the best prices for Rocket League Items, Crates, and Keys

If you have any suggestions about how to manage our Rocket League price index please let us know in the comments below. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. You can also join the discussion on our Facebook fan page

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