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Raise Spectre Miner Trickster Build

Raise Spectre Miner Trickster Build

A Minion build that relies on Auras from Mines such as Pyroclast Mine of Sabotage to boost the damage of your allies

Raise Spectre Miner
Trickster Build

Updated for Patch 3.24

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Guide notes
July 1, 2024
- Build created
Build overview



Boss DPS:



One of the defining features of Mines is their Auras - each mine Reserves Mana to provide some sort of Aura that affects not your character, but the enemies nearby. It will last until the Mine is detonated, so not a lot of players pay much attention to it. In this build, Auras from various Mines are its most important damage source, because as it turns out these can be immensely powerful. You can extend the limit of Mines you have at once to 20, and their duration to just short of 10 seconds. Their Auras have a good range, but you still have to place them underneath enemies which can be clunky. Fortunately, you don't have to use a whole set of different Mines to clear a map - Pyroclast Mine linked to a Minefield Support is enough. This Mine-throwing gameplay is still intrusive and constricting, and you're forced to rely on a damage source that won't interrupt it. We have chosen Minions - Spectres specifically, they don't need to be summoned often if at all.

Pyroclast Mine of Sabotage Reserves more Mana but grants a more powerful buff than its default version - that is Added Fire Damage against nearby enemies. There is a cap on Maximum Damage that can be added, but you can extend it greatly if you manage to increase this Mine's Skill Gem Level, which might be easily done with corrupted March of the Legion Boots and other such items. This Mine is the most important one of the whole set and causes your Minions to deal mostly Fire Damage, no matter their original damage type. Your other Mine is the Icicle Mine of Sabotage, which causes nearby enemies to be more likely to receive a Critical Strike, and this limit is always capped at 500%. It can almost be reached with 3 Mines which is good enough, because the remaining Mines that you can place, which is 7, are Stormblast Mines. They cause nearby enemies to take increased damage by nearly 150%.

These numbers grow so high because we've invested a lot into increased Aura Effect. The easiest way to do it is to look for "Increased Effect of Auras from Mines" from Demolition Specialist and Mine Mastery. After some further investment into the generic Aura Effect, your Mines are nearly 250% more effective. The Demolition Specialist passive belongs to a Saboteur, but that's the only good passive this ascendancy has, so we'll borrow it with a pair of Forbidden Jewels and go for Trickster with some generic defensive passives such as Escape Artist, Spellbreaker, Heartstopper, and One Step Ahead. You will also stick to the upper part of the passive skill tree for Mine and Minion nodes, and it cultivated a perfect condition for an Energy Shield build with Chaos Inoculation. The build relies on Ghost Dance, Heartstopper, Evasion, and of course Suppression. It lacks any Physical Damage reduction and has just the basic Elemental Resistances, so it's a softcore build.

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1. Gameplay

Use Spectres as your main damage source. We will go over which ones to look for in the Skill Gems section. Your Auras are Zealotry and Grace, and your Aura Mines are Pyroclast Mine of Sabotage, Icicle Mine of Sabotage, and Stormblase Mine. Throw Pyroclast Mines ahead of you as you go, your Minions will do the rest. During Boss fights, deploy 10 Pyroclast Mines, 3 Icicle Mines, and 7 Storblast Mines. This should reserve all of your Life. Your Curses are Flammability and Sniper's Mark. Upgrade your Minions with Spirit Offering.


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2. Build's PROS & CONS

  • unique playstyle
  • very high damage
  • requires setting up a lot of Mines for optimal damage, which takes 12 Throws
  • vulnerable against big hits


3. Leveling tips

Follow our Cold Exsanguinate Miner Trickster guide first. It's the fastest way to level up such a character - a well-established Trickster build that uses Mines. It's one of the best starter builds as of 3.24.


When dealing with the bandits, kill all of them for two extra Passive Skill Points.


