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Fury Druid Build for Diablo 2 Resurrected

Fury Druid Build for Diablo 2 Resurrected

One of the most powerful Melee builds in Diablo 2 Resurrected based on Druid's Fury ability and its shapeshifting skills

Druid Build

For Diablo 2 Resurrected

Build notes:
September 07, 2021
-Build created


Build Overview

Fury Druid is a true Diablo 2 Classic that works just as well in Resurrected. It fully utilizes Druid's Shape-Shifting Skill Tree and offers a very interesting melee playstyle. Thanks to the power of its abilities, it can compete with other, much more popular, melee builds. With the amazing Life scaling from Werewolf and Lycanthropy, Fury Druid offers good survivability without the need for stacking Vitality - you can stack Strength for more DPS instead. Thanks to Feral Rage, the build's mobility and Life Leech are on the highest level, even before taking gear into account. If you're looking for a fun-to-play, dynamic melee build that does not require you to be on your toes all the time, you'll love our Fury Druid. 

It is safe to say that Fury Druid is under-appreciated and deserves much more love from the community. However, this lack of interest can be a good thing for players who know just how powerful it is - the low popularity of the build makes some of the BiS gear for it quite cheap. 

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 Pros  Cons
 Good Survivability, despite not being a max Vit build   Has some Attack Rating problems 
 High Damage and extremely high Attack Speed   Werewolf form can be a bit annoying sometimes (you can't use some of your abilities, including Call to Arms, while shape-shifted) 
 Can pull its weight in most types of content   



  1. Strength - Increasing Strength will boost your damage, so you should invest as many points into it as you're comfortable with (if you feel particularly adventurous, you can even go max Strength for this build). 
  2. Dexterity - You only need enough Dexterity to meet gear requirements. 
  3. Vitality - Put all your remaining points here. You don't need as much vitality as with other melee builds, thanks to scaling the Druid gets from His Shape Shifting skills. 
  4. Energy - Adding points to Energy is an extreme waste - don't do it. 

This is the core Skill Tree of this Build. From it, you'll get the ability to assume the form of a Werewolf and shred your enemies with vicious Fury. Thanks to Lycantrophy, you will also become very tanky, even without investing any points into Vitality. 


  1. Werewolf [20/20] - An ability that allows the Druid to take the form of a Wolf, imparting to him heightened combat facilities and quicker reflexes. This ability makes you very resilient (it boosts your Life and Stamina by 25%) and extremely dangerous in close-quarters combat (at level 20, it gives 335 bonus Attack Rating % and 68% extra Attack Speed). 
  2. Lycanthropy [20/20] - Increases Druid's Max Life when in shifted form (percentage-wise) and increases shifted form's duration. Thanks to Lycantrophy, you can go for max strength and don't hurt your survivability as at level 20 this gives you extra 115% Life. 
  3. Feral Rage [20/20] - This powerful Skill grants the Druid the ability to steal increasing amounts of life from his enemies with successive hits, while in the Werewolf form. It also increases Druid's Damage, Attack, and Walk/Run Speeds. This is your utility attack - use it to get Life Steal and boost your mobility. 
  4. Rabies [1/20] - Prerequisite. A skill that allows you to bite your enemies, spreading a contagious disease that wracks their flesh. 
  5. Fury [20/20] - Throws the Druid into a bloodthirsty frenzy and makes him attack multiple foes with a raging fervor. This is an offensive ability that costs 4 Mana and deals multiple Hits per cast (5 from level 4 onward). It offers a high Attack % bonus and a nicely scaling Damage % bonus. This is your main DPS skill, use it to tear through anything that dares to stand in your way. 


Druid's summoning tree is a great source of utility and we want just that. Mainly, you're interested in two skills - Heart of the Wolverine and Summon Grizzly. Heart of the Wolverine will greatly increase your offensive power and Summon Grizzly will give you a personal tank. 


