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Bone Spear Necromancer Build for Diablo 2 Resurrected

Bone Spear Necromancer Build for Diablo 2 Resurrected

Complete Build Guide on the Bone Spear Necromancer that's one of the most popular Magic damage dealers for this class

The Bonemancer
Bone Spear Necromancer Build

For Diablo 2 Resurrected

Build notes:
September 22, 2021
-Build created


Build Overview

Necromancers are regarded as masters of Curses and Summons, however, they are no strangers to dealing direct damage either. Their Poison and Bone spells can be very devastating when used properly, and they provide some much-needed defenses that make them beginner-friendly to use. Bone Necromancers are famous for their survivability, crowd control, and high Magic Damage output. Moreover, they utilize Curses and Summons to some extent, which makes them a force to be reckoned with. 

The featured "Bonemancer" Necro build is a fun-to-play, powerful ranged damage dealer who can control engagements like no other. His Bone spells offer an amazing combination of crowd control and deadly offensive power. Survivability is on the top level as well, thanks to a Clay Golem, Dim Vision, Bone Armor (yes, it actually helps a lot against physical Damage), and Vitality stacking. 

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 Pros  Cons
 Great Damage Output   Relies only on direct damage 
 Good Survivability   Low Utility (for a Necromancer) 
 Beginner-Friendly   Burns through Mana very quickly 
 Great Crowd Control   



  1. Strength - All you want, in terms of Strength, is enough of it to equip everything you will want to use on your character. 
  2. Dexterity - Same as Strength - you only need enough Dexterity to meet gear requirements. 
  3. Vitality - You should put all your remaining points here - main stat. 
  4. Energy - Adding points to Energy is an extreme waste - don't do it. 

This skill tree is the main focus of this build. From it, you will get two very powerful offensive abilities, Bone Spear and Bone Spirit, as well as an underappreciated Bone Armor that will boost your survivability noticeably (even though we recommend investing just a single point into it). 


  1. Teeth [X/20] - A spell that makes you summon multiple magical projectiles that damage enemies. The number of summoned teeth increases with subsequent skill levels. It works similarly to Amazon's Multi-Shot but deals Magic Damage (which makes it quite reliable as magic-immune monsters are rare). You want to spend your remaining points on this one as it synergizes with Bone Spear and Bone Spirit. 
  2. Bone Armor [1/20] - Surrounds the caster with a protective shield that absorbs incoming damage. With just 1 point, this won't do much at the start, but it will become much better once you get some +Skills from gear and max out Bone Prison and Bone Wall. 
  3. Corpse Explosion [1/20] - Fills a corpse with energy causing it to explode violently. This is a prerequisite, yo you have to take it anyway, but... it can actually be very helpful as detonating corpses of fallen enemies can significantly increase your AoE DPS. 
  4. Bone Wall [20/20] - Creates a barrier of bone. You can think of the Bone Wall as a less reliable Bone Prison - you'll surely find uses for it. Bone Wall synergizes with Bone Armor, Bone Spear, Bone Prison, Bone Spirit, and Teeth and thus you should max it out. 
  5. Bone Spear [20/20] - Summons a powerful Bone Missile, sharp enough to pierce through multiple enemies. This is a very efficient offensive spell that works best against densely packed groups of monsters. You will use this one a lot as it's one of your two main offensive spells. 
  6. Bone Prison [20/20] - Summons a ring of bone to surround a target. A great utility skill that will allow you to trap enemies (just remember that it can't trap wraith monsters and that enemies with ranged weapons can still attack you). If you're in a pinch, you can spam Bone Prisons around you to ensure that enemies can't get to you. Bone Prison also synergizes with your main abilities, so you should max it out. 
  7. Bone Spirit [20/20] - Summons a Spirit that tracks and damages enemies. Bone Spirit will home itself on nearby monsters and deal large amounts of magic damage to them (this makes it easy to use, as you don't have to aim with it - it almost never misses its chosen target). It deals more Damage than Bone Spear, but costs much more mana. This is your second core spell, that is best used against stronger, mobile, or scattered opponents. 

With just 3 Hard Points invested in the Summoning Tree, you can get a reliable minion that will help you in battle. 

  1. Clay Golem [1/20] - Raises a Golem from the earth to fight for you. 1 point Clay Golem is surprisingly and will act as your personal tank (yes, it will die from time to time, but it will also significantly slow your enemies). 
  2. Golem Mastery [1/20] - A passive skill increases the Speed, Attack Rating, and Life of all your Golems. 1 point here is enough, especially when you have some soft points from gear. 
  3. Summon Resist [1/20] - Increases the Resists of your Summoned Minions. This makes your Clay Golem fare much better against elemental attacks, traps, and even simple fires. 

You need your points elsewhere, but you might want to consider one Curse in particular...

  1. Dim Vision [1/20] - Decreases the radius of vision of the affected monsters, lowering their detection range significantly. It does not work on Super Uniques and Bosses. This simple curse offers incredible utility and will improve your quality of life significantly - use it to blind all the annoying ranged enemies. 



You want to get as many Skill levels as possible to increase the build's overall power level. Moreover, A faster cast rate is necessary for, well... faster casting (the higher the breakpoint, you can achieve, the better - 75 FCR breakpoint is rather easy to achieve and you should aim for it at the very least - preferably, go for the higher one). Defensive stats, like faster hit recovery and life leech/life on each kill, are a nice addition but you should not choose gear for them specifically. Resistances are also important and you should make sure that you have them capped (or at least that you're close to capping them). 


Harlequin Crest (Shako) - This helmet gives you almost everything you might want for your Bone Necromancer - Skill levels, Mana, Health, Damage taken reduction, attributes, and magic find (it does not give FCR, however). 

Harlequin Crest

  • Defense: 98 to 141 
  • Required Level: 62
  • Required Strength: 50
  • Durability: 20
    • +2 to All Skills 
    • +1-148 to Life (+1.5 per Character Level) 
    • +1-148 to Mana (+1.5 per Character Level) 
    • Damage Reduced By 10% 
    • 50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items 
    • +2 to All Attributes 

Crown of Ages (Corona) - A good choice if you like to customize your gear with Jewels (it has 2 sockets). It gives a great defensive boost but does not provide any FCR on its own. 

Crown of Ages

  • Defense: 349-399
  • Required Level: 82
  • Required Strength: 174
  • Durability: N/A
    • +50% Enhanced Defense
    • +100-150 Defense
    • +1 To All Skills
    • Damage Reduced By 10-15%
    • All Resistances +20-30
    • +30% Faster Hit Recovery
    • Socketed (1-2)
    • Indestructible


Boneshade (Lich Wand) - This is the single best item you can have on a Teeth/Bone Necromancer. It gives +2 to all Necromancer Skills AND gives high bonuses to every relevant Bone Spell which makes it irreplaceable. On top of that, it also gives a +25% Faster Cast Rate, which is simply incredible. Of course, the higher bonuses you can get on it, the better. 


  • Damage:  10-31
  • Required Level: 79 
  • Required Strength: 25
  • Durability: 17
  • Very Fast Attack Speed  
    • +50% Damage to Undead 
    • +2 To Necromancer Skill Levels
    • +1-2 To Bone Spirit (Necromancer Only)
    • +2-3 To Bone Spear (Necromancer Only)
    • +2-3 To Bone Wall (Necromancer Only)
    • +4-5 To Bone Armor (Necromancer Only)
    • +4-5 To Teeth (Necromancer Only)
    • +25% Faster Cast Rate

Heart of the Oak (Runeword) - This amazing Runeword gives +3 to All Skills, provides a nice cast rate boost, and some resistances. Place it in a Flail for the lowest attribute requirements. 

Heart of the Oak

  • Damage:  Depends on base Weapon
  • Required Level: 55
  • Required Dexterity: Depends on base Weapon
  • Required Strength: Depends on base Weapon
  • Durability: Depends on base Weapon 
  • Ko + Vex + Pul + Thul 
    • +3 To All Skills 
    • +40% Faster Cast Rate
    • +75% Damage To Demons 
    • +100 To Attack Rating Against Demons 
    • Adds 3-14 Cold Damage, 3 sec. Duration (Normal) 
    • 7% Mana Stolen Per Hit 
    • +10 To Dexterity 
    • Replenish Life +20 
    • Increase Maximum Mana 15% 
    • All Resistances +30-40 (varies) 
    • Level 4 Oak Sage (25 Charges) 
    • Level 14 Raven (60 Charges) 

White (Runeword) - A good alternative to the previous two recommendations. It is very similar to the Boneshade but can potentially be even stronger, if you inscribe it into a base that already has +2 to Bone Spear, for example. 


  • Damage:  Depends on base Wand
  • Required Level: 32
  • Required Dexterity: Depends on base Wand
  • Required Strength: Depends on base Wand
  • Durability: Depends on base Wand
  • Dol + Io 
    • +3 to Poison And Bone Skills (Necromancer Only) 
    • +20% Faster Cast Rate 
    • +2 to Bone Spear (Necromancer Only) 
    • +4 to Skeleton Mastery (Necromancer Only) 
    • +3 to Bone Armor (Necromancer Only) 
    • Hit Causes Monster to Flee 25% 
    • +10 to Vitality 
    • +13 to Mana 
    • Magic Damage Taken Reduced by 4 

Spirit Shield (Runeword) - This Runeword offers a great balance of offensive and defensive power. It not only improves your Skills and resistances, but also gives you a very high FCR boost. You will need a 4 open socket Monarch for it, though. 

Spirit Shield

  • Defense: Depends on base Shield 
  • Required Level: 25 
  • Required Strength: Depends on base Shield 
  • Durability: Depends on base Shield 
  • Tal + Thul + Ort + Amn 
    • +1 To All Skills 
    • +25-35% Faster Cast Rate (varies) 
    • +55% Faster Hit Recovery 
    • +250 Defense Vs. Missile 
    • +22 To Vitality 
    • +89-112 To Mana (varies) 
    • Cold Resist +35% 
    • Lightning Resist +35% 
    • Poison Resist +35% 
    • +3-8 Magic Absorb (varies) 
    • Attacker Takes Damage of 14 

Homonculus (Hierophant Trophy) - A powerful Class item that improves Necromancer's Skills by 2 (and Curses by a total of 4), and provides some much-needed bonuses to mana. Moreover, it gives an incredible boost to all resistances and grants a solid mana regen increase. 


  • Defense:  177-213
  • Required Level: 42 
  • Required Strength: 58
  • Durability: 20
  • Block: 72% 
    • +2 to Necromancer Skill Levels 
    • +30% Faster Block Rate 
    • 40% Increased Chance of Blocking 
    • +[150-200]% Enhanced Defense (varies) 
    • +20 to Energy 
    • Regenerate Mana 33% 
    • All Resistances +40 
    • +5 to Mana after each Kill 
    • +2 to Curses (Necromancer Only) 

Call to Arms (Rune Word) - This powerful Runeword will allow you to pre-buff yourself up with Warcries (buffs persist through weapon swap). 

Call to Arms

  • Defense: Depends on base Weapon 
  • Required Level: 57
  • Required Strength: Depends on base Weapon ​​​​​
  • Durability: Depends on base Weapon 
  • Amn • Ral • Mal • Ist
    • +1 to All Skills 
    • +40% Increased Attack Speed 
    • +250-290% Enhanced Damage 
    • Adds 5-30 Fire Damage 
    • 7% Life Stolen Per Hit 
    • +2-6 To Battle Command 
    • +1-6 To Battle Orders 
    • +1-4 To Battle Cry 
    • Prevent Monster Heal 
    • Replenish Life +12 
    • 30% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items 


Mara's Kaleidoscope - An amazing unique amulet that will boost your resistances, attributes, and all Skill levels. A great choice for any Diablo 2 Resurrected Build. 

Amulet Amulet

  • Required Level: 67
    • +2 To All Skills 
    • All Resistances +20-30 (varies) 
    • +5 To All Attributes 

Rare/Magic Amulet with + Necromancer/Poison and Bone Spells - Amulets like these are a good budget alternative to Mara's Kaleidoscope. 

Mara's Kaleidoscope

  • Required Level: varies. 
  • In Magic Amulets, look for:
    • +3 to Poison and Bone Spells
    • Maximum Life
    • Magic Find. 
    • Resistances. 
  • In Rare Amulets, look for:
    • +2 to Necromancer Skills 
    • Faster Cast Rate
    • Magic Find 
    • Resistances 
    • Attributes 


Skin of the Vipermagi (Serpentskin Armor) - A very nice budget choice that increases All Skills, improves Cast Rate, and boosts All Resistances quite significantly. You should be able to get this one rather cheaply. 

Skin of the Vipermagi

  • Defense: 279
  • Required Strength: 43
  • Durability: 24
  • Required Level: 29
    • +120% Defense
    • +1 to All Skills
    • 30% Faster Cast Rate
    • Magic Damage Reduced By 9-13 (varies) 
    • All Resistances +20-35 (varies) 

Enigma (Runeword) - This incredible Chest Runeword will give you something unique, mainly, access to the Teleport Spell. Moreover, it will increase your Skills by 2, give you an amazing boost to Run/Walk Speed, and improve your magic find significantly. 


  • Defense: Depends on base Armor 
  • Required Level: 65 
  • Required Strength: Depends on base Armor 
  • Durability: Depends on base Armor 
  • Jah + Ith + Ber  
    • +2 To All Skills 
    • +45% Faster Run/Walk 
    • +1 To Teleport 
    • +750-775 Defense (varies) 
    • +(0.75*Clvl) To Strength (Based On Character Level) 
    • Increase Maximum Life 5% 
    • Damage Reduced By 8% 
    • +14 Life After Each Kill 
    • 15% Damage Taken Goes To Mana 
    • (1*Clvl)% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (Based On Character Level)


The Stone of Jordan - A solid offensive choice that increases your Skills by +1 and improves your mana pool by quite a bit. You can use two of these in this build, for great effect as you're mainly interested in + Skills. 

The Stone of Jordan

  • Required Level: 29
    • +1 to All Skills
    • Maximum Mana to 15-20% 
    • Adds 1-120 Lightning Damage 
    • +20-40 to Mana (varies) 

Bul-Kathos Wedding Band - A solid ring that grants +Skills, a rather high bonus to Life, and a nice Life Leech. An interesting alternative to the Stone of Jordan. 

Bul-Kathos Wedding Band

  • Required Level: 58
    • +1 To All Skills 
    • + (0.5 Per Character Level) 0-49 To Life) 
    • 3-5% Life Stolen Per Hit (varies) 
    • +50 Maximum Stamina 

Raven Frost - One of just a few items in the game that give Freeze Immunity, which makes it worth consideration for pretty much every build. 

Raven Frost

  • Required Level: 45
    • +150-250 Attack Rating (varies) 
    • 15-45 Cold Damage 
    • +15-20 Dexterity (varies) 
    • +40 Mana 
    • Cold Absorb 20% 
    • Cannot be Frozen 


Magefist (Light Gauntlets) - A very solid pair of gloves that gives you a nice Faster Cast Rate boost and a solid mana regen increase. Moreover, Magefist gives +1 to Fire Skills and Corpse Explosion is a Fire Skill - an unexpected bonus Skill Point, right here. Choose these if you experience mana problems or use Corpse Explosion a lot. 


  • Defense: 24 - 25 
  • Required Level: 23
  • Required Strength: - 45
  • Durability: 18
    • +20-30% Enhanced Defense (varies) 
    • +10 Defense 
    • +1 To Fire Skills 
    • 20% Faster Cast Rate 
    • Regenerate Mana 10-25% 
    • Adds 1-6 Fire Damage 

Trang'Ouls Claws (Heavy Bracers) - From these, you will get a 20% Increased Faster Cast Rate, a nice boost to Cold resistance, and +2 to Curses which is nice as it will make your Dim Vision a bit better. 

Trang'Ouls Claws


  • Defense: 37-44 
  • Required Level: 45
  • Required Strength: - 58
  • Durability: 16
    • +20% Faster Cast Rate 
    • Cold Resist +30% 
    • +30 Defense 
    • +25% Poison Skill Damage 
    • +2 To Curses (Necromancer Only) 


War Traveler (Battle Boots) - A solid overall choice that boosts your mobility and income. From War Traveler, you'll get up to 50% Magic Find, unlimited running (thanks to slower stamina drain), and 25% Faster Run/Walk. 

Goblin Toe

  • Defense: 120-139 
  • Required Level: 42
  • Required Strength: 95
  • Kick Damage: 37-64 
  • Durability: 48
    • +150-190% Enhanced Defense 
    • 25% Faster Run/Walk 
    • +10 to Vitality 
    • +10 to Strength 
    • Adds 15-25 Damage 
    • +40% Slower Stamina Drain 
    • Attacker Takes Damage Of 5-10 
    • 30-50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items 

Sandstorm Trek (Scarabshell Boots) - These versatile boots will allow you to run indefinitely, make you recover from hits faster, and take care of your Poison Resist singlehandedly. Moreover, they will boost your attributes quite significantly, which can be very beneficial if you decide to go for some of the heavier items we recommend. 

Sandstorm Trek

  • Defense: 56-65
  • Required Level: 64
  • Required Strength: 91
  • Kick Damage: 60-110 
  • Durability: 14
    • +20% Faster Run/Walk 
    • +20% Faster Hit Recovery 
    • +[140-170]% Enhanced Defense (varies) 
    • +[10-15] to Strength (varies) 
    • +[10-15] to Vitality (varies) 
    • +[1-99] Maximum Stamina (+1 per Character Level) 
    • 50% Slower Stamina Drain 
    • Poison Resist +[40-70]% (varies) 
    • Attacker Takes Damage of 2 
    • Repairs 1 Durability in 20 Seconds 


Arachnid Mesh (Spiderweb Sash) - This belt is ideal for a Bone Necromancer as it gives +1 to All Skills and +20% Faster Cast Rate. 

Arachnid Mesh

  • Defense: 119-138 
  • Potion Slots: 16 
  • Required Level: 80
  • Required Strength: 50
  • Durability: 12
    • +90-120% Enhanced Defense  
    • Slows Target by 20% 
    • +1 To All Skills 
    • 20% Faster Cast Rate 
    • Maximum Mana 5% 
    • Level 3 Venom (11 Charges) 

Trang'Oul's Girth (Troll Belt) - a very good option for this build, mainly thanks to the Cannot be Frozen affix (on top of other valuable bonuses) which will allow you to use a Ring with more valuable mods than Raven Frost. If you are using Trang's Gloves, you will benefit from the Belt even further

TrangOuls Belt

  • Defense: 134-166 (varies) (Base Defense: 59-66)
  • Required Level: 62
  • Required Strength: 91
  • Durability: 18
  • 16 Boxes+75-100 Defense (varies)
    • Requirements -40%
    • Cannot Be Frozen
    • Replenish Life +5
    • +25-50 To Mana (varies)
    • +30 Maximum Stamina
    • +66 To Life

Thundergod's Vigor (War Belt) - A specialized defensive choice that gives you +20 Lightning Absorb, some Strength (which is good for stat efficiency with gear), and Vitality. Good for Uber Mephisto fights

Thundergod's Vigor

  • Defense: 137-159 
  • Potion Slots: 16 
  • Required Level: 47
  • Required Strength: 110
  • Durability: 24
    • +160-200% Enhanced Defense (varies) 
    • Adds 1-50 Lightning Damage 
    • 5% Chance to Cast Level 7 Fist of the Heavens When Struck 
    • +20 Lightning Absorb 
    • +10% to Maximum Lightning Resist 
    • +20 to Strength 
    • +20 to Vitality 
    • +3 to Lightning Fury (Amazon Only) 
    • +3 to Lightning Strike (Amazon Only) 


  1. Annihilus - This fabled Charm boosts your Skills, Stats, and Resistances. It's the best Unique Small Charm, and it's limited to just 1 in your equipment. 
  2. Gheed's Fortune - The secret to Gheed's wealth and prosperity. Pretty much a must-have if you're after the best available charms. It adds 80-160% extra gold from monsters, reduces vendor prices by up to 15%, and gives up to 40% better magic find. 
  3. Hellfire Torch - The BiS Unique Large Charm that increases your Vitality, Skills, and more. You should, of course, go for one that gives +1 to Necromancer Skills. 
  4. Grand Charms - These should have +Poison and Bone Spells (mandatory) and +Life/+Faster Run/Walk Speed. 
  5. Small Charms - With these, you should get your desired Resistances, bonuses to Life, or bonuses to Magic Find - whatever suits your needs, basically. 


We recommend picking up Act 2 Defiance Mercenary for extra damage mitigation bonuses. He should be equipped with: 

  1. Infinity Rune Word in Ethereal Spear - This provides Conviction Aura, which reduces the defenses and resistances of nearby enemies and offers very high bonus damage. A top (and expensive) choice for any Act2 merc build. It will greatly increase your own Damage, as lowering enemy resistances is very beneficial for DPS. 
  2. Fortitude Rune Word in Armor - This will ensure that your merc doesn't die (it will make him almost immortal). 
  3. Andariel's Visage - An extremely solid and versatile headgear that will make your merc better in all respects. 



This is the initial version of our Diablo 2 Resurrected Bone Spear Necro Build, where we tried to include all of the important information on how to set up this character while keeping the guide as compact as possible. If we've missed something of importance, please let us know! 

If you have any Build requests, please post them in the Comments section below. We will be happy to cover your most requested builds in the future! Also, we hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. Also, we will be happy to receive constructive criticism that will help us improve our future work, so don't hesitate to give us your feedback. 


Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment