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Loki Prime Solo Stealth Build - Odealo

Loki Prime Solo Stealth Build - Odealo

Loki possesses the most efficient Stealth mechanic making it the best Frame for various types of Missions and playing Solo

Loki Prime build

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Build notes
August 24, 2018
-Build created


1. General information

Loki is the best CC (crowd-control) and Stealth Frame in the game. While Loki's upfront power is not top-tier, it possesses a number of extremely useful abilities and can run with invisibility for as long as you desire. It makes Loki the best Frame for Stealth-type Missions and playing solo.

This build excels in:
  • Spy Missions
  • Sabotage Missions
  • Rescue Missions
  • Versatility Missions
  • Playing solo
If possible, avoid:
  • Speed farming
  • Taking damage


2. Build's PROS & CONS

  • very high Melee DPS
  • amazing Crowd-control
  • the best Frame for Stealth Missions and playing Solo
  • highly dependant on Weapons and Mods
  • requires different Mods and setups for different types of Missions
  • fragile


3. Mods

Loki is dependant on Mods that increase Power Duration and Power Effectiveness in order to maintain its' invisibility. At the same time, Loki has no direct DPS abilities, which makes it redundant to increase Power Strength, allowing more Utility and Defensive Mods to be used. With the following Mods your stats will be at:

Detailed stats
  • 315.00 Health
  • 315.00 Shield
  • 30.75/sec Shield Recharge
  • 262.50 Power
  • 61.75 Armor
  • 1.63 Sprint Speed
  • 100.00% Power Strength
  • 222.00% Power Duration
  • 34.00% Power Range
  • 175.00% Power Efficiency
  • +140.00% Knockback Regeneration
  • 100.60 Energy Recovery
  • +115.00% Aura Strength
  • +115.00% Aura Effectiveness
Notable skill: Invisibility
  • 12.50 Power Cost
  • 296.64 Power Duration
  • +800.00% Melee Damage
List of used Mods and add-ons

Helmet: Essence Loki Helmet, which allows you to skip Streamline, saving one Mod Slot

Formas: 2 Formas required

Arcane Enhancements: Arcane Guardian

Mod Capacity: 0/74

Energy Siphon

Energy Siphon: matches - polarity

Fleeting Expertise

Fleeting Expertise: neutral polarity

Narrow Minded

Narrow Minded: matches polarity

Quick Thinking

Quick Thinking: matches D polarity


Vigor: neutral polarity

Coaction Drift

Coaction Drift: neutral polarity


Constitution: requires adding - polarity

Primed Continuity

Primed Continuity: matches polarity


Rush: matches - polarity


Equilibrium: requires adding - polarity

Loki Prime Solo Stealth Build


If you have any other build requests, or suggestions regarding this build please leave a comment below.

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