  1. Raven [1/20] - Prerequisite. Summon Ravens to peck out the eyes of your enemies. 
  2. Oak Sage [1/20] - Summons a spirit that increases your party's health. This is a powerful utility skill that increases the Health of everyone in your group, including mercenaries and summons. With it, your survivability simply skyrockets. 
  3. Summon Spirit Wolf [1/20] - Summons a Spirit Wolf to attack your enemies. 
  4. Summon Dire Wolf [1/20] - Summons a Dire Wolf to attack your enemies. 
  5. Summon Grizzly [1/20] - Summons a Grizzly bear to attack your enemies. Even with just 1 point, Grizzly is very effective at tanking. It will help you stay alive by soaking up damage. 
  6. Heart of Wolverine [X/20] - This ability Grants Druid the knowledge needed to summon into being a spirit that increases his skill in battle, as well as that of his party. Heart of Wolverine increases Druid's combat capabilities by quite a bit and works well as an addition to this Build's core. After you've maxed out the recommended Shape Shifting Skills, spend the rest of your Skill Points here. 

You don't need any Elemental Skills. 


  1. none. 



This build benefits a lot from Increased Attack Speed, thus you should prioritize getting a Weapon that has a lot of it (Increased Attack Speed in other items is not nearly as important). Another extremely important stat for a Fury Druid is Attack Rating, as it makes you miss less often. Also, you want to get as many Skill Levels (Druid/Shape-Shifting Skills in this case) as possible to increase the build's overall power level. Resistances are also important, but they should never come before the offensive power. 


Andariel's Visage (Demonhead) - This amazing mask will give you a nice Skill increase and a lot of extra Strength. It also gives quite a high Life Leech which can be extremely helpful. 

Andariel's Visage

  • Defense: 310-387
  • Required Level: 83
  • Required Strength: 102
  • Durability: 20  
    • +100-150% Enhanced Defense 
    • +2 To All Skills 
    • 20% Increased Attack Speed 
    • 8-10% Life Stolen Per Hit 
    • +25-30 To Strength 
    • +10% To Maximum Poison Resist 
    • Fire Resist -30% 
    • Poison Resist +70% 
    • 15% Chance To Cast Level 15 Poison Nova When Struck 
    • Level 3 Venom (20 charges) 

Jalal's Mane (Totemic Mask) - This amazing Totemic Mask will give you everything you might want from an item - Resistances, Attack Rating, Attributes, Faster Hit Recovery, Chance of Open Wounds, and a total of +4 to Shape Shifting Skills (yay!). If you're looking for a BiS item, this is it. 

Jalal's Mane

  • Defense: 247 to 297 
  • Required Level: 42 
  • Required Strength: 65
  • Durability: 20
    • +150-200% Enhanced Defense (varies) 
    • 30% Faster Hit Recovery 
    • 20% Bonus to Attack Rating 
    • 33% Chance of Open Wounds 
    • +2 to Druid Skill Levels 
    • All Resistances +30 
    • +5 to Mana After Each Kill 
    • +20 to Strength 
    • +20 to Energy 
    • +2 to Shape Shifting Skills (Druid Only) 


Kingslayer (Runeword) - A very solid offensive choice for this Build. It offers an amazing boost to your damage output thanks to a plethora of very strong effects. You should socket it in a Two-Handed weapon with high base offensive stats. 


  • Damage:  Depends on base Weapon
  • Required Level: 53
  • Required Dexterity: Depends on base Weapon
  • Required Strength: Depends on base Weapon
  • Durability: Depends on base Weapon 
  • Mal + Um + Gul+ Fal   
    • +30% Increased Attack Speed 
    • +230-270% Enhanced Damage (varies) 
    • -25% Target Defense 
    • 20% Bonus To Attack Rating 
    • 33% Chance Of Crushing Blow 
    • 50% Chance Of Open Wounds  
    • +3 To Vengeance 
    • Prevent Monster Heal 
    • +1 To Vengeance 
    • +10 To Strength 
    • 40% Extra Gold From Monsters 

Ribcracker (Quarterstaff) - This powerful Staff offers 50% Increased Attack Speed, a high Enhanced Damage bonus, and a whopping 50% chance for a Crushing Blow, which makes it a top choice for this build. Moreover, the 50% Faster Hit Recovery it offers will make you fare much better in melee. 