4. Final Skill Tree, Ascendancy Points, and Pantheon

Final Skill Tree:

123 Points Final Skill Tree (doesn't include Unique nor Cluster Jewels)
123 Points Path of Building (PoB) link

Ascendancy points:

Preferably in that order:

  1. One Step Ahead
  2. Escape Artist
  3. Spellbreaker
  4. Heartstopper


Major God: Soul of Lunaris: 1% increased Movement Speed for each nearby Enemy, up to 8%; 1% additional Physical Damage Reduction for each nearby Enemy, up to 8%

Minor God: Soul of Abberath: 60% less Duration of Ignite on You


5. Final Gems links

[DPS] Raise Spectre setup
Raise Spectre Raise Spectre - We recommend a Spell-based Projectile-firing responsive Spectre. One with many Projectiles or a rapid cast rate. Its base damage type is not important, all the necessary damage is gained from Mines. What's more important is to pick a Spectre with a base Spell Crit Chance at 5% or higher. Molten Soul seems like one of the best choices.
Fire Penetration Fire Penetration Support - Your main type of Damage is Fire, so investing in Fire Penetration is important. Get the Awakened version for Fire Exposure.
Elemental Focus Elemental Focus Support - Minions are unable to Ignite but deal more Elemental Damage.
Minion Damage Minion Damage Support - More Minion Damage, less Minion Life.
Spell Echo Spell Echo Support - Minions' Spells repeat an additional time with a higher cast rate, but lower damage.
Increased Critical Damage Increased Critical Damage Support - If their Crit Chance is high use Increased Critical Damage, if it isn't - Faster Casting Support Faster Casting Support.
[UTILITY] Pyroclast Mine of Sabotage setup
socketed in March of the Legion
Pyroclast Mine of Sabotage Pyroclast Mine of Sabotage - An Aura that causes nearby Enemies to receive additional Fire Damage with each Hit. The limit on how much Fire Damage is being added scales up with the Gem Level. You should reach this limit with 10 Mines in this build.
Minefield Minefield Support - You now Throw 5 mines at once, but your Throwing Speed is much lower.
Empower Empower Support - Increases the Gem Level of Pyrocalst Mine.
Spirit Offering Spirit Offering - Improves Minions' Crit Chance and Crit Damage. It doesn't need to be socketed here, but it's the only viable place left for it.
[UTILITY] Other Mines
Stormblast Mine Stormblast Mine - Each Mine creates an Auara that causes nearby enemies to receive increased Damage, up to 150%. Place 7 of these Mines for the best result.
Icicle Mine of Sabotage Icicle Mine of Sabotage - Each Mine creates an Auara that causes nearby enemies to be more likely to receive a Critical Strike. The hard cap is 500%. You will only need 3 of these Mines to nearly reach this cap.
Enhance Enhance Support - The Quality of these two Mines is important. Enhance will increase the effect of their Auras.
[UTILITY] Aura setup
Zealotry Zealotry - Nearby Allies have increased Spell Crit Chance and Spell Damage. You could replace it with Discipline Discipline if you feel like your damage is already good.
Grace Grace - More and increased Evasion Rating. It is one of the fundamental defensive layers.
[UTILITY] Shield Charge setup
Shield Charge Shield Charge - Used to move around faster and apply Combustion with Ignite on Hit.
Combustion Combustion Support - Ignited enemies have -10% to Fire Resistance. Try to keep bosses burning.
[UTILITY] Curse setup
Arcanist Brand Arcanist Brand - Triggers both Curses with just one button. If this configuration drains too much Mana, you can cast them manually and use the salvaged gem slot to link Zealotry with Generosity.
Sniper's Mark Sniper's Mark - Enemies take increased Projectile Damage, which then Split on Impact.
Flammability Flammability - Enemies have their Fire Resistance lowered.

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6. Gear Setup

It's a Minion build, so Minion Gem Level is important as per usual. Keep in mind that you will use Wraithlord and Unique weapon, which makes it much cheaper as Helemt and a Weapon are usually expensive there. For a weapon, we recommend The Dark Seer as the Gem Level of Pyroclast Mine is also extremely important, even more so than the Raise Spectre Gem Level. These Minions should have increased Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Cast Speed, and Maximum Life with high Resistances to keep them alive. For the character, seek Maximum Energy Shield, Evasion, and Spell Suppression Chance. Strength and Dexterity will be needed. You won't need any Reservation Efficiency, but depending on your Items, you may need a bit of Maximum Mana for all the Mines.

Our recommended items will:

  1. Cap your resistances 
  2. Give you enough DPS/Life to start mapping successfully

Stat priorities on items:

  1. Elemental Resistances
  2. Energy Shield
  3. Gem Level of Pyroclast Mine
  4. Gem Level of Raise Spectre
  5. Strength and Dexterity
  6. Spell Suppression Chance
  7. Minion Damage
  8. Minion Cast Speed
  9. Maximum Mana
  10. Evasion Rating
Wraithlord(Helmet) Wraithlord - It's a Spectre build so you need a Wraitholrd. It extends the Spectre cap by 4 and increases all Minion Gems Levels by 2.
Has 4 Abyssal Sockets
(120-150)% increased Energy Shield
+(1-2) to Level of all Minion Skill Gems
+1 to maximum number of Spectres per Socketed Ghastly Eye Jewel
You cannot have Non-Spectre Minions
The Dark Seer(Weapon) The Dark Seer (Mana ES) - Dark Seer is excellent as it increases the Gem Level of all your Spell Skill Gems and applies Malediction if you can Blind them. The Mana/ES variant would be the best.
22% increased Elemental Damage
+2 to Level of all Spell Skill Gems
10% Global chance to Blind Enemies on hit
Unaffected by Blind
Enemies Blinded by you have Malediction
+(1-2) Maximum Energy Shield per Level
+(1-2) Maximum Mana per Level
Maata's Teaching(Weapon) Maata's Teaching - It won't increase the Gem Level of Pyroclast Mine but will improve your Minions' Damage and nearly double their base Crit Chance, which is also good. You can wield this one in the Main Hand with The Dark Seer in the other.
26% increased Elemental Damage
+(30-40) to Intelligence
(25-50)% increased Critical Strike Chance
+(1-2) to Level of all Minion Skill Gems
Minions' Base Attack Critical Strike Chance is equal to the Critical
Strike Chance of your Main Hand Weapon
Matua Tupuna(Off-hand) Matua Tupuna - Used only to improve the effect of your Mines' Auras by 20% and other Auras that affect your Minions by an additional 20%. The Effect of Auras (on enemies) is highly valuable in this build, so even as your Mines' Aura Effect is already increased by around 250%, it is still one of the best options.
(5-10)% increased Spell Damage
+2 to Level of Socketed Minion Gems
(40-80)% increased Energy Shield
+(15-25) to maximum Mana
20% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills on your Minions
20% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras from your Skills
Spreads Tar when you Block
Body Armour(Body Armour) Rare Body Armour - It's supposed to take advantage of the Escape Artist Keystone, so you will need a lot of ES here. Go for the Sadist Garb with mixed ES and Evasion. You will also need Suppression and maybe some Resistances. For the Eldritch mods, get increased effect of Auras from your Skills and extra Elemental Resistances or increased Evasion.
Min. requirements:
300 Energy Shield
1700 Evasion Rating
Optional affixes:
Spell Suppression Chance
March of the Legion(Boots) March of the Legion - March of the Legion are what you're looking for. These Boots increase the Gem Level of your Mines by up to 5 (Divine Blessing does not affect them). Corrupt them for an additional +2, or double-corrupt them for up to +4 additional Gem Levels for the socketed here Pyroclast Mine.
+(3-5) to Level of Socketed Aura Gems
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 25 Divine Blessing
(250-300)% increased Armour and Energy Shield
+(12-18)% to all Elemental Resistances
(20-30)% increased Movement Speed
Gloves(Gloves) Rare Gloves - Energy Shield, Resistances, Suppression Chance, and Dexterity shall be present here. For the Eldritch mods, get increased Minions' Damage and Spell Suppression Chance or increased Effect of Marks.
Min. requirements:
150 Energy Shield
80% Total Elemental Resistances
Spell Suppression Chance
Optional affixes:
Minions deal increased damage
Belt(Belt) Rare Belt - The Belt should grant you Strength, Elemental Resistances, and Energy Shield. Some useful Flask modifiers can be found here too.
Min. requirements:
+40 to Strength
+40 to maximum Energy Shield
+80% Total Elemental Resistances
Optional affixes:
Flask affixes
Maximum Mana
increased Maximum Energy Shield (Crusader's Prefix)
Darkness Enthroned(Belt) Darkness Enthroned - Great for Minion builds, you can socket your best Ghastly Abyss Jewels here and double their effect.
Has 1 Abyssal Socket
Has 1 Abyssal Socket
(50-100)% increased Effect of Socketed Abyss Jewels
Replica Dragonfang's Flight(Amulet) Replica Dragonfang's Flight - It shall increase the Gem Level of Pyroclast Mine. It offers Reservation Efficiency, Resistances, and reduces Attribute Requirements. It's all very desirable.
+(10-16) to all Attributes
+3 to Level of all <Random Skill> Gems
+(5-10)% to all Elemental Resistances
(5-10)% increased Reservation Efficiency of Skills
Items and Gems have (10-5)% reduced Attribute Requirements
Recommended Anointments:
Champion of the Cause
Whispers of Doom
Ring(Ring) Rare Ring - Bone Rings are the best choice for a Minion build - their mod pool includes a lot of great Minion-related upgrades. Attributes and Resistances are also important.
Min. requirements:
+40% Total Elemental Resistances
Minions deal increased Damage
Optional affixes:
Minions have increased Maximum Life, movement Speed, or Cast Speed
Energy Shield
Anathema(Ring) Anathema - You may use Anathema to save some points by not pathing to Whispers of Doom, and by implementing one additional Curse - Elemental Weakness. It requires some adjustments to the Gems setup.
+(15-25) to maximum Energy Shield
+(30-40) to Intelligence
(10-15)% increased Cast Speed
(10-20)% chance to gain a Power Charge when you Cast a Curse Spell
Your Curse Limit is equal to your maximum Power Charges
Jewels(Jewel) Rare Jewels - These will be very important. For Prefixes seek Maximum Energy Shield. For Suffixes look for Minions' Cast Speed and Minion Damage or Minion Maximum Life. You will use around 7 of these.
Recommended affixes:
Maximum Energy Shield
Minions have #% increased Cast Speed
Minions have +#% to Resistances
Large Cluster Jewel(Jewel) Large Cluster Jewel - You don't have many Skill Points to spare, but the two additional Sockets would be great to have. Get the 8-passive Cluster Jewel with 3 Notables listed here, or the 12-passive one with increased effect of mall nodes.
Recommended affixes:
Added Small Passive Skills have increased Effect
Added Small Passive Skills also grant: Minions have 3% increased Attack and Cast Speed
1 Added Small Passive Skill is Feasting Fiends
1 Added Small Passive Skill is Renewal
1 Added Small Passive Skill is Vicious Bite
Grand Spectrum(Jewel) Grand Spectrum (Cobalt, Minion Crit) - You may use three of these if you don't have good Rare Ghastly Abyss Jewels yet.
Minions have +10% to Critical Strike Multiplier per Grand Spectrum
Forbidden FlameForbidden Flesh(Jewel) Forbidden Flesh & Flame - You absolutely need the Demolitions Specialist. If you don't have a pair of Forbidden Jewels with it, play as a Saboteur.
Allocates <Random Ascendancy Notable> if you have the matching modifier on Forbidden Flame
Allocates <Random Ascendancy Notable> if you have the matching modifier on Forbidden Flesh

Other suggested Flasks:

  1. Silver Flask with increased Attack Speed (for Shield Charge)
  2. Quartz Flask with reduced Shock Effect
  3. Quicksilver Flask with increased Movement Speed
  4. Jade Flask with increased Evasion Rating
  5. Stibnite Flask with reduced Curse Effect
Silver FlaskQuartz FlaskStibnite FlaskQuicksilver FlaskJade Flask

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If you have any other build requests please leave that in the comments below. We are always open to suggestions and constructive feedback.

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