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Diablo 4 FAQ and Launch Guide

Diablo 4 FAQ and Launch Guide

Find out when Diablo 4 is going to be released, and what to expect on launch

Diablo 4
Launch Date and FAQ Guide



After years of development, Diablo 4 Launch is finally around the corner and new information becomes available at an increasing rate. Because of this, we've decided to collect all the currently available information in one place and create a comprehensive FAQ-style article. From it, you'll learn about Diablo 4 Release Date, its features, classes, world, and gameplay. if you have any further questions, feel free to ask them and we'll do our best to answer. 


Diablo 4 Release Date

Since the game's reveal at Blizzcon back in 2019, there has been a lot of speculation about the Diablo 4 Launch date. Initially, we didn't even have any concrete statements from the devs and all we knew is that a game such as this can take anywhere from 4 to 6 years to develop (where 2-3 years are usually carried out without any public announcements). 2 years later, we finally got some more in-game footage and information. We also got a statement from the devs... a statement that said "Diablo 4 is not coming soon, not even "Blizzard soon". So, for those of you who were hoping Diablo 4 would launch in 2022, we regret to say it won't. Despite the fact that we still don't have an exact eta, we can relatively safely say that the Diablo 4 Release Date is set to 2023. In other words, unless there are significant delays, we'll dive back into the world of sanctuary in just a "few" months. 

For those of you who can't wait to try the new DIablo out, there's a chance to play it much, much earlier by being selected for the closed beta tests. This option is present since June 2022 and you can sign up via the Diablo 4 website. As of right now, closed beta tests are scheduled to start in November! Of course, there's no guarantee that you'll get beta access, but your chances increase significantly if you have previous testing experience, are a content creator, a gaming journalist, or are simply very lucky. If you're not selected for the beta, your next chance to try D4 before launch will happen early next year (so, early 2023) as this is when the game's public tests are set to begin.

As a finishing thought on the Diablo 4 Release Date topic; don't despair if you won't get to play the game before the official Diablo 4 Launch. From our own experience, we can say that trying out an unfinished product can be discouraging and/or misleading, especially if you just want to play it and are not interested in finding and reporting bugs. If you want to enjoy the game without any complications, you should wait until it fully releases. By doing so, you'll get the best possible experience and your first impressions of the game will be excellent (if the game turns out to be good, that is - it will be, it's Blizzard after all). 


Diablo 4 FAQ

What's the Diablo 4 Release Date?

As mentioned previously, there's still no concrete date for the Diablo 4 Launch. Everything in the earth and the sky suggests that the game will release somewhere in 2023, however (the year's second half is more likely). We'll update this article as soon as we get an eta from Blizzard, so stay tuned! 

What Classes will we get for the release?

Diablo IV will have 5 playable classes on the release:

  • Barbarian - A skilled melee fighter who knows his way around the axe, sword, and club. He takes full advantage of his superior skills by carrying an arsenal of different weapons with him and swapping between them as the situation dictates it. While His main selling point is savage offense, Barb is also known for His resilience and sheer toughness. 
  • Druid - A wicked warrior who draws his power from the primordial energies that surround all living beings. He is a shape-shifter able to fluidly transform into a vicious werewolf or a fierce bear to fight His enemies with fangs and claws. As for the more subtle Druid's abilities, He also commands the powers of storm, wind, and earth, and is able to unleash elemental devastation upon His enemies. 
  • Necromancer - A cunning summoner, able to conjure hordes of vengeful golems and raise legions of the undead. The Necromancer can create powerful bone barriers, use Shadows to confuse his enemies, and employ blood magic to restore his vital power. He prefers to make his minions do his bidding and usually prefers to stay away from close combat. 
  • Rogue - A shady warrior that can specialize in close-quarters combat or opt to engage enemies from a distance with a crossbow or a bow. While being somewhat fragile, Rogue will more than make up for the lack of resilience in the sheer amount of utility and survivability tools she'll have access to. 
  • Sorceress - An expert in shaping the elements into whatever form she desires, able to shoot scorching balls of fire, hurl crackling lightning bolts, and condense jagged ice spikes out of the thin morning mist. Her playstyle is best described as "high risk. high reward", and she'll appeal to all glass canon build enjoyers out there. 

If you want to know more, feel free to check out our Diablo 4 Classes Guide

Will there be any new Class mechanics? 

Oh yes! Every Class will have a set of new and unique mechanics that will shape the Diablo 4 gameplay. These mechanics, while innovative, are well grounded in the previous iterations of the Classes they are a part of. We'll have to wait for the Diablo 4 Launch to see the whole picture, but here are some examples: 

  • Barbarian's Arsenal system will allow Him to freely swap between different weapon types which will allow him to quickly adapt to a changing situation and benefit from more weapon modifiers at once. 
  • Druid's Shapeshifting will make a return and it will be much more streamlined; Using a skill that requires a specific form will transform you into that form automatically, without you having to take any extra actions! 
  • Necromancer's "Book of the Dead" will allow the player to customize His/Her undead minions, choose how the minions are deployed, which minions are available, and how they behave. Each of the summons will have three different variants, and each variant will have three modifications to choose from. 
  • Rogue will have access to a special Imbuing System that will let her modify the damage type of her skills and add various secondary effects. She'll be able to poison, freeze, or maybe even electrocute and curse Her enemies. 
  • Sorceress will be able to turn any of her Active Abilities (so, passives won't be able to be used) into passive or semi-passive effects related to the selected skill (Auto-casting Meteors were mentioned, for example). The selected skill will be disabled in the process. 

What is the main currency in Diablo 4?


In Diablo 4, the main currency is called "Gold." Gold is the standard currency used for various transactions within the game, such as buying and selling items, repairing equipment, and interacting with NPCs. Depending on your point of view, it may be a good thing that Gold can't be used to trade for the best in-game equipment, but rather on the most basic character needs to get you going in the Diablo IV world. This is somewhat a continuation of Blizzard's policy that was introduced during Diablo III, which makes gold pretty much redundant for higher-level players. 

Players can acquire gold by defeating enemies, completing quests, looting treasure chests, or selling items they no longer need to vendors. Gold is an essential resource for character progression and acquiring better equipment and items.

In addition to gold, Diablo 4 may introduce other forms of currency or tradeable materials specific to certain aspects of the game, such as crafting materials or special tokens for specific vendors or activities. However, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, gold remains the primary currency in Diablo 4.

It is possible for players to trade Gold so buying it with real money on marketplaces like Odealo is also an option for most demanding players. You can visit the marketplace section to Buy Diablo 4 Gold by clicking on this link, or by navigating using the buttons on top of this page.

Can you tell us more about the world of Diablo 4?

On the Release, Diablo 4 will offer us a rather vast open world with five aesthetically unique regions: 

  • Kehjistan - This land was once known as the great empire of the eastern lands of Sanctuary. A long time ago it was a bastion of civilization, now it lies in ruins. The towns and cities of Kehjistan tended to be large, so expect to find quite a few vast ruins to explore there. 
  • Scosglen - A verdant woodland where you can become one with nature... by being murdered horribly and eaten by wildlife. Also, this is the home of Sanctuary's Druids, and they are not known for their hospitality... 
  • Dry Steppes - This zone consists of vast grasslands scarred by deep canyons, with occasional salt flats dotted with active geysers here and there. Creatures and humans that call this place home have become ruthless and desperate very long ago, so beware. 
  • Fractured Peaks - A frozen and inhabitable mountainous waste, dotted with crumbling ruins and ancient cathedrals. This was once a center of civilization, now it's a sad wasteland inhabited only by those desperate or mad enough to stay. 
  • Hawezar - If death and misery are what you're after, you'll definitely find plenty of both in these lands... Hawezar is a foul swamp filled to the brim with despair, disease, and poison. This land's misery is all-encompassing and will eventually consume you, but it won't be the most pressing of your problems if you venture there... 

It was confirmed that players will be able to explore these five regions in any order, so there won't be any leading by the hand forced by the game's story. Each of the regions will contain a unique set of creatures, environmental features, and dangers which should add to the Diablo 4 world's variety. There also will be secrets, hidden areas, dungeons, quests, and stories to uncover, which should appeal to all of you who enjoy exploring the world of Sanctuary more than anything else. 

  • Open World Maps will be preset, but dungeons will be randomized. Because of this, repetitiveness won't set in for a long time and the game will stay fresh for longer. Also, randomized dungeons are a standard set by the original Diablo all those years ago. 
  • There will be dynamic weather as well as a day/night cycle. Both of these systems will have effects on the environment; For example, the weather will visually affect the Player as well as the monsters. Moreover, some abilities were confirmed to be able to change the weather temporarily. 
  • On Diablo 4 Release, the map will contain over 100 settlements of various sizes. These will include villages, towns, cities, and strongholds. Major Towns were confirmed to be the social hubs of the game, where players will find vendors, waypoints, quests, and of course, other players. 

Note: We expect more zones to be added, after the Diablo 4 Release, with DLCs and expansion packs. 

Map of Sancruary
Map of Sanctuary

Diablo 4 World will be massive, will there be any ways to speed up traveling?

You'll be able to port between major settlements via special waypoints, which will allow you to travel across the Sanctuary almost instantly. Moreover, Diablo 4 will be the first game in the series to introduce mounts! 

  • Mounts will help you traverse the vast regions of D4 in a quick and efficient way. 
  • There will be many different kinds of mounts to obtain, including multiple horse breeds. 
    • The more exotic Mounts will be awarded to players for completing puzzles, discovering hidden locations, or defeating specific enemies, while the more regular ones will be purchasable from NPCs. 
  • Mounts will have their own inventory and you'll be able to equip them with gear that will change their stats and appearance. 
    • You'll be able to affect the speed of the mount, its resilience, toughness, and other stats by providing it with equipment. 
  • Being hit while mounted will automatically dismount you. However, each Class will have access to a special dismount ability that will let you smoothly engage in combat before being forcibly dismounted: 
    • Rogue will be able to leap from the mount and rain arrows on Her enemies. 
    • Sorceress will be able to freeze enemies on her path. 
    • Barbarian will be able to leap from the mount and slam the ground, throwing enemies off balance. 

What's the Max Level and what will the Diablo 4 End Game look like?

At the end of the main story campaign, your character will be around level 45 (more or less, depending on the side activities you engaged with). Through Paragon Points, you will then be able to reach the maximum level of 100. Once you've reached the end game, you'll gain access to various kinds of activities. 

  • The game's main campaign is said to be ~35 hours in length, which promises a lot of fun lore to dive into! To know for sure, we'll have to wait for the Diablo 4 Launch, however. 
  • Joe Shely (D4's game director) has stated that they are working on Nightmare Dungeons, Whispers, and other end-game activities that are still being worked on. He also stressed that they want their players to have a variety of things to do, so expect many types of fun activities in the end game. 
  • Diablo 4's End Game loop will look more or less like this: create a build ⇒ make it powerful ⇒ test it against a challenge ⇒ unlock a higher difficulty (through World Tiers) ⇒ rinse and repeat. 

What's the Diablo 4's Paragon System?

After the Diablo 4 Launch, players will definitely rush their way to the end-game as that's where the "real" experience, which involves the Paragon System, begins. Paragon System, known from Diablo 3, will make a return, but it won't function in the same way. 

  • Reaching level 50 will give you access to the Paragon Board through which you will be able to empower your character. The possible bonuses will range from very basic boosts to extremely powerful modifiers. You'll start at the center of the board, and will be able to make your way in any direction you want, accumulating the bonuses on your way. Some board tiles will serve as sockets, used to activate glyphs fount throughout the game. These glyphs will offer different bonuses and you'll be able to level them up. 
    • Once you reach the edge of the board, you'll find a special Gate Tile that connects your starting board to other Paragon Boards with a different layout and different bonuses. It was confirmed that you'll be able to choose which new Paragon Board you'll connect to your current one! 
  • There will be different Tile types: 
    1. Normal Tiles - These provide rather small and straightforward, but meaningful bonuses. 
    2. Magic Tiles - These tiles offer a set of more powerful bonuses and usually come in clusters. While not as common as normal tiles, they are still very abundant on the board. 
    3. Rare Tiles - You'll want to make your way towards these tiles as they will offer powerful bonuses. However, some of them will be very specific and worth going for only for certain types of Diablo 4 builds. To unlock their full potential, your character will have to reach certain attribute thresholds. 
    4. Legendary Tiles - These will become available once you connect your starting Board to a new one (starting boards won't have any Legendary Tiles). Legendary Tiles impart a new Legendary Power to the character that earns it. 
    5. Socket Tiles - As mentioned above, these can be socketed with glyphs. 
    6. Gate Tiles - With these, you can select a new Paragon Board to attach to your existing one. 
  • You will get a total of 200 Paragon Points, gained each 25% of a level for 50 Levels (to the Diablo 4's max character level of 100). This hard cap will ensure a level playing field in the end-game, without power gamers dominating through the sheer number of Paragon Points acquired. 
    • Despite being hard-capped, this system will allow the level of character customization every Diablo fan has dreamed of. It looks like it'll overshadow the systems implemented by D4's direct competitors (and they are known for their in-depth character customization systems). 

Paragon Board
Diablo 4's Paragon Board

Can you tell us more about Diablo 4 Character Progression? Paragon Board is not all of it, right?

Just like previous Diablo games, D4 will feature a stat-based character progression. Each level, your character will gain 5 stat points that can be freely allocated to the four primary statistics, Dexterity, Willpower, Intelligence, and Strength. Each of these stats will provide your character with a passive bonus: 

  • Dexterity will improve your Dodge Chance. 
  • Strength will increase your Defense. 
  • Willpower will increase your Healing Received. 
  • Intelligence will increase your Resistance. 

Primary stats will also have other effects, depending on your class, for example: 

  • Rogue will gain Skill Damage from Dexterity and Crit Chance from Intelligence. 
  • Barbarian will gain Skill Damage from Strength, Resource Generation Speed from Willpower, and Crit Chance from Dexterity. 
  • Sorceress will gain Skill Damage from Intelligence, Crit Chance from Willpower, and Resource Generation Speed from Dexterity. 

In addition to 4 stat points per level, you'll also receive 2 Skill Points each time you level up. These points can be spent in the skill trees to unlock passive points, new skills, and additional skill effects through the upgrade nodes (these effects will also require certain stat thresholds to be met before they start working, however).

  • Passive Points gained through spending skill points can be spent in the lower passives section of the skill trees, to unlock various powerful passive effects for your character.  

You've mentioned Dungeons?

There will be over 140 fully randomized dungeons on the Diablo 4 Release Date. This number was achieved by implementing and considerably improving the DLRG (Dungeon Level Random Generator) tool from Diablo 3. 

  • Dungeons will be instanced, so you won't meet players from outside your party inside them. 
  • There won't be any loading screens between dungeon levels so the dungeon crawling experience of Diablo 4 will be very immersive and seamless. 
  • Completing specific tasks, or interacting with stuff, in one part of a dungeon can trigger events or change what happens in its other parts. 
  • Dungeons will feature random events, so no two runs will be the same (or at least they shouldn't). 
  • Dungeons will feature different objectives, to make them more distinguishable from each other. 
  • The further you progress, the more a dungeon will become. Rewards will also improve as you progress. 
  • Some Dungeons will drop specific item types, so you'll be able to farm for specific gear pieces inside them. The dungeons that drop a specific item type will change regularly. 

What do we know about Diablo 4's story?

D4's storyline will take place decades after the events portrayed in Diablo III: Reaper of Soul, in an aftermath of Malthael's decimation of 90% of the Sanctuary's population. D4's sanctuary will be ruined, abandoned by the Angels, and infested by yet another evil force - Lilith, Daughter of Mephisto. 

  • The campaign will be non-linear, you'll have the option to complete each of the game's zones in any order you want, and completing it whole will take around 35 hours. 
  • To ground the story in the game's lore, there will be multiple side stories of simple folk, trying to live their lives in the demon-infested and ruined world. Devs aim to create a living world for the players to dive into and care about. 
  • The developers have also stated that they'll try to avoid bringing back antagonists from previous games, initially. They've expressed that bringing back bosses from previous game iterations should feel organic and correct, and there should always be a reason for it - expect some intricate plot devices, intrigues, and conspiracies, culminating in a grand return of Diablo or one of His brothers, later in the game's story! 

Should we expect any World Bosses in Diablo 4?

Joe Shely, the game director for Diablo 4, has confirmed that there will be three world bosses at launch. We already know the names of two of them: Treasure Beast and Ashava. It was stated that these bosses will be enormous beasts, unable to fit on your screen even if you pan the camera out! 

  • To defeat a world boss, you'll have to cooperate with other players. Judging by their size, they are designed with massive (~20+ players) in mind. 

Treasure Beast
We wonder what treasure can be obtained from the Treasure Beast...

What Game Modes will we get on the Diablo 4 Release?

There will be three different game modes to enjoy in Diablo 4 (one of which is not yet 100% confirmed): 

  • Hardcore - This mode, known from the previous games in the series, will remain exactly the same. If your Hardcore Character dies, it gets permanently deleted. Unlike in some other cRPGs, dead Hardcore characters won't be transferred to Normal mode and will be lost forever so beware. 
  • Normal - This mode is self-explanatory. It will offer a D4 experience without any additional rules or artificial difficulty increases. 
  • Solo Self-Found - This will be an "ironman lite" of sorts. Solo Self-Found characters won't be able to interact with other players, which means no trading, and no grouping. This game mode was not 100% confirmed as of the time of writing this article, but we're positive that we'll get it eventually if not at Diablo 4 Launch. 

Note: It was stated that offline play won't be supported as Diablo 4 will require an internet connection to be played. 

How will Diablo 4's online mode work?

While Diablo 4 will require a constant internet connection to be played, you won't meet too many players during your adventures outside the major cities. Moreover, you'll never meet players from outside your current group in dungeons. This was done on purpose to preserve the "feeling of a Diablo game" and ensure the best possible solo player experience. 

  • You'll still meet a lot of players in hubs, such as major cities. 
  • World Bosses will attract quite a crowd, so you'll see massive conglomerates of players during world boss encounters. 
  • World Events will call players together and make them fight as a group. 
  • Dungeons will be private for you and your party. 
  • You won't be able to disable seeing other players completely. 
  • There won't be an offline mode. 

What will Diablo 4 open-world PvP look like?

Diablo 4 will feature special open-world PvP zones, called Fields of Hatred. To take part in PvP action, you'll have to opt in first. These zones, while PvP focussed, will be explorable without engaging in PvP. You will also be able to group up with other Players while inside them. 

  • Killing Players and monsters in PvP Zones will give you Seeds of Hatred. These can be converted to Red Dust, which is a current that can be spent at Cosmetic, Mount, and PvP vendors. 
    • All Seeds carried by players will be dropped upon death. 
  • Collecting a certain amount of Seeds of Hatred will mark you as a Vessel of Hatred. As a Vessel, you'll be marked on everyone's map and become a target. If you survive for a set amount of time, you'll be granted a special reward. 
  • Some actions conducted in Fields of Hatred will automatically flag you for PvP. Converting Seeds of Hatred at the Altar of Extraction is one such action. 

I've heard that D4 will have in-depth visual Character Customization, can you tell me something more about it?

Players will receive the freedom of character customization never before available in the Diablo series; the customization feature will include gender choice, different hairstyles (including facial hair), hair colors, multiple faces, distinguishing features (like tattoos and scars), eye color, skin tone (ethnicity), and makeup. 

Will controllers/pads be supported for PC?

Blizzard has stated that they are designing the game's interface to be as user-friendly and customizable as possible. If you want to play Diablo 4 on a PC with a controller, you'll get that option. We'll have to wait until the Diablo 4 Launch to see if the interface feels a bit weird for the mouse and keyboard users because of this (if you've played a port from consoles to PCs you definitely know what we mean). 

Will Diablo 4 be Pay-to-win?

Diablo 4 will be a buy-to-play title, but it will also feature a cash shop. Blizzard has stated that the cash hop will be COSMETIC-ONLY and that there won't be any pay-to-win involved. In other words, Blizzard has promised that Diablo 4 will not be pay-to-win. 



If you've found this guide useful and informative, don't hesitate to leave a comment below, it will motivate us to continue our work. If you have a question that was not covered in our FAQ, please let us know and we'll do our best to answer it! Also, please do note that this is an early version of our guide, and we will be happy to receive constructive criticism, that will help us improve it, so leave your suggestions in the comments section below.