  • Two-Hand Damage:  (54-62) to (143-169)
  • Required Level: 31 
  • Required Dexterity: - 
  • Required Strength: 25
  • Durability: 130  
    • +(200-300)% Enhanced Damage 
    • Adds 30-65 Damage 
    • +50% Damage To Undead 
    • 50% Chance Of Crushing Blow 
    • 50% Increased Attack Speed 
    • 50% Faster Hit Recovery 
    • +100% Enhanced Defense 
    • +100 Defense 
    • +15 To Dexterity 

The Cranium Basher (Thunder Maul) - A very interesting choice for this build (we recommend it despite its very high Strength requirement because you want to stack Str anyway). This Two-Handed mace has an extremely high chance for a Crushing Blow, a bonus to Attack Speed, a chance to cast Amplify Damage on striking, and gives a nice bonus to all resistances. Good choice, especially if you're lucky and proc Amplify Damage often. 

The Cranium Basher

  • Two-Hand Damage:  (132-145) To (632-704) (382-424.5 Avg) 
  • Required Level: 87 
  • Required Dexterity: - 
  • Required Strength: 253
  • Durability: 60 
    • +200-240% Enhanced Damage (varies) 
    • +20 To Minimum Damage 
    • +50% Damage To Undead 
    • 75% Chance of Crushing Blow 
    • 4% Chance To Cast Level 1 Amplify Damage On Striking
    • 20% Increased Attack Speed 
    • All Resistances +25
    • +25 To Strength 
    • Indestructible

Call to Arms (Rune Word) - This powerful Runeword will allow you to pre-buff yourself up with Warcries (buffs persist through weapon swap). 

Call to Arms

  • Defense: Depends on base Weapon 
  • Required Level: 57
  • Required Strength: Depends on base Weapon ​​​​​
  • Durability: Depends on base Weapon 
  • Amn • Ral • Mal • Ist
    • +1 to All Skills 
    • +40% Increased Attack Speed 
    • +250-290% Enhanced Damage 
    • Adds 5-30 Fire Damage 
    • 7% Life Stolen Per Hit 
    • +2-6 To Battle Command 
    • +1-6 To Battle Orders 
    • +1-4 To Battle Cry 
    • Prevent Monster Heal 
    • Replenish Life +12 
    • 30% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items 

Lidless Wall (Grim Shield) - A very powerful Shield that grants bonuses to all skills and FCR. If you are using CTA on weapon swap to boost your stats with Warcries, it's good to equip this shield to best the effect. 

Lidless Wall 

  • Defense: 271 - 347
  • Required Level: 41
  • Required Strength: 58
  • Durability: 70
    • +80-130% Enhanced Defense (varies) 
    • +1 to All Skills
    • Increase Maximum Mana 10% 
    • 20% Faster Cast Rate 
    • +3-5 to Mana After Each Kill (varies) 
    • +10 to Energy 
    • +1 to Light Radius 


Highlord's Wrath - A great choice for this Build. Highlord's Wrath offers a great offensive boost by increasing your Attack Speed by 20% and giving you a scaling chance for a Deadly Strike. Also, it gives +1 to all Skills. 

Atma's Scarab

  • Required Level: 65
    • +1 to All Skills 
    • 20% Increased Attack Speed 
    • +0-37% Deadly Strike (+0.375 per Character Level) 
    • Lightning Resist +35% 
    • Adds 1-30 Lightning Damage 
    • Attacker Takes Lightning Damage of 15 

Mara's Kaleidoscope - One of the most popular unique Amulets in the game. It provides a great combination of offensive (+2 to all skills) and defensive (+20-30 to all resistances) properties. It's expensive but worth its price. 

Mara's Kaleidoscope

  • Required Level: 67
    • +2 To All Skills 
    • All Resistances +20-30 (varies) 
    • +5 To All Attributes 


Enigma (Runeword) - Arguably, the best item in the entire game. Without it, any character that is not a Sorceress is a mere shadow of itself. Enigma will greatly increase your Magic Find, give you +2 to All Skills, and provide you with Teleport which, as far as mobility goes, can't be matched by anything else. 


  • Defense: Depends on base Armor 
  • Required Level: 65 
  • Required Strength: Depends on base Armor 
  • Durability: Depends on base Armor 
  • Jah + Ith + Ber  
    • +2 To All Skills 
    • +45% Faster Run/Walk 
    • +1 To Teleport 
    • +750-775 Defense (varies) 
    • +(0.75*Clvl) To Strength (Based On Character Level) 
    • Increase Maximum Life 5% 
    • Damage Reduced By 8% 
    • +14 Life After Each Kill 
    • 15% Damage Taken Goes To Mana 
    • (1*Clvl)% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (Based On Character Level)

Fortitude (Runeword) - If you're after raw damage and don't mind sacrificing mobility for it, this mighty runeword will be a great alternative to Enigma. We are of the opinion that the 300% Enhanced Damage it provides is worth the sacrifice any time of the day. 


  • Defense: Depends on base Armor 
  • Required Level: 59 
  • Required Strength: Depends on base Armor 
  • Durability: Depends on base Armor 
  • El + Sol + Dol + Lo   
    • 20% Chance To Cast Level 15 Chilling Armor when Struck 
    • +25% Faster Cast Rate 
    • +300% Enhanced Damage 
    • +200% Enhanced Defense 
    • +15 Defense 
    • +[1-148] To Life (Based on Character Level, [1-1.5] per Level) 
    • Replenish Life +7 
    • +5% To Maximum Lightning Resist 
    • All Resistances +[25-30] (varies) 
    • Physical Damage Taken Reduced by 7 
    • 12% Damage Taken Gained as Mana when Hit 
    • +1 To Light Radius 


Raven Frost - Freeze Immunity is very important to have on every character and this ring is one of just a few items that give it, which makes it a must-have, especially for a melee character. 

Raven Frost

  • Required Level: 76
    • +150-250 Attack Rating (varies) 
    • 15-45 Cold Damage 
    • +15-20 Dexterity (varies) 
    • +40 Mana 
    • Cold Absorb 20% (varies) 
    • Cannot be Frozen 

The Stone of Jordan - An extremely powerful Ring that gives +1 to All Skills and increases your maximum mana by a lot. 

The Stone of Jordan 

  • Required Level: 29
    • +1 to All Skills
    • Increase Maximum Mana by 25% 
    • Adds 1-12 Lightning Damage 
    • +20 to Mana

Bul-Kathos Wedding Band - Another great ring for this build. It grants a bonus to all skills, Life Steal, and maximum Life - all exceptionally valuable affixes. 

Bul-Kathos Wedding Band

  • Required Level: 58
    • +1 To All Skills 
    • + (0.5 Per Character Level) 0-49 To Life) 
    • 3-5% Life Stolen Per Hit (varies) 
    • +50 Maximum Stamina 


Soul Drainer (Vambraces) - This pair of gloves is essential for this build, as it lowers enemy defenses which counteracts your attack rating problems somewhat. On top of that, Soul Drainers provide nice leech effects. 

Soul Drainer

  • Defense: 129 - 149 
  • Required Level: 74
  • Required Strength: 50 
  • Durability: 16
    • +90-120% Enhanced Defense (varies) 
    • 4-7% Mana Stolen Per Hit (varies) 
    • 4-7% Life Stolen Per Hit (varies) 
    • -50 to Monster Defense per Hit 
    • 8% Chance to Cast Level 3 Weaken on Striking 

Dracul's Grasp (Vampirebone Gloves) - A good all-around choice that increases your attack speed and gives you some extra survivability. These gloves also give a high strength bonus and a 25% Chance of Open Wounds. 

Dracul's Grasp


  • Defense: 125 - 145
  • Required Level: 76
  • Required Strength: - 50
  • Durability: 14
    • +90-120% Enhanced Defense (varies) 
    • +10-15 to Strength (varies) 
    • +5-10 Life After Each Kill (varies) 
    • 25% Chance of Open Wounds 
    • 7-10% Life Stolen Per Hit (varies) 
    • 5% Chance to Cast Level 10 Life Tap on Striking
    • 20% Increased Attack Speed 


Gore Rider (War Boots) - A top choice for any physical damage-based build. These extremely powerful boots provide amazing offensive bonuses and a solid 30% Increased Run/Walk Speed. 

Gore Rider

  • Defense: 140 - 162 
  • Required Level: 47
  • Required Strength: 94
  • Kick Damage: 39-80
  • Durability: 34 
    • +160-200% Enhanced Defense (varies) 
    • 30% Faster Run/Walk 
    • 10% Chance Of Open Wounds 
    • 15% Chance Of Crushing Blow 
    • 15% Deadly Strike 
    • Requirements -25% 
    • Attacker Takes Damage Of 5-10 (varies)  
    • +20 Maximum Stamina 

War Traveler (Battle Boots) - This pair is notable for providing a  high Magic Find bonus in addition to other useful bonuses. An interesting choice for sure. 

War Traveler's

  • Defense: 120-139 
  • Required Level: 42
  • Required Strength: 95
  • Kick Damage: 37-64 
  • Durability: 48
    • +150-190% Enhanced Defense 
    • 25% Faster Run/Walk 
    • +10 to Vitality 
    • +10 to Strength 
    • Adds 15-25 Damage 
    • +40% Slower Stamina Drain 
    • Attacker Takes Damage Of 5-10 
    • 30-50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items 


Nosferatu's Coil (Vampirefang Belt) - An extremely solid belt that gives a high Attack Speed bonus and 15 Strength. A great offensive choice. 

Nosferatu's Coil

  • Defense: 56 - 63 
  • Potion Slots: 16 
  • Required Level: 51
  • Required Strength: 50 
  • Durability: 14
    • Slows Target By 10% 
    • +2 To Mana After Each Kill 
    • 5-7% Life Stolen Per Hit (varies) 
    • +15 To Strength 
    • 10% Increased Attack Speed 
    • -3 to Light Radius 

Verdungo's Hearty Cord (Mithril Coil) - A very solid defensive option that offers a Faster Hit Recovery bonus, an insanely high boost to maximum stamina, and up to 40 (!) Vitality. 

Verdungo's Hearty Cord

  • Defense: 125-158
  • Potion Slots: 16 
  • Required Level: 63
  • Required Strength: 106
  • Durability: 16
    • +90-140% Enhanced Defense 
    • 10% Faster Hit Recovery  
    • +30-40 To Vitality 
    • Replenish Life +10-13 
    • +100-120 Maximum Stamina 
    • Damage Reduced By 10-15% 


  1. Annihilus - This fabled Charm boosts your Skills, Stats, and Resistances. It's the best Unique Small Charm, and it's limited to just 1 in your equipment. 
  2. Gheed's Fortune - Pretty much a must-have if you are after the best available charms. It adds 80-160% extra gold from monsters, reduces vendor prices by up to 15%, and gives up to 40% better magic find. 
  3. Hellfire Torch - The BiS Unique Large Charm that increases your Vitality, Skills, and more. You should, of course, go for one that gives +1 to Druid Skills. 
  4. Grand Charms - These should have a combination of the following: +Shape-Shifting Skills, Max Damage, Attack Rating, Life. 
  5. Small Charms -  With these, you should get Life, Attack Rating, and Max Damage. 
  6. Large Charms - Try to avoid using these as they generally provide sub-par bonuses. 


We recommend picking up Act 2 Defiance Mercenary for extra damage mitigation bonuses. He should be equipped with: 

  1. Infinity Rune Word in Ethereal Spear - This provides Conviction Aura, which reduces the defenses and resistances of nearby enemies and offers very high bonus damage. A top (and expensive) choice for any Act2 merc build. 
  2. Fortitude Rune Word in Armor - This Runeword gives solid defenses that are necessary to keep your merc alive. 
  3. Vampire Gaze - For high Life Leech and damage reduction. 



This is our premiere Diablo 2 Resurrected build where we tried to include all of the important information on how to set up this character while keeping the guide as compact as possible. If we've missed something of importance, please let us know! 

If you have any Build requests, please post them in the Comments section below. We will be happy to cover your most requested builds in the future! Also, we hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. Also, we will be happy to receive constructive criticism that will help us improve our future work, so don't hesitate to give us your feedback. 


Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment