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Best Solo Warfames Top 5 List - Odealo

Best Solo Warfames Top 5 List - Odealo

Check out what are currently the best Warframes for playing Solo

The Best Solo Warframes
Our Top 5 List

We are presenting a list of the Top 5 Best Solo Warframes in 2018. If you are looking to grind Missions on your own, you might need a well-rounded and versatile Frame which will not slow down your progress. While nearly all the Frames are viable for playing Solo, some are just better than the others. Find out which are the best and why!

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Loki Prime

Loki Prime is considered the best Warframe for Solo Play. It trivializes a lot of Mission Types with his crowd-control and permanent invisibility. It is one of the best Frames for:

  1. Spy Missions
  2. Interception Missions
  3. Rescue Missions
  4. Capture Missions

Loki is also extremely efficient Frame for Sorties and unveiling Riven Mods. It can also be played as a very powerful Melee Character with very high Stealth Damage Multiplier.

Our recommended Loki build: Loki Prime Solo/Stealth build  


Trinity Prime

Trinity Prime is by far the best Support Frame in the game. It provides unparalleled Damage Reduction, Healing, and team-sustain capabilities. Trinity Prime's abilities make her nearly immortal, making it one of the best Frames for Solo play. It is a very versatile Frame that can do any type of Missions efficiently and is also core Frame for Raids and Eidolon Capture Missions. Trinity Prime can be used for:

  1. Survival Missions
  2. Interception Missions
  3. Sorties
  4. Law of Retribution Raid
  5. Eidolon Capture
Our recommended Trinity build: Trinity Prime Support build


Valkyr Prime

Valkyr Prime is famous for its' Melee and Defensive capabilities. It provides amazing DPS with its' 4 and is one of the most popular Frames for general use. Valkyr Prime excels in:

  1. Sabotage Missions
  2. Survival Missions
  3. Defense Missions

Valkyr Prime is also one of the best Frames to farm Nightmare Missions.

Our recommended Valkyr build: Valkyr Prime Eternal War build  


Nekros Prime

Nekros Prime can nearly double your Loot with his Desecrate enemies which makes it one the best and most efficient Frames to farm materials. At the same time, Nekros's fourth ability makes it unstoppable. At the same time, Nekros Prime remains very durable Frame with decent mobility.

  1. Survival Missions
  2. Defense Missions
  3. Mobile Defense Missions
  4. Excavation Missions
Our recommended Nekros build: Nekros Prime Farmer build


Rhino Prime

Rhino Prime is the jack of all Trades in Warframe. He is one of the best Frames for beginner's which should allow you to do all types of Missions efficiently and at the same time provide a very enjoyable playstyle. Rhino is considered one of the best Tanks in the game and since Rhino's Parts are dropped by Jackal on Venus - a low-level planet, it's one of the first Frames that you can craft yourself. 

Rhino Prime is good for any Mission type, but it appears to be the most efficient at Capture, Sabotage, and Defense Missions.

Our recommended Rhino build: Rhino Prime Solo build


If you have different thoughts about which Frames should be included on our list, we are always open for suggestions (and well, criticism too).